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Inquiry Ideas

Here are some images showing some of the reflections and ideas gathered from our initial immersion experiences for our inquiry. Have a great holiday everyone!

Rapunzel remake by Anna and Lucy.

How Far Do We Have To Go, My Hairs Already Gone?

Once upon a time, far, far away, there lived a beautiful young girl called Rapunzel.
She may sound like a lovely sweet, little girl that is perfect in everything, I thought she was too. Then I found out she was, until the wicked witch cut off her beautiful long blond hair. She was no longer a sweet calm little girl, she was furious, had a really bad tempure and that’s were the adventure began.

One dark misty day Rapunzel walked down the dirty track to where the big bad wolf lived. The wolf was shocked; he nearly jumped out his fur when the wolf first took one glance at Rapunzel.
Then he said, “What happened to you? You look horrible and your hair… Ok, I’m just not going there”.
“I know” Rapunzel whimpered. “It was that fat ugly wicked witch that filthy person she only thinks about her fat ugly self. It took me my hole 23 years to grow hair. I’m no longer the sweet lovely darling that everyone thinks I am, I’ve changed and no one can stop me now. Now wolf we need a plan, a smart plan to get rid of that fat witch.”
“Ah” The wolf said. “Do you have a plan?”
Rapunzel replied happily, “No I never have a plan, you should no that by now.” she slapped the wolf because she was annoyed with him.
“Oh Rapunzel you scared my food away I was starving and now I can’t eat anything because of you!”
“ Oh just shut up” Rapunzel said. Then she slapped him again even harder this time.
“ Owe”. The wolf said, “Stop doing that that’s the second time all ready”.

Just then Rapunzel had a great idea “ You said you were hungry right. Rapunzel said with a smile on her dial.
“Well dur until you scared my food away.
“ Pull yourself together foul, I have an idea.
“Oh” the wolf said. “ What is it?”

“Wolf I need to ask you a question for my plan to work.” Rapunzel said (as she thought wolf was a mirror.)
“ Ok ask away.”
“Wolf, wolf who is the richest of them all.
“ Why me of course.” Said the wolf a bit scared that Rapunzel will slap him again.
“ Wolf, wolf who REALLY is the richest of them all.”
“ The handsome prince.”
“ Were can I find this prince.” Rapunzel asked.
“You can find him in the hills of the song replied the wolf.”
Not your stupid song you…. you… oh never mind, this is a PG story
“OK you will find him in the richest, highest, most widest, most…um...I haven’t actually located the location yet, but I have got a picture for you of the house.”
“Pass it over wolffi I’m sick to death of your fun and games ITS TIME TO GET SERIOS” she said very wisely. He handed it over and that was the end of that chapter.

The next day the beautiful (well at least she thought) Rapunzel and the fat wolf (because he ate to much pie that night) travelled through the dirt and the mud, though a the prana pound to get to the handsome Prince Charming,

Hold on a sec we all remember prince charming form the Shrek movies don’t we,
He’s not an evil prince, well at least not in this story because this is a twist not a straight.

As soon as they got there they were surprise to see one of the loveliest place they had ever been to. It really makes you think twice about being evil.

“Hold on hold on” the wolf screamed (as he though he was a director) “Rapunzel why are we going to find the prince anyway?”
The answer to this is that prince charming loves evil girls and its all part of my diabolical plan.

Soon after they rang the doorbell and the prince happened to come to the door and royally let them in. Rapunzel thought she was in heaven when she first saw the prince Then the wolf said, “No wonder they call you prince charming” looking at his tights. Snap out of it wolf, Rapunzel whispered madly trying to keep a smile on her dial.
“So prince charming, where’s the canteen.”
Its down the hall but you can go well I stay here and show rapunzel to the bedroom, I mean that as you are going to stay the night, aren’t you?

The Prince went over to the wolf, Thinking that the wolf was rapunzel “you can take the left, the rights mine baby, He whispered. Then the wolf squalled, “excuse me” “were you talking to me.” No, no the prince quickly answered.
Then the wolf whispered in rapunzels ear, “Watch out rapunzels he’s a wild hunk.”

