Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Andrill Notes

Notes: -26 degrese inside 18-20 in cave -30
Bigger than the united states and it is un touch by human.
the camp is setting up around andout 40 people t the monent
the ice is constenly craking so you need to keek watching
wind and storms will crack the ice
Started planing for the trip about 8 years ago
they have to find the right place to drill
the perperation will never really stop
the base is very like home now
people took the land for granted when they first wet but now it is very clean
the tempture will vary in different places
the prodget has to main objetives
the are 4 natshion involedin th progece
sientest these days are english
whey they star to drill they never stop untill the job is done
when people need to take a brake only a few people can take a brake
dirlling through and drilling through rock is very different
each dimond drill 45,000 US dollars
the coring tube can not touch the sides because the drill will stop
they have a lot of different people that have different jobs like chef, plumer, docter and more
the drill will somtimes break and the will have to stop to fixs it
there is some people that think they should not be drilling
evey year they drill they will get a better resolt

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