Sunday, 23 September 2007

HAY GUYS!!!!!!

Did you forget me?

I hope you didn't!!!!

It's been soooo busy around here. I had to go to school because Mum said that I'll get lazzzzzzzzy if I didnt go to school. And she was right; I was lazy the first couple of weeks when I didn't go to school. School's fun, we have scedules, and some kids have different scedules than others. My scedule is......


first and second period (social studies and language arts) in room 801,
Break (Morning tea)
third and forth period (Maths and science) in room 804,
fifth period (P.E) in room 711 (Girls locker room for changing)
And three minutes to get to.....
sixth period (Art) in room 312


first period
third period
fifth period
(every period 2 hours)


second period
forth period
sixth period
(every period 2 hours)

School finishes at 3:15,
we have to carry all our books and material because we change classes through out the day and.......

we get homework everyday!!!!!

Boy you guys are lucky to be staying in New zealand.
New zealand is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than Murriata(the place I live).

P.S The weather here is weired! One day it was boiling hot, but the next day it rains and it's freezing cold.
Plus they say F in stead of c for temperature.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Sheldons Ref

Today We had long jump I was late for it because I was at kapa hacka and when I came I out jumped eveyone I out jumped and I got a three On my first jump.

Today it was a great day for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicky's Reflection

Today I learn't how you need to remember anything that you got told and they said to practice and remember Because what we had today was Kapa Haka and I was doing the actions with Elsie and Laura and we forgot most of the actions the next steps are to either write down the actions of the song or remember them and this will help me with my learning

Meals & Ju's Reflection

Today we learned how many people in our class don't do their homework.
Because of this learning we now understand that we need to complete it because the teachers will notice that we havent done it.
Something we don't understand is why so many people say they hace forgotten their homework when really they hav not done any of their homework.
Our next step in learning is completing our homework and getting everyone else to complete theirs.

Reflection - Daniel k

Today I learned about how to do a long jump I have many mistake and the point is 1 I think I’m really not very good at long jump because I have a lot of mistake and just 1 point really I’m not very good some one got 3 point but I have jus 1 I think I have a lot of practise.

Reflection- Being a leader

Today after lunch I was had to oranganise a game. But had a hard time trying to get the class room play a game because as soon as the guys came in they all started to chat and they couldn't hear me but I got the class to play a game.
Because of this I got to feel how Rob and Claire. H feel when the whole class class room when they talk.


Ideas for inquiry= we could maybe do a musical on why GW is bad for the enviroment just like what FOSCAR is doing but we should do it on GW.

Inquiry Ideas

Poster to stick up in shops,make a wee movie to put on a website,make a game,tell everyone else in the school

Ideas for Inquiry.........

I think we could do things to stop the school and mabye out of school help stop Global Warming we could make some Posters and they could say stop littering and things like that. We could also Get into groups and think of other ideas like for my first idea we could figure out how we are going to do it.

Ju's Inquiry Ideas

I think that we should make posters about global warming and about how we should all pick up rubbish and stop polluting as much as we can for a while and put them up at local dairy's and supermarkets and we could also visit a magazine place and ask if we can put in an article about Global Warming.

global warming inquiry ideas

I think all schools should have a day when the do as much as they can to reduce rubbish and power

I think that people should start to slowly reduce plastic bags and plastic in to reusable and recycleable materials

Homework Inqury

My Dad thinks for inqury next term my class should do it on the transport look at how many people use cars and don't work and keep a diary of how many times a week they use it and where they go.
My Mum Thinks we should try recycling how we can recylcle more and dump less. Look at better ways opf packaging

Evauluation speech

When I did my speech I was really nervous because I don't like performing infront of alot of people but surprisingly I got in and when he said your i the finals i was like wow what was my time he said 2:59 and I was like wow 2:59 that's almost 3:00 minutes then when I was performing to the seniors I got really really nervous I was so nervous I repeated the tip line!!! But then I thought it least I got in
Nex steps are:
To get more confident performing in large groups.

My Speech Ref

I though my speech was good and it had a good intro and not a very good conculsion but it was still a good speech there was a bad thing the about the computer it kept on deleting my work. so had to do it all day.

Thanks how my speech went.

By sheldon aubrey.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Reflection Samuel 18/09/07

Today I leanrnt how to make a good question by the keys and I found out about blood poisoning and a got to think about how our teachers teach us.
From tlhis learning I can make good questions and I can be careful about blood poisoning and I know how our teachers teach us.
The next step in my learning is to make better question then the ones I can make now.

Sheldons reflection

Today we did N.N I worked on my buddy podcast and the iders about what I like and how many brothers I have.
I have 2 brothers.