That night prince charming’s mum/the witch, came over for tea that night prince charming had forgotten to tell them that his mother was coming. As soon as the witch walk in the door rapunzel screamed, and prince charming ran in from the kitchen and rapunzel said, “ Do something, “We can’t let that fat best into your castle prince. Before prince charming could say anything Rapunzel yelled wolf suck her body in. Then the wolf said, “ Well this saves me the trouble of walking down to the canteen.” In one long big suck the princes’ mother was in the wolves belly. Then the prince said, “ What were you thinking Rapunzel.” I was looking out for you darling. How, How could you? That’s my mummy. So what, your telling me you think you have problems, You didn’t grow up in a stuffy old tower, or never seen your parents, your mother is a witch and that’s coming for the heart, she was my mother after she clamed to kill my first, but I know it’s a lie. I have a family somewhere out there and I will find them, but for now you need to respect me then rapunzel burst out in song, that’s r.e.s.p.e.c.t find out what it means to me r.e.s.p.e.c.t take out the e.c.t, its when you respect, just a little bit HEY just a little bit ooooohhhhhh yea.
“Oh shut up rapunzel your going to burst my ear drums with that horrible singing your doing.” “Well you filthy…” Then rapunzel stopped. Doesn’t matter anyway, I’m leaving and there’s nothing you can do about it! Good day sir. She said in a beaming voice. But rapunzel… I said good day. Then she slammed the door shut leaving the prince to his misery and the wolf with his tail stuck in the door. “Rapunzel” the wolf sang out. I think we’ve got a little bit of a huge problem here.
Come on wolf get a move on fatty. Then the prince dialled 111 and the police came over in a cloud of dust. As soon as rapunzel saw the police she ran and called out WOLF, I’ll be in my secret hide out. Then the police saw the wolf and pointed their guns at the wolf and pocked him for an answer. He told them everything but one little detail. Which is that rapunzel is the wolf’s best and only friend. Then they set off to search for rapunzel right away. They took the wolf and the prince with them. They took the wolf so he could tell them some more clues. They took the prince so he could rub it in her face when she gets arrested. So, ah wolf, can I call you that. “ NO” said the wolf “ Call me, um, j, j James. Ok j, j James said the police officer smiling and laughing. “Tell me where this rapunzel is.” “NOW” he boomed. “ NO never in a million years.” “ If you tell where she is I will give you a yummy chocolate chip sandwiches.” “Y, YUMMY” He said as the police officer waved the sandwiches in front of the wolf’s nose. “ Ok, ok I give in I will lead you to where Rapunzel is. Just before they left the head police officer said,
“ Ok fellers listen in I have a idea.” “When we get there the wolf will say come out Rapunzel the cost is clear. So then Rapunzel will come out and we will appear from behind and catch her and she will be hand cuffed and we will sent her to jail for her 1 day.” That is a very good diabolical plan lets go”, the wolf said thinking about the chocolate sandwiches.

Finally after 1 whole hour we arrived there and the wolf did what he had to do. He said, “ Rapunzel it’s me, the wolf, you can come out now, its safe.” So Rapunzel walked out and in a flash Rapunzel was hand cuffed and been put in the back of the police car. “ Great work guys. Especially you wolf, here’s your sandwiches, and you deserved it, well done.” “ Thank you.” The wolf said quietly trying not to make Rapunzel hear him.
“Was this your entire idea wolf?” Rapunzel said in a mad voice.
“Kind of, but they were tempting me with a yummy chocolate chip sandwich.”
“So our friendship means nothing more to you than a sandwich!”
“Not any sandwich MY LUNCH you’re not an animal, you wouldn’t understand. It’s so much harder when you have a stronger sent of smell.” The prince wouldn’t stop rubbing it in her face that she got caught. Then Rapunzel asked,
“ I’m just asking but why am I going to jail anyway?”
“ Don’t play dumb with me Rapunzel.” “ I’m not.”
“ Yes you are. The prince said you robbed a bank so why wouldn’t you go to jail for that crime.”
“ What?” Rapunzel said confused?
“You robbed a bank.” Said the police officer also confused.
“No I didn’t!”
“What do you mean you didn’t?”
“I swear on my life, I didn’t rob a bank.”
“Prince charming can you explain what Rapunzel really did.”
“Fine, fine all she did was make this wolf here eat up my mother.”
Rapunzel started whistling like she didn’t do anything.
“You mean she didn’t rob a bank, or shot your mum with a gun, all she did was make the wolf, eat your mum.” “Yea. So now are you going to put the wolf in jail instead of me?” Said Rapunzel happy that she might not go to jail and the wolf will instead. “No of course not. We can’t send a live animal to jail. I’m sorry but you have to take the wolves place in jail, you’ll go for a day.”
“And as for you prince charming you’ll go tomorrow so you’re not in there with Rapunzel.” “But I want to go today so I can be in there with my beloved Rapunzel.”
“ Put a sock in it hot tights,” She said looking at his new green (which is Rapunzel’s favourite colour) tights.
“No, we said tomorrow.”
“ Fine but if you put me in with Rapunzel I am a billion air. I was going to flush a million princes (which is the money,) down the toilet, but I think I could give it to you for a small favour, because you are my favourite police cop in all.” “Fine, ok” said the cop dribbling. After the prince and Rapunzel were in jail he walk a little bit and screamed “ THANK YOU GOD!!! I never believed in you before but now I know, MIRICSLS CAN HAPPEN.”
Now, back to the story.

After that one day the police let the prince out of jail on there time schedule. On the other hand, Rapunzel was asleep and she woke up from the noise of the keys. She whispered, “ Where are you going.” “Doesn’t matter, just don’t follow me.” Said the prince a bit afraid that Rapunzel will follow him. Like usual, Rapunzel did go after him. The officers caught Rapunzel, not the prince. So because Rapunzel got caught and the officers thought Rapunzel was trying to brake out they made her stay in for one more day.

