Thursday, 29 March 2007

Reflection Maths

today did my computer axam and i think i will go well.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Swimming Centrals

Wish Daniel and Lucy good luck for the Swimming Centrals!

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Behind-the-Scenes tours at Canterbury Museum

Here are two events at the Canterbury Museum that might interest parents and children. The first one is a Saturday and the second is a Tuesday during school. If anyone is interested perhaps we could arrange a field trip?

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Treasures from the Antarctic Store
1 April, 11 am and 12 noon, Canterbury Museum

Come behind the scenes as Natalie Cadenhead, Curator of Antarctic History, takes you deep into the storehouses of one of the finest Antarctic collections in the world. Bookings are essential.

Venoms of Doom!
3 April, 6.00 – 7.00 pm, Canterbury Museum

From ants to jellyfish, invertebrates have a frightening arsenal of venoms which are used to detain prey, dissuade predators and can even kill humans. Come and hear Dr Simon Pollard, Curator of Invertebrate Zoology, talk about the wonderful world of venoms and how they can really mess up your day. Bookings are essential.

Lee Harris
Communications Co-ordinator
Canterbury Museum
Telephone 64 3 366 5000


Today I learnt how to get attentin with kids who aren't quite because of this learning i can now get people to be quite when i need it to be my next goals are to split them up if they are still talking.

I'm here

Today I learned how to log into Blogger. I'm finally on the Team 14 blog.
Because of this learning I can now post reflections and pictures onto the blog.
The next step in my learning is to blog regularly so I know how to do it!

Reflection- Comic Life

I just learned how to problem solve an issue with Comic Life! Poor Nick's thank you for camp wasn't working which is a real pain. I discovered that Comic Life documents must have the following suffix on the end of the file name:


...otherwise they will not open! I've put an image of this with this post to show you both the wrong way and the correct way! The darkened version of this file is the correct way to name the comic file:

Because of this learning I now know how to ensure that we don't have this problem again when making comics.

The next step in my learning is to communicate this to the Team (and others) so that they know!


Monday, 26 March 2007

Reflection about Sharing Home Learning

Today (last Thursday) I learned that when Team 14 share their home learning with the rest of the class they feel accountable for what they have produced, the quality of their work and how much effort they have put in.

Because of this learning I know that Team 14 are able to gauge their efforts and share their feelings with the rest of the class.

My next learning steps are to respond to people who reflect verbally in this setting and to provide more opportunities for Team 14 to self assess their work.

Reflection about Blogging

Today I learned that it takes a little bit of time to and frustration to get started with blogging. I also learned that you need to keep your login details safe, especially if you use more than one email address.

Because of this I can now contribute to the Team 14's Blog and share my thinking with the team.

Something I need now is to learn more about blogging and how to modify my profile, add images and begin to read our Blog more frequently.


I just remembered that I promised someone in Team 14 that I'd post a shot of our cat onto the blog.

Well here he is in his full glory stretching after a hard days work.

The other two shots show him playing in the tub and in the laundry basket.

Reflections Emma

Today I learned how to order small decimals

Because of this learning I can now order decimals

My next learning steps are to Order really big decimails

Reflection- mihi

Today I learned how to pronounce the word for mother in Maori.
Because of this learning I can say 'mother' in Maori.
The next step in my learning is to learn how to say other words in Maori.

Reflection Maths

Today I learn't how to order decimals even if they are 6.985 or 8.666 or 8.005 what is the biggest to the largest.
Because of this learning I can now order decimals. So if Rob or Claire need me to order them then I can. My next steps is to be able to do bigger numbers

Reflection- quality

Today I learned that the quality of the learning outcomes in Team 14 is lifting. I learnt this when conferencing with Emma. We sat together and had a look through the iMovie that her and Anna have created and it is fantastic!

Because of this learning I now know that our work about 'quality', 'what makes quality' and establishing expectations for standards is paying off. This is really positive and I'm extremely happy about it.

The next step in my learning is to continue to always search for opportunities to lift the standard of learning in Team 14.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Reflection- fitness

Today I learned I can run a few laps without getting the stitch. Because of this learning I have improved on my running skills. The next step in my learning is to keep fit by regular running.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Samuels Reflection

Today I learned how to do math olymipaid.

Because of this a learned the test will not be too hard and I under stand how the math olympaid

Somthing that I don't under stand is there is another maths test called the otago maths test which is run by the otago univercity.

The next step in my learning is making into the math olymipaid.

By Samuel


To day I learnt how to invite myself to the room 14 blog

Because of this I can now go on room 14's blog

My next step is to explore the blog

Reflection- making learning easier

Today I learned that I was making maths extra difficult by going straight to using number properties. I realised this after our warm up one day where many of the class didn't understand. The next day I introduced a game using place value blocks and it was MUCH easier.

Because of this learning I need to make sure that I always start with materials, rather than going straight to number properties.

The next step in my learning is to always modify whatever I'm planning on teaching by encorporating concrete activites into the plan.

Reflection- book sell book finished

Today I finished my booksell book. Because of this accomplishment I can now do my booksell more accurately. The next step in my learning is to get the booksell finished.

Reflecton- library

Today I learned what you have to do to be a librarian.

Because of this learning I can help the libarians

something I dont understand is my mihi

my next step is to know everything with out any help

reflection maths

Today I learned how to use decimals and add it up all together
Because of this learning I can now add and know what decimals are.
My next steps are to get more conferdence.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Reflection- Mihi

Today I learned how to do a mihi. A mihi is a Maori greeting. I also learned how to pronounce words like 'te maunga' (which means my mountain) and how to pronounce 'te awa' (which is 'my river').
Because of this learning I can now pronounce the Maori greetings correctly.
My next step in learning is to show it off in class and pronounce it all without looking.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Reflection- use of FirstClass

Today a couple of Team 14 made a most excellent mistake. I was meeting in the rear of the library with the Tech Wizards and we kept hearing the familiar 'ding dong' of a FirstClass chat from the library area.

This was quite distracting for us and I wonder what it was like for others in the library who might have been reading? At the moment I have turned chat off for Team 14 while we take this chance to take stock and reflect on how we use these tools.

I wonder if my approach to turn chat off was the right thing to do? I don't think it was because it is an opportunity for us to learn about being an ethical user of ICT. Here are some questions I'd like to ask Team 14 to consider and reflect on:

How can we use chat to support our learning and the learning of others?
What are some of our ideas for using it?
What does it mean to be an 'ethical user' of ICTs?
What should we do if someone forgets to be ethical when using ICT?

Video Reflections