I also did my speech and the speech just keep on deleting but but finily did my speech and it was a good speech.

Naomi and Amelia's Reflection

Today We Learnt how serious Blood poisining (Ceptisimia) can be!!! Because one of Amelia's friends had it and she went to see her and the lady looked really sick.

Because of this learning we can now explain to someone what Ceptisimia is.

Our next step in our learning is to find out more about what can happen to you!!!

Reflection- Graphs

Today I did maths I did graphs it was fun. I alsodidn't have so clare.h made me toasties then I played with stliks at lunch time i got really good at going on stilks I had a good time because of this I got better at stliks

Daily Reflection

Today I learnt how to reword a question so that it was a bit easier to understand what it means.
Because of this learning I now can rewrite some questions so that they are easier to understand.
The next step in my learning is to make sure that if i don't understand a question that I rewrite it so that I can understand it.

Sam N,s and Alvin M,s Reflection

Today I learned
Sam- Today i learned what blood poisning is and what cincusion does to people when or after been concusts.
Alvin-Today I learnt what a concusion does and what blood poisioning is.

Reflection 19/9/07

Today I learn't how worried you can get if you don't complete your work and something dies down for example you need to print something and the photocopier dies down then you are in trouble aren't you! but then we relized that that we have two and that the second one only died down with colour and you can actually print from there in Black and White.
Next steps are:To not leave things to the last minute and to hurry along and bring it home and work on it there.

Daniel k's speech Evalution

May be we can do it about in speech.
In Future if we are president we have lot of speech.
we can not afraid of do it.

we have lot of time

OH! no no more Idea

Amelia's Speech Evaluation

Amelia's Speech Evaluation


I think my Speech was pretty good and i got a good score of 24 It just was not long enough to go to Speech Finals!!!

I think i presented it well i was clear, loud and i was not nervous. I thought i was talking faster than when i had practised but it was only 3 seconds under time. I think i needed to practise a bit more because a few people said that i needed more eye contact.

Apart from that i thought i presented my speech really well.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Daniel kang homelearning inquiry

1.Do lots of reading.
2.Do lots of time have doing sports.

Oh No! No more ideas

Sam Nossiters homelearning Inquiry Ideas

2-Animals and what we can do to help.
3-Homeless and rejected animals.
4-The difference between Organic foods and sprayed foods.
5- Whats in some bad or sappose to be good foods.
6-Driving age
7-Surveys on what people eat,What people do as families, and more diferent surveys

Reflection - global warming

Today I learned that if a frog jumps in a pool of hot water they will jump straight out, and if they jump in to a cold pool of water that isn heating up slowly they will wait till they get rescued. This is what is happening to the planet earth.
Becausae of this learning I now understand what will happen to the earth if we keep causing Global Warming.
The next step in my learning is to stop creating global warming.

Daily reflection

Today i learned how to do a good debate and we had to do it on if a dog is a good pet or not .

Because of this learnig i can now use this skill to debate with other topics and with bigger groups of people.

The next step in my learning is to debate on different things and and use these skills in every day life.

reflection- nick

Today I learnt that playing with rabbits is really fun

Because of this leaning I can now play with my rabbits every day

the next step in my learning is to play with my rabbits heaps !


Today we had fendalton friends our group came last because we had this really slow person in our group called Ryan he took about.... 4 ,min to run one lap how slow is that!!!!!!!!!!

and after we went to lunch I saw chris.

from sheldon and alvin

Sam and Samuel

Today I learnt
Samuel- That we are not doing anything about global warming when it it starting (DVD Frog)
Sam-Today I learnt that when the earth is heated up already really hot we will notice But when the earth heats up slowly we do not notice.

From this learning
Samuel- That I need to stop global warming by stopping which is the Greenhouse gas.
Sam- I know that we are not noticing the earth is heating up.

The next step in our leatning is
Samuel- to recycle more
Sam -To tell people about global warming

Daily Reflection

Today I learnt how to that some people don't like to run for the fendalton friends group relay.
Because of this learning I can now make them feel more confidant by giving them engaraugement and sometimes you need to give them a partner for them to run with.
The next step in my learning is to make sure that they either want a partner our they don't want a partner to run with.


Today me and some boys went out of school grounds to talk to Chris. But we got busted and we got our names on the behavior book, next time I will make better choices. I also did the fendalton friends relay race it was really fun. I raced with my sister I had good day today~~^0^

Monday, 17 September 2007

Daily reflection

Today I learnt the words of a song that we are doing in Kapa Haka probably.
This learning will help me when we preform in assembly and I wont look stupid up on stange.
My next step in learning is to learn the actions.