She saw the prince and said, “Why are you back here. I thought you would go home, or did you get caught like me?” “Did you get caught?” “Yea.” “But I told you… You came after me didn’t you?” “ Yes. And I’m really sorry.” Prince charming can you get me out of here, Please.” She begged. “ Ok, but you have to be silent.” “ Ok.” Slowly the prince opened the doors and saw the officers coming so he ran and again Rapunzel got caught and now has two more days in jail. “ No!” Rapunzel cried. The next day Rapunzel kept saying to her self, “one more day to go only one more day to go.” Then she saw the prince AGAIN and said. “No way, not this time, I’m not falling for your silly tricks again. Because of you I had to have two more days in this horrible place, so don’t try to get me out, I’m fed up.” “ Fine then. I won’t get you out.” “Good, I would rather stay in here for the last day, then get caught again and face another day of misery.” “ Ok good day.” “Yes, good day.” And the prince was just about to walk out the door when Rapunzel called out, “Call me darling!” “ Sure.” Said the prince sarcastically.

The next day a miracle happened in the night. The next morning Rapunzel screamed, not because that she was being let out of prison today, and not that the prince called her on her phone…
But that her hair was as long as it was before the witch cut it off, she was so happy.
That day the police officers came to let her out, they said, “ There you go Rapunzel your times up, your free to go.” “ But I don’t want to go, not without my once a poon a time phone call from the prince.” “ Why don’t you just call him on the phone over there?” Said the police officer pointing at the phone. “ Then Rapunzel ran as fast as she could to hear the voice of her darling prince charming. She was so happy and never left the phone.

And that was he end of the story.
It was so sad wasn’t it?
Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself I’m the wolf and I was one who was telling that
Pg story and now you may start reading, The True Story Of Rapunzel The 2nd.

The end.
By Anna and Lucy.

The end of the term

The term has gone really fast and today is the last day of the term. In the holidays I am going to Wanaka with my family and I can't wait.

The 1 Little Pig

June 2007

By Cassie

One day there was a Mummy pig. All of her baby piglets had moved out to live with each other when they were a year old. Their mum told them that they had to move out or they would have to live with their mum for ever and ever and ever, so they packed up and left.

About 4 years later the mother pig wanted her babies to come back and live with her. She built a house out of straw and then she packed up and moved into her straw house. One day later the Big Bad Wolf came by and he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down.

The next day the mummy pig built a house out of sticks. Once she had built the house she packed up and moved into her new house. Luckily for her it wasn’t until a month later that the big bad wolf came by. He saw the stick house and he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down.

The next day mother pig built a house out of bricks. It was so steady even when there was a tornado the house stayed as strong as strong could be. One year later the wolf came by and he saw the brick house so. He huffed and he puffed and he huffed and he puffed and the house stayed strong. The wolf said, “I am going to come down the chimney and what your house is like in the inside and see what I want to steel,” so the wolf climbed on the roof and tried to climb down the chimney. He couldn’t fit down because he was so fat. So the mummy pig decided to use her time wisely and move out of the house and back to where she used to live. She got a feeling that she wasn’t wanted there.

So after all of that they all lived happily ever because the wolf got stuck in the chimney and the house ended up getting knocked down.

The End

True Story of the 3 PIGS

Once upon a time there were 3 pigs living in a huge forest. The 1st pig built his house out of straw. That afternoon Mr. Wolf came to the 1st little pig’s house made out of straw. “Little pig, little pig. Let me come in,” Mr. Wolf said. “No, not by the hair of my chinny chin chin,” the little pig said.

“Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in.” said Mr. Wolf, so he huffed and he puffed and he belw the house down.The 1st pig ran to the 2nd pig’s stick house.Then Mr. Wolf followed the little pig to 2nd pig’s stick house.

Mr. Wolf stopped at the 2nd pig’s stick house. “Little pigs,little pig’s let me come in.” The Mr. Wolf said. Little pigs said, “No , not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.”
“Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in.” Mr. Wolf said, so he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down. The first pig and the second pig ran to the third pig’s brick house, so Mr. Wolf followed the little pigs to the 3rd pig’s brick house. Little pigs stopped Mr. Wolf stopped too, BUT…

The 3rd pig hadn’t finished his brick house yet… then Mr. Wolf ate up all of the 3 little pigs. Bye, bye you 3 little pigs!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

Once upon a time there were two sweet little twins about age ten, one was a boy called Hansel and the other one was a girl called Gretel. They lived in a rather large cottage on the edge of Huckleberry Woods with their Dad who was a woodcutter and their step mum who just stayed at home and did jobs around their house. Their real mum died when they were just babies. Anyway, for a woodcutter, their Dad got a really good pay, $200 a day. Each day they were putting $50 in their retirement fund so really they had $150 to spend a day.

One day at about 8 in the morning, Hansel and Gretel went out to pick some berries for dessert. They picked strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, huckleberies, blackberries and even a smoreberry or two.

They had been picking for about an hour when they suddenly noticed they were lost. They didn’t have a clue where they were, the only thing they knew was that they were in the middle of the woods somewhere. So surprisingly they just carried on picking berries, but what they didn’t know was that all the time they had been picking berries, some had been falling out of their basket because there was a hole in the bottom, just big enough for a berry to fall out of.

