Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Help with blogging

Can some one help me please? How do you leave a post in the "Learning profiles"?

I had something exciting happen to me tonight. I was flying to America and the plane I was in hit three swans when it was taking off from Auckland. The pilot turned back because there was a big dent in the nose of the plane - it was huge!!! Imagine a plane with a flat nose - that's sort of what it was like.

I'm in Auckland now waiting for a replacement plane to arrive before we can all fly to San Francisco.

Phil - Dad of Bertie


Emz said...

Hi, I'm Emma Bertie's friend. That's sound really exciting and scary. Did you hear a sound when the swan's hit the plane? Rob will post a blog with instructions for how to contribute to the learning portfolios for parents.

sporte said...

It's Elise
I saw you on Saturday at Haswell Quarry.
Did you see the swans guts come out?
Was it scary?
How long do you have to wait for in Auckland?

Rob Clarke said...

Hi Phil,

I hope your return travels aren't as dramatic! To put a post into another one you need to do one of two things:
1. Join that person's blog by being invited and accepting that invitation, or:
2. Use comments.

Good luck.

Phil Taylor - Dad of Bertie said...

Hi Guys - thanks for your comments.

In response to your questions or comments.

Thanks Rob - me too. Can you get Bertie to invite me to join her blogg please.

Hi Elise - no - I did not see the guts come out but I talked to the pilot and he said that there was a huge burst of feathers and a large bang! One bird survived. I did not even know that the plane had hit the birds so it was not scary. I had to wait 7 hours while they fixed the plane.

Hi Emma - they said that if the bird had taken off half a second later or earlier they could have easily ended up in the jet engine and that it could have exploded - now that is really scary!


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