Today I learned about probability, it is how likely it is for something to happen eg if you put 5 blue beads in a bag and 10 green beads into a bag it would be a lot more likley for a green bead to come out.

Because of this learning i can now learn about probability in greater detail and with different things.

The next step in my learning is to try it with different things like shooting hoops and you could get 10 blue balls and 3 green ball;s and it would be more likely for the blue ball to go in.

Sheldons Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we had a new teacher and she is very nice and where the heak is Rob!!!!!! She likes reading and we had to read for 45 min and more if we weren't reading we got our names put down on a sheet of paper.

In the afternoon we packed up and watched a movie called the inconvenant truth it was very boring for me.

We are now going to play a game.

From Sheldon

Reflection on stilts - Nick

Todaty I learnt I am pretty good on the stilts and they are really fun !
Because of this learning I can now practice stilts at lunch .
something I do not understantd is why they don't have much traction.
my next step is to be able to wlak up the steps without falling off !

Reflection - Reliever

We had a reliever because Mr. Clarke was
sick her names Mrs. Kingsbury.
we read three storys after lunch
and then we watched in-convinient truth.
and then we all did our reflections like this one
and we are soon going to pack up and play
a drama game led by Mrs. Kingsbury.

reflection-jun and Alvin

jun-Today I watched an inconvenient truth I leraned that global warming and oceans raising is very serious and that many poeple is dying beause of global warming the ice is melting and there are more floods also if global wapa dosen't stop now the ocean water wiil raise a lot because ice land and antatacnta will melt down.

alvin-Today I watched an inconvenient truth and I found out that the some of the countries will be flooded very soon if global warming doesnt stop now because the ice in iceland, antaricaer, greenland and the north pole are melting down. also that 90% of the heat waves bounce back from ice and that 90% of water is absorbed.

Daily Reflection

Today I learnt that some of the ice caps are melting because of global warming and some polar bears are drowning because they can't get to ice caps in time so they drown.
Because of this learning i will try not to do as much to cause global warming.
The next step in my learning is to take a quiz and see who would keep going the way that they are going and see who would and who wouldn't.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Speech evaluation-Nick

My speech evaluation

I think that my speech went preety well, but I think that I could have improved on my speaking (speak louder) and vary my voice more, I think that my score was pretty generous and on that I think I could have improved on . I also have some good things that I liked about my speech like i did'nt mumble,also I did'nt fidget or anything like that. My speech was also very funny and my mum thought it was fab.


Thursday, 13 September 2007

JUN,samuel daniel

Why does cow fart slash methane??

why does people keep making coal mines??

why does people throw out rubbish??

I finish the webquest and I think it was very hard and I don't know name about Green House Gases but I don't know what it is. And the Animals die that was not very good

Sam and I were making the poster for our global warming that what we do in everyday life puts greenhouse gas into the air (Watch TV playing a video game). The population of the world getting bigger is also a big problem for the environment because the more people there are the more green house gas goes into the air. Lack of power is a big problem as well because we need more electro city we will need to build lots of power plants the makes the environment dirty. The cars that make green house gas is a big sound problem. There is a good website called electro city and it is a city that you can be the builder and play and worry about the environment and power
My wonderings are these things How other ways can we make electro city such as power from cold things like ice and melting it to make enrgy.
What will happen by 7001 
and other future things.


-What will happen in the future if we don't care about the environment now??
-What are the causes of pollution? Or is there?
-What is the cause of asthma and what can it do to you??
-How could we stop making methane gas??
-What country makes most C02? (Compare differnt countries production of CO2)

Global warmng (keys) questions Nick and Jason

1Compare the effects of global warming in the past and what will happen in the future to what is happening now ? Nick

2.what kind of influencehas global warming had on our past and present and what influence will it have in the future ? Nick

3.If Global warming keeps on going, how can we change it ? Jason

4. How can we turn the global warming hacker to a green forest ? Jason

5. Compare the consequeces of global warming in the past to Global warming in the present and what global warming might do in the future ? Nick

6.How can we make future better with out pollution ? Jason

7.How can we stop the pollution green house gasses and smoke machine in the future and how coud we effect it?

Alvin and sheldons wonderings and discoverory

What is the past, present and future between global warming now and global warming later??

what causes global warming??

How is the ozone layer geting thicker??

What are the characteristices global warming /climate change??