They were still picking but they had been gone for 2 hours now, they were exhausted. They sat down and ate some berries and drank the last of their water.
“I’m so thirsty,”said Hansel getting to his feet.
“Me to,”said Gretel “But we’ve got to keep our hopes up. Our only hope is to either find a well or find our way home,”
“Like that’s going to happen,” said Hansel, not in the best of moods.

So Gretel got up and they started to walk again. They had been walking for about ten minutes when they couldn’t believe their eyes. About 50 metres away was a well so they started running, no not running, they started sprinting, it seemed like they had been sprinting for ages when they got there. They started to lower the bucket down, they were trying to go fast but it was kind of hard to. It took them about half a minute and they were now lifting the bucket up, this was the moment they had been waiting for. They lifted the bucket off the hook and each had a big drink.
“ Did that quench your thirst?” Said a voice behind them. Hansel thinking it was Gretel said, “Oh man of course it did.”
“What are you doing stealing from my well?”said the voice behind them again.

Hansel and Gretel turned around and standing behind them was the
Evil Elf of the West. They had heard of the Evil Elf of the West before but they never believed in him but that was in the past, now they definitley believed in him now that they’d seen him. The Evil Elf (in other words Lenny) said “I’ve changed now and I can control myself now.” Hansel and Gretel were really easy to persuade so they bought it in, not knowing that he had his fingers crossed behind his back.

So after that Lenny invited Hansel and Gretel over for lunch. It was only a short walk because they were by his well, which was in his property. When they got to his house Hansel and Gretel couldn’t believe their eyes. Right in front of them was a 3 storey house made of lollies, cake, candy canes, biscuits and lots of sugary food like that.
“Is that real?” Said Gretel “ The food on the house,”
“Of course!” Said Lenny “You can have some if you want,”
So they grabbed a bit of the fence each and took a bite “Mmmmmm my favourite,”
said Hansel with his mouth full, “Raspberry slice.”
They turned around to get some more and the bit they snapped off had grown back “WOW” said Gretel “ This isn’t possible. That fence just grew back,”
“I know, it’s great ay,” said Lenny, grabbing a bit off himself. “ We shouldn’t be eating this before lunch though but you can have as much as you want after lunch.”
“Yeah” said Hansel. They went inside and Lenny gave them takeaways for lunch. “This couldn’t get better,” said Gretel.
“ I know” said Hansel.
Lenny was getting impatient of pretending to be nice, because has saw Hansel and Gretel as two giant chickens just sitting there waiting to be eaten.
“So” Lenny said, “Why don’t you go outside now and have some of the house.”
So of course they couldn’t refuse that offer and they went outside.

Yes thought Lenny finally time alone to plan tonight’s feast “Hmmm should I fry them, bake them or should I turn them into a pie.” He thought for a while and in the end he decided to turn them into a tasty human pie. He went and got his cookbook and tried to find a recipe.

While he was doing this Hansel and Gretel were terrified. They had heard absolutely everything Lenny had said, for was talking to him self. “Should we run away?” said Hansel.
“ No I’ve got a better idea,”said Gretel tying her shoelace. “Follow me.”
Bravely they sneaked inside. While Lenny was making the pastry they went up stairs and hid in a cupboard. They were waiting for Lenny to come up so they waited and they waited and they waited. It was about half an hour before he came up because he was looking for his apron, which Gretel had hid. Gretel counted to 3 “1….2….3….”
They both jumped out at the same time and tied up Lenny's hands and feet with a rope they had made with their shoelaces.
“What do we do now.”said Hansel anxiously.
“You’ll see.” Replied Gretel. So they went down stairs carrying Lenny by the hands and feet “Now this is when the fun begins.”

Lenny was making so much noise screaming and shouting that Hansel got one of his smelly socks and stuffed it in his mouth “That should do the trick.” He said with a smile on his face. While Hansel was doing this Gretel was starting to read the recipe HUMAN PIE except it wasn’t going to be human pie it was Lenny pie. She took the pastry that Lenny had made for the human pie and started shaping it so that it actually looked like a pie. Once she had done that Hansel and Gretel lifted up Lenny by the hands and the feet and dumped him in the pie and popped the lid on top. They set the oven onto 250 degrees and shoved the pie in. They waited for about 15 minutes and the pie was ready.

Together they decided to try and find their way home and leave Lenny in the oven. First they had to get some food and water so they didn’t starve, they got 10 pieces of lollycake each and they filled up their drink bottles. “Now where do we go?”
said Hansel
“I think we should go to the well first and find our way from there,” answered Gretel.

Off they went to the well talking about if they’ll see their parents again. When they got there they discovered the trail of berries that they had been dropping out of the basket but they didn’t know that they were their berries. “What are all those berries doing on the ground?” said Hansel.
“Hey is that the smoreberry we picked that looked like a snowman?”said Gretel
“Yes it is.”said Hansel “How could this day get any better, first we find a house made of lollies then we get takeaways for lunch and now we are going to find our way home.”
“Well what are we waiting for let’s go” said Gretel.
They set of and in about an hour they were there “MUM!”said Gretel.
“DAD!” said Hansel. They were so relieved to be home with their parents it was 3:00 now and they had been gone for 8 hours “Where did you go?” said their dad I was worried about you. So they told him the whole story and of course they didn’t believe him so they took their parents to the lolly house and showed them the trail of berries. “Wow I really didn’t believe you, the whole thing,” said their Dad with a really surprised look on his face.
“Hey Dad,” said Gretel “Can we live in this house since nobody is living in here and the house is much closer to your work? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.” begging like she is going to die.
“Ummmmm we’ll think about it together tonight,”said their step mum.

