Monday, 29 October 2007

Team BBQ & Abseiling November 9th

Claire and Rob have booked us in for a Team BBQ and abseiling/rock climbing session at Blue Skies in Kaiapoi on Friday November 9 (week 6).

We are booked with the abseiling/rock climbing instructors from 6pm, but we'd like to meet from 5.45 onwards.

Please come and bring your family along to relax, or climb, or abseil - or all!

  • Adults and children can do the abseiling. Cost: $7 per child, $10 per adult.
  • This is not a school event, it is purely a team building/social event. Please bring your child along or arrange for them to join us with another family if you are unable to make it.
  • Siblings of Team 14 students who are more than one year younger can only watch sorry!
  • Please bring BBQ food/drink to share with others.
  • We require a couple of families to volunteer and arrange to bring their portable BBQ as the ones at Blue Skies are too far away from the climbing tower.
  • We need a couple of families to bring more food for the instructors, who come straight from their workplaces to teach us and keep us safe!
  • This facility is completely safe with experienced instructors and full risk management/safety procedures in place.
  • Rob and Angela have done it and it's GREAT.
  • Where is Blue Skies - go down Marshlands Road on the way to Kaiapoi. For a map click here...
  • Any questions please ask!

Please RSVP to Rob by Friday 2nd of November (week 4) letting him know how many children and adults will join in, so he can let the organisers know how many instructors we require.

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