What adaptions can we make??

why are animals getting extinged???

what are the consequenses that will happen if we keep doing this??

how can we compare the differences between how high the tempuratures are now than a long time ago??

what influnces us to keep doing what we are doing now??

how come it damages the ozone layer when you use something that sprays

Global warming questions

1. What influences global warming to happen?
People polluting the air (driving cars, smoking,)
2. What are the concequences of global warming if we don't take actions

3.What are the first adaptions when global warming starts?

4. What are the characterististics of global warming?
Oceans rising, Greenhouse gases, temperatures rising, ice cubes melting

5. Compare the characteristics between Greenhouse gases and Co2?

Will there be an impact on global warmi8ng in the future?

What will the concequences of global warming be in the future if we don't take actions?

Elise, Emma & Anna questions

What will influince on the world if global warming continuses?

Compare the characteristcs of the past present future.

What are the causes of Global Warming & what concerquences will it lead to?

What are the consequenses if we carry on living the way we are now

Compare the adaptions to the influences

Questions for Global Warming Inquiry

What causes global warming ?

Compere the differences of global warming in 1950 and 2000?

Compare the heat in year 1950 to 2007 and what causes the heat and pollution smog?

What are the Conseqeuences if we don't look after earth?

What are the conseqeuences of littering?

What are the chareristics of pollution?

What are the conseqeuences if we don't take action?

What causes global warming and why?
By Sam N Bertie Nicky and Joe

Global Warming Questions

compare the causes of what happened at the start of gloabal warming and whats happening now?
How can you influence us to stop global warming?
what are the concequenes of gloabal warming?
what do you think is going to happen in the past present and future?
what will adapt with the aniamals and humans?
compare what is going to change in the future?

Naomi, Amelia, Kate and Ju's Global Warming inquiry questions

What ADAPTIONS could the people in the world make due to the INFLUENCES of Global Warming?


What are the CONSEQUENCES and CAUSES of Global Warming?

What CHARACTERISTICS of Global Warming will be same all through the PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE?

COMPARE the ways humans and animals will have to ADAPT because of the effects of Global Warming?

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Today I learned how good my speech is going to be a for my speech I need the time to be good 3 min and I need my voice to be good an clear

I can now know what I need to do for my speech tomoro

my next steps is to make a good speach.

by sheldon aubrey


Today I listened to some people's speeches all the speeches were great I liked Lucy's speech because it was about my thing I like most it was so great had fun listening to people's speeches I can't wait till i do my speech torrow.


1. Global warming. (
2. To tell people what is happening and that we need to take action soon. It was also telling you to make your own video about what you think of global warming.
3. It is telling us what is happening and what they fear might happen if global warming continues.
4. What is the main cause of global warming? How can we help? We could use this information by warning other people.

Andrill project intro global warming

Green television talks about you should be showing the world that the world is slowly dyeing and that you should put your foot down to pollution and global warming emissions.

It really relates to global warming

To show people we are killing ourselves and the earth.

Questions to focus podcast/website viewing

1. Take a note of the resource, what is it called?

2. What is the main message of this resource?

3. How does it relate to Global Warming?

4. What questions do we have about it and how could we use this information?

Monday, 10 September 2007

Spelling Words Term 3 Week 9


Thursday, 6 September 2007

Reflection firstclass

Using Firstclass How are you using it?
Responsibly Irresponsibly
Make sure i'm off before either I send e-mails at the wrong times.
Rob and Claire our coming.
I'm making sure that i'm off
when not to be on but sometimes i
am still on


Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Today at lunch time I went to Rm6 with Chris I it was really fun I got to take care of the kids. I got to check their lunch box and let them go to play, I had really fun playing with them.
Because of this I got to get to know more about being a good role model

Teaching room 17 blogger

We showed room 17 how to use blogger

Monday, 3 September 2007


Today i learned that we where doing speechs of our home work and some of us mite even get into the speech compertishion

Because of this learning i can now get started and try to do a very good speech

The next step in my learning is to get a really good topic and start it.

Todays Reflection

Today I learned that the C02 (carbon dioxide) is rising really high because of all the things that the human population is doing to the earth. Because of this learning I will try not to use the car too much and try to bike, scooter or rollerblade to school more. What I don't understand is how they got all of these figures because when I find out I would like to do something like that but for Animal Extinction. My next step is to find out how they did the graph and do one of my own.


Today I learn find notces (hiding one)!

Becouse this learning now I can do notices easy!

What I do't understand is how to make a good leadership!

My next step is make a good leadership!

reflection -jun

Today in the afternoon I watcthed inconvenientruth I learned a lot of stuff from inconvenientruth like if the co2 gets higher the temperature gets warm more warmer. Because of this DVD I learned more about Global Warming and my next step is learning more about Global Warming by reading books about IT.

Video Reflections