So they got home and together their Mum and Dad Decided that they would move in and sell their old house because there is a well near by and if the kids want a treat they just have to go outside.

It was the day after they had moved in and all was going well they had buried the pie and their Dad was never late to work again and they lived happily ever after, except Lenny, who ended up going to hell.

By Bertie

Rumpelstiskin The Real Rumpelstilskin

“In Rumpelstilskin (not the real Rumpelstilskin) I (Rumpelstilskin) was an evil little gnome like thing who was going to take the baby and eat it. Ew no I am a strict vegetarian. Well before I tell you all this I better tell you the story from the beginning.”

“The first part of the story is true but the miller was a horrible person who treated his beautiful daughter like a slave. She could not sew or do many chores that women do and it wasn’t her fault either because no one had taught her. One day the miller put his daughter up on the roof with a spinning wheel and thread for punishment to show people how lousy his daughter was. Then by chance the king came and saw the millers daughter on the roof, the king asked what she was doing on the roof but before she could answer the miller stepped in and lied she was spinning the thatched roof into golden one and well the kings guard was a greedy fellow who was good at persuading people like the miller. From the instant they met eyes they knew they could do a lot of stuff together so the were kind of in the plot together. Well anyhow back to the story. The guard said to the king that he would be twice no I mean five times than any king in the world and the king thought about it owning the whole wide world that would be a great privilege (not that the king was a mean person he was really kind and the millers daughter (whose name is Millie) saw that) so the king agreed and took Millie back to his palace he then put her in a room full of straw and told her if she doesn’t spin all this straw she would be killed and he left and now poor Millie who didn’t know how to spin started to sob for all that she cared she was going to die the next day. That’s when I made my miraculous appearance and I told her that I will spin it for her if she promised to give me something so she gave me her necklace now I didn’t want a necklace so I gave it to the poor. Well the next morning the king woke early and went to check her and what the king saw was a room full of real gold thread that I spun and straight after breakfast the same guard from yesterday suggested to the king that he should put Millie in another bigger room full of straw and spin that into gold to and well that’s what he did and said that if she doesn’t spin it by morning her head will be chopped off. That horrible guard so again Millie started to sob again so I appeared and told her I will spin for her if she gave me something and this time she gave me a ring again I didn’t want a necklace so I gave it to the poor. And in the morning the king came to check early again but this time the guard had already made Millie eat breakfast and had put her in a bigger room full of straw but the king didn’t know this so when he found her he said that if she spun all the straw in to gold he will marry her now Millie was praying that I would come and help her and well I did come but I said to her you will have to give me your baby and she agreed so I spun again and it was a wee while till I met her again and I told her to give me her son but she just screamed and the king came with heaps of his guards and I was scared out of my skin but I kept my cool and calmly explained the promise between Millie and me then Millie started to remember she then told her husband that she couldn’t really spin at all and so the king made a smart move he arrested the miller and his not so royal guard.
And we all lived happily ever after including me!

Emma's retell-cinderella


By Emma Henderson

June 28, 2007

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Cinderella. Cinderella had lovely blue eyes that sparkled when she laughed. She always wore a long purple dress which went down to her ankles. She always wore her hair in two plaits with two red hair ties. Cinderella also had two stepsisters called Javotte and Claudette. Javotte was very beautiful but she did not look one bit like Cinderella. She had short thick brown hair, which went down to her shoulders. She wore a long sleeve top and a skirt, and smelled lovely. Claudette practically looked the same as Javotte she wore a pink skirt and top and had black thick short hair that went down to her shoulders and she smelled beautiful.

One day Cinderella got an invitation to go to the ball with the prince. She was so excited; she started jumping up and down. She ran to her room and started to pick out what she was going to wear. She told her step sisters that she was invited to the ball and showed them her beautiful, white, frilly dress that looked lovely with her hair, which was up in a high pretty bun with a tiara. Her sisters were very jealous and started to whimper and cry because they were not invited. The fairy godmother got attracted by the tears and turned up right in front of them. “What are you crying about? Said the fairy godmother.

“We don’t get to go to the ball and Cinderella does. It’s not fair,” they cried. Then the fairy godmother got her wand from her pocket and with a flick of it the stepsisters had beautiful ball dresses on. They said, “Now we can go to the ball, YAY!!!” Then the fairy godmother flicked her wand again and a huge limo turned up right in front of their eyes, “Wow” said the stepsisters then they said thankyou to the fairy godmother and rushed off in their awesome limo to the ball.

