Thursday, 31 May 2007

What I need to practice for Jigsaw

I need to practice what I am going to say for my items that I am shareing (Sketchup,Picasso,Charcoal)

Penny's poem and photo.

This is my leaves poem
I like my poem because I worked on it and it describes what leaves are like.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Alvins poem

Heres my poem and I hope you enjoy it.

Daniel K's Fish Poem

This is image of Daniels Peom I did it becasue he is not linked to the team 14 blog and he does not have the email to upload the blog!!!!!!!!!!

my poem

this my peom

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Yein's Reflection 29/05/07

Today I learned that I got 3 out of 5 for Otago University Problem Solving for mathes olmpiad.

I can now understand that I need to work hard to get 5 out of 5 for the next test.

One thing I don't understand is how to and what statagies I need to use for what.

Next step in my learning is learning more stratagies and learning what stratagy I need to use for what.

Daniels manual with no sign of the spaniel

Hi Room 14!

Just checking the blogg and found heaps of great poems and pictures - great stuff. I'm biased but I did love the Limerick about Daniel, the manual and the spaniel. I have included a photo that shows where Daniel and his car ended up after he ran over the Spaniel. Don't see any sign of the spaniel though - it must have been unharmed and ran away.
Any good ideas for the name of the spaniel?
Phil "Dad" of Bertie


today i learnt how to put a photo in blogger

i can do from this learning is now I can put a photo in a blog

My next steps are to put another one in blogger.

Emma's Photo and poem

This is my leaves poem I like it because the colours go well together and I put a lot of effort into it and the photo goes well with the poem.

Samuels Poem

This is my poem about poeple in cities


Fly bird like a wing,
Sing bird like a star,
Jump bird like rabbit,
Make a house like a builder!

poisonous fangs

probing, hunting for food

stealthy as a chamelion


Monday, 28 May 2007

Christie and naomis poem

This is a cinquain poem that me and naomi made we got a cute picture of 3 puppys.

My leaves poem

This is a poem about leaves I think you will love it.

Sheldons poem

/Volumes/Classroom Server/Room 14/Individual Folders/Sheldon/Writing/Word/poems/Cobra.doc

sheldons poem

My leaves poem

This is my leaves poem on my photo which I am really proud of because I did it in about 40 mins.

Sam and Joes water poem

Water shimmering
fish eating & eated
mamals making birth
men and woman been saved
H2O drinking
waves crashing swooping out peoples belonging
curent kidnapping
10 cups a day lets the children play
the doctor says drink those 10 cups a day and the nutrience stays.

image from

Uploading images to the blog

Here is an image of my baby girl Isabella. I used this image as an example for the team of how to use Photoshop to put text over an image, in preparation for them to learn how to pressent their poetry images.

Incidentally, Isabella and Angela are leaving for the United States tomorrow at the end of the day so I'll be 'home alone' for five weeks!!! Yikes!!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Refletion on sport.

I am playing netball for my winter sport and I am in the A team, it is really fun because it's different to a lot of sport.

Bertie's limerick

There once was a man called Daniel
And he would refuse to drive a manuel
One day he tried
And he almost died
When he hit and squashed a spaniel.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Reflection - TV1

Today I learned that I was going to go on television, all with about five minutes warning!!!!!! This was a little scary at first because you just have to worry about things like 'did I wash the yoghurt off my shirt from lunch?' and 'what if I say something really silly and I don't make any sense whatsoever???'

Anyway, it worked out and here I am at about 3.04pm this afternoon being interviewed! You have to watch an advertisement before being able to view the actual article.

Because of this learning I've realised that sometimes it is actually quite good to be 'put on the spot' and to have to think on your feet. I wonder how often we do this as teachers to students in the classroom?

The next step in my learning is to give Team 14 opportunities to develop the sorts of skills that enable them to cope in situations like this. I wonder how many of the team saw the news?


Today I went into the word bulding power and found some great spelling words and now I have 40 spelling words!(now all I have to do is learn them).

