Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Reflection - Peer Conferencing

One of the things that went really well today was getting Team 14 to use the fishbowl technique to observe and note-take about peer conferencing. Here is an image showing you what some of us thought (the other ideas are on the end of the big table in the classroom). You can click this image to get a larger version:

I was really pleased with how everyone observed the process and made notes. This shows us that Team 14 have a great sense of process. This means that they can use the fishbowl technique to help improve other aspects of their learning.

I felt that the team easily picked up the ideas of getting and giving advice (next steps) and providing positive feedback (strengths). Another aspect they picked up on was the importance of listening patiently.

The next step in my learning is to help Claire and the team turn these ideas into a rubric which can be used to judge how well people are using peer conferencing to develop their writing. Once that is done they can then start using it to improve other areas of their learning.

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