Once they got to the ball they parked the car, then jumped out and went inside the doors into a big building where the ball was held. Once they got inside, the first person they saw was Cinderella. They tried to hide behind a two foot plant but unfortunately they were 5 foot, so Cinderella saw them. Javotte and Claudette were terrified. They sprinted out of the door. Javotte dropped her slipper and Claudette dropped her phone so they ran back to get them. The prince saw them and just started dancing with them. Cinderella got very grumpy and through a tanty. She was so grumpy that the prince would not dance with her, so she left the ball. The stepsisters, on the other hand, were having a fine old time dancing with the prince. Then the clock struck 12:00 pm and at 12:00pm the stepsisters lose all their ball clothes and go back to wearing their old rags, so they ran out the door into their limo. On the way out Javotte lost her glass slipper again but she did not dare to go back to the ball in case the prince saw her in her rags. So they drove back home in their limo but half way home the limo disappeared, so they had to walk the rest of the way home.

Once they got home they went straight to bed because they were so tired.
In the morning they woke up at about 10:00 am. By the time they had put on their slippers and dressing gowns they heard a knock at the door. They both opened the door and it was the prince. They gasped. The prince said, “Whoever fits the slipper I will marry!” Now they both wanted to be married to the prince so they sat down on a chair by the dining room table. Claudette tried the slipper on first although she knew that it was not her slipper. She put her foot in the shoe and said “It fits, it fits!” Javotte was so surprised because she knew that, that the slipper was hers but when Claudette stood up, the slipper fell off, because it was so big. So then Javotte tried on the slipper and it fitted she was so excited that she was going to marry the prince. She married the prince in the end and they lived happily ever after apart from Cinderella.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Jason retell-three wolf and three pig

Once upon a time there were three big wolves. Their mum say, ”go away go away, there was no room for you now!” So three big wolf said “I know down there are three pigs like us we can take there houses” the first wolf went to the first house and said” little pig little pig can I come in?” the pig said “ok come in quickly” so the wolf came in its dark inside so the wolf turned on the light then he saw the pig got a rocket and then BOOM the wolf dead and the pig ate him. The second wolf went to the second house he saw the wolf dead so he said“ rocket pig rocket pig can I come in then he hold up his shield pig said” come in quicky” the wolf hold up his shield then came in then SHOOOO!! DONNNNNN! the wolf drop down a big trap hole then the pig burn him and eat him up. The third wolf saw others all dead but he still said” little pig let me come in ?” the wolf hold up his shield and looked at the ground and the pig said” ok come in quicky” the wolf went in and he saw the pig then all the pig get together hold up there sword and killed the wolf the eat them all.
Then the pigs has happy year after?

Red riding hood stuff up

Once upon a time there lived a granny she was so sweet and cuddly, she heard crying and yowling ‘OOO’ she came to have a someone look, inside the house there was a cuddly wolf, she had blood coming out of her ear then she Though her out of the house. Granny was feeling very tired and hoped inside the bed meanwhile the little wolfs father came to give her a visit but instead she found an old granny in the wolfs bed Humans!!!!!! Humans!!!!!!!! The wolf said I don’t know you so get out!!!!!! She said the wolf roared at her, down the road red riding hoods came back for holiday in France she heard the roar and took a motorbike from the shop down the road and went off to save her granny. In 10 to 15 min she came, she hoped of her motorbike and pulled a knife from her nickers and killed the wolf.

Granny and little red riding hood lived haply ever after.

The End

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Blogging Guidance - Setting up Learning Links

Here is a screenshot of the links that everyone needs to have on their portfolio.

You will notice these things on the learning links element:

  • Team 14 Home

  • Team 14 Blog

  • Delicious

  • Goals

  • Writing

  • Reflections

  • Feedback

Monday, 25 June 2007

My Story

The 3 little chickens

Once upon a time there were 3 little chickens named Jimmy Bobby and Billy. Jimmy wanted to go live on his own so away he went, he made his house out of a soft drink bottle. A few years later Jimmy woke up and tried to get up but he was to fat, he called for help but no one heard. A few hours later Bobby went to live on his own and went past Jimmy “hi Jimmy” he said, “help me Bobby I’m stuck” so Bobby helped Jimmy and cut him out “thank you very much Bobby” said Jimmy, and they parted and went on their way. Jimmy went and lived in a hay sack while Bobby made a house in a box with hay as the flooring.

Now Billy went and made a house in a cellar. Then that night the big bad mouse stole Jimmy’s eggs and the night after Bobby’s eggs, they both told Billy to be careful and that night Billy lay wide awake trying to catch the big bad mouse, with his bear trap but the mouse did not come that night. The next night Billy lay awake again but this time this time he locked the door, windows and the trap door, and that night he heard a squeaky little voice, “let me in little chickens I am cold and hungry and I have no where to sleep, please let me in” so Billy let him in, here is a bed and blankets so Billy and the mouse went to sleep, but the mouse did not sleep he stayed awake, and got up and stole Billy’s eggs and crept out.

When Billy woke he looked up at the other bed Billy thought he had gone away for good. Then Billy checked his eggs, they were all gone it was then that Billy realized that he had shared a house with the Big Bad Mouse. That day Billy moved house. Once that was over Billy went to the market to buy some eggs and some traps, that night he lay in the bushes waiting. And sure enough that night along came the big bad mouse Billy drew in a big breath and watched a few minutes later there was squealing “let me out let me out! After a few weeks the big bad mouse had died. Soon everyone knew that Billy had killed the big bad mouse, from near and far he was known as Billy the rodent slayer. The first person to hear about Billy was his mother Doloris she came down to congradulate him.

By Matt The End

Jus Holiday

Here are some of the pictures Juliette sent me looks like shes having heaps of fun i Switzarland

Friday, 22 June 2007

Hi from the US

Hi all at Team 14,

I am sending this blog from Seattle, Washington State, USA. Tomorrow I fly to Phoenix, Arizona where the temperature will be about 40 degrees Celsius.

If you don't know where Phoenix is - how about using Google Earth to locate it. If you don't know how Google Earth works ask Mr Clarke - he's a computer whizz kid - he'll know.

Phil - Dad of Bertie.

Reflection - how independent I am

My mistake was that I put my self under pressure and didn't make use of my time. I will not do this ever again.
Not to just muck around and use my time well I will try to be on top of my workload and ask for help if i need it
I would make very good use of my time and thinking of my top priority and not talk to Sam, Joe, Bertie, Kate and Daniel
By checking on me from time to time and I am Independent most of the time but i like being with my friends and talking to them

Maths Reflection

This week we have been learning how to draw polyhedrons and other shapes using sketchup and I tried drawing them in my book but I did not do it very well. On sketchup I learnt how to name the face, edge, vertice and corner of a polyhedron.

Because of this learning I can now make shapes on sketchup and in my book.

Reflection - maths geometry

This week I learned how to draw cubes, polygons and circles on sketchup and I tried doing some in my book. I learned how to name the face, vertice, edge and corner of a polyhedron.

Because of this learning I can now draw polyhedrons on sketchup.

Something I do not understand is how to draw them in my book because I always get the shapes mixed up and I am not sure how to count the sides.

My next steps in this learning are to learn the names of the shapes and draw them in my book properly and also I would like to learn how to draw more shapes using sketchup.

Reflection Maths Geometry

This was the WALT during the week: Describe various polyhedra using the language of geometry I learn't what shapes look like because I sort of forgot Geometry.
Down the bottom this is is also what it said: Using a ruler and pencil, draw a model of a polyhedron (shape) that has 10 vertices.

This can be fun if you know what shapes there are, otherwise it can be quite hard. Today this had to have 10 vertices! When I got told that I thought, "how on earth can I do that??"

I don't understand how to have a vertice and I'm still a bit confused. If I have practice I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. My next steps are to go on the internet and search up "Shapes" and learn some more shapes.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

From Richard and Deb (Elise's Parents)

I really enjoyed the Jigsaw Night. And didn't relise how much work you guys are doing in class!
We are going to Amercia Tommorrow and we all getting really excited!!!
Deb is going to the girls lunch today with Elise.
I probaly won't see you but Deb might today.
Deb and Richard(Elise's parents)

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

jun's retell


By Jun An, Team 14 June 2007 I’m so cool

Once there was Hansel who was really kind and Gretel who was also really kind. They lived happily until their wicked, bad stepfather came. One day the step father was smoking and The food store got burned down and they had run out of food. The wicked bad stepfather said, to the mother “We will have to get Hansel and Gretel killed because we are out of food!!”

The next day Hansel and Gretel went into the woods and got lost!! Soon it was night. Then they saw a house made out of candy. They started to eat the candy house and then an old lady came out of the house. The old lady said, “How dare you eat up my house!!!”
Hansel and Gretel said, “Sorry.” The old lady said, “Now that you ate my house you must pay! Let’s see, you guys ate this, this and this. That costs $50. Ha, ha, ha, my candy is selling well today.”

Hansel and Gretel replied, “If you make a car out of candy I will give you $10.” The old lady thought that this was a bargain and made a car out of candy. Hansel and Gretel accidentally crashed into the old lady and she died! They rode the candy car and drove home and crashed into the wicked bad stepfather and he also died. Their mother said, “I’m sorry Hansel and Gretel.” Hansel and Gretel lived happily ever with their mother for the rest of their lives.

Amelia's Reflection

Today I learned what the line in the middle of a fraction means, it means Part of or Divided by.
Because of this learning I can now work out the answer of the fraction easier.
The next step in my learning is to be able to work out big questions with fractions.

Sheldons Mums feedback for J.O.L

I found the Jigsaw of Learning to be outstanding alot of planning and organizing the quality of the work was very high. Most of the students were very confident and happy about sharing their work.

Well done team 14

Help with blogging

Can some one help me please? How do you leave a post in the "Learning profiles"?

I had something exciting happen to me tonight. I was flying to America and the plane I was in hit three swans when it was taking off from Auckland. The pilot turned back because there was a big dent in the nose of the plane - it was huge!!! Imagine a plane with a flat nose - that's sort of what it was like.

I'm in Auckland now waiting for a replacement plane to arrive before we can all fly to San Francisco.

Phil - Dad of Bertie

Monday, 18 June 2007

Jigsaw of learning

Hi Team 14 - What a fantastic evening the other night. Great to see so many talented musicians, poets, actors and artists, you really should be proud of yourselves and well done to Rob & Claire for letting the kids get on with it. We're looking forward to further events with Team 14 throughout 2007.

Cheers Howard

Team 14 leader

Well being a leader is quite hard I got this coment from Claire (my teacher) saying, "Congratulations on the fantastic job you did of leading class meeting today. You handled the discussion, included people not contributing and moved through the agenda very well."

I'm feeling really proud of myself leading team 14. Thanks for listening to me team 14.

Mediator Reflection

Mediators are like duty teachers but they are children. The purpose of mediators is to help out kids who have problems with their friends. Helping out kids who are playing a game but then they can't figure out something, so you can help them with that.

Mediators benefit themselves because they learn how to deal with situations, so when they have problems they can help themselves out.

I think that the mediators are good but sometimes they don’t help, they just say, "sort it out yourself," and I think that they need to help more but I would like to be a mediator.

By Matt

Reflection mediation

Mediation: I think year 6 meadators will be a fun experience and will get in to big problems and get us thinking hard and good ways of solving problems I also think this will sometimes get us into big problems like fights ect.. and need to handle it and get it controlled I think this will be a fun experience and we will learn allsorts of problems
By Nicky

Reflection meadiation

Mediation: I think year 6 meadators will be a fun experience and will get in to big problems and get us thinking hard and good ways of solving problems I also think this will sometimes get us into big problems like fights ect.. and need to handle it and get it controlled I think this will be a fun experience and we will learn allsorts of problems
By Nicky

Reflection setting up Delicious accounts

Today we started the process of setting up our own Delicious accounts for everyone in Team 14. It was quite easy and the team saw the possibilities quickly.

This will become a useful research tool.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Reflection - Peer Conferencing

One of the things that went really well today was getting Team 14 to use the fishbowl technique to observe and note-take about peer conferencing. Here is an image showing you what some of us thought (the other ideas are on the end of the big table in the classroom). You can click this image to get a larger version:

I was really pleased with how everyone observed the process and made notes. This shows us that Team 14 have a great sense of process. This means that they can use the fishbowl technique to help improve other aspects of their learning.

I felt that the team easily picked up the ideas of getting and giving advice (next steps) and providing positive feedback (strengths). Another aspect they picked up on was the importance of listening patiently.

The next step in my learning is to help Claire and the team turn these ideas into a rubric which can be used to judge how well people are using peer conferencing to develop their writing. Once that is done they can then start using it to improve other areas of their learning.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Learning Portfolios

Here is a list of everyone's online learning portfolios which we are implementing now. Each of these links will open up in a new window:

  1. Elsie's World of Learning

  2. Daniel K's Learning House

  3. Clare's Collage

  4. Samuel's Work Gallery

  5. Jun's Profile

  6. Penny's Work Cemetery

  7. Christie's Happily Ever After Learning Cemetery

  8. Emma's Gallery of Achievements

  9. Nicky's Collage of Learning

  10. Amelia's Work Cemetary

  11. Kate's Universe of Learning

  12. Elise's World of Learning!

  13. Anna's Mosaic

  14. You bin's Learning Album

  15. Nick's Past Tense Achievements

  16. Joe's Work Cemetery

  17. Sheldon's PROWED Learning

  18. Yein's Memories From Learning

  19. Cassie's Work Cemetery

  20. Matt's Past Tense Achievements

  21. Sam's Learning-go-round

  22. Ju's Learning Cemetery

  23. Daniel's Official Blog

  24. Bertie's Galaxy of Learning

  25. Lucy's Works of Art

  26. Jason's Magic Learning

  27. Naomi's Memories

  28. Alvin's Work Cemetery

HTML Tips - Formatting text and linking

HTML is the language of the internet. Everyone in Team 14 will need to learn some HTML in order to implement their online portfolio (or learning profile, or whatever you are calling it!).

Refer to this blog post for help on writing HTML so you can do the following things:

  1. Change the format of text - e.g. bolding, italicising text.

  2. Put a hyperlink in your blog posts. Have a play with this tutorial here.

  3. Making lists with numbers or bullet points (just like this list).

  4. Making tables within your blog posts.

Have a go at formatting your HTML within your blog posts, it is fun, simple and can make your writing even more effective!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Jigsaw feedback posted by Mary, Clare's mum

I loved the variety of talents, skills and creative ideas presented. You were so clear in your speaking/singing/playing instruments and looked like you were having fun!

WE LOVED IT! Thank-you very much.

posted by Mary, Clare's mum

Friday, 8 June 2007

Jigsaw of Learning Feedback

Hi all of Team 14,

Fantastic effort last night - you guys were the best!


Monday, 4 June 2007

Team 14 News June

Here is a link to download our news for June.

Saw you on the news

After my debut on TV3 news talking about wifi in schools, Alexander (a student of mine from 2 years ago) sent this classic email and photo:

Hi Mr Clarke

Saw you on the one news tonight about wifi in schools. Personally I find
mirror balls rather effective at repelling radio waves.

This is an online tool for collecting, organising and sharing web site addresses. I suggest everyone in Team 14 should have their own account. Click on any of the words below to be taken to that list of links - some might be useful to you! The larger words have more links in that set.

Here are my tags on

Friday, 1 June 2007

Elise's Poetry

This is my Poetry Image

Video Reflections