I looked up VARIATY and I got the last 6 words like.....
Diversification and assortment!!!
I recommend you guys to have a look as well!!!

I saw Rob on tv tonight you were great!!!
(And of course I saw Naomi/Danial and Samual on the back ground!)

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Great tools 4 kids

Here is a list of great tools for kids, all of which can help your learning in some way:

Dictionary & Thesaurus tools - finding words, correcting words, synonyms and antonyms, meanings, etc. - for organising web site URLs you find. - for building a shared web site with others. Wiki is an interesting word which you can find out more about by reading this article.

reflection 22.5.07

Today in the afternoon we did some event planning. We are all in groups so we started organising the groups. The leaders in my group are Penny and Bertie. We also orgernised who was doing what jobs I am a person who gives wine to the adults it is going to be really fun.

Daniel's Relfection 22.05.07

Today I wrote some poetry at extension writing and practised for my audition into the Town hall Concert Band at my Clarinet lesson today. We had an Otago Problem solving test today and I got my results back from the last weeks test ,I got 80%.

Today I learnt how to work out the area of a triangle.
This will help me when it comes up in one of my maths Olmpiad tests.

The next steps in my learning are to use my maths strategies in my test and record them to remember them for future tests.

gooogle sketchup

Today I learned how to use google sketchup and we got put in our our groups for our inquiry.

Because of learning I can now use it for homework if needed.

Things I don't understand is how to download google sketchup.

Things I need to learn is to be able download google sketch at home.

Reflection - Jigsaw of Learning

Today I learnt that I am the leader of the publications group.

Because of this learning I can now get better at leading groups.

The next step in my learning is organising things better.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Brilliant tool to help you

Today I found a web site that helps you to remember and organise the good web sites you find. It's called which is a play on words.

I'd recommend everyone in Team 14 creates their own account and learns how to use this handy tool for organising their web site URLs.

You can even subscribe to other peoples' accounts if they have similar interests to you - this could be handy for research.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

What is this?

I found this fantastic animated flash image while browsing the web today. I wonder what everyone thinks this image is about? What does the author of it want to convey?

Image source:

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Don't do this in class

Team 14,

Don't do this when Mr Clarke asks you to put your chairs away!


Not too bad a teacher - sometimes!

Check out the "mummies" in the photo. Guess who the mummies are. No prizes for guessing the big one!

Phil - "Mummy" of Bertie

Should have checked my spelling first before I posted

Hi again Team 14,

Ooooophs - I should have checked my spelling before I posted my last blog.

This time the photo has been included!!

Phil - Dad of Bertie

PS - I have lots of other photos - let me know if you'd like to see some more.

Hello to Room 14

Hi Team 14!

This my first first attempt at blogging! I'm not an expert like you guys but it seems like a great way to say hello.

I don't know if it has worked but I have included a photo from teh recent West Zone Cross Country Race. How many of Team 14 can you spot? If it did not work can somebody help me to make sure it work next time?

I'd love to hear back from anyone in Team 14

Phil - Bertie's Dad

Monday, 14 May 2007

NZ Poetry Society Competition - closes 30th May 2007

The New Zealand Poetry Society's annual International Verse and Haiku Competition, with Open and Junior sections, will close shortly. We are grateful to those schools that have sent entries in already. One of the goals of the competition is to encourage a love of poetry in young people, and we appreciate your help in reaching this goal.

The Open Junior and Haiku Junior sections are open to students who are 17
years of age or under on 30th May 2007. Our website has full competition details, including School Group Entry Instructions, and the entry forms for downloading.

There are cash prizes, and selected entries will appear in the New Zealand Poetry Society's annual anthology later in the year. This year's judges are:

James Norcliffe (Christchurch) - Open Verse
Ernest Berry (Picton) – Junior Verse
Bernard Gadd (Auckland) – Open Haiku
Patricia Prime (Auckland) Junior Haiku

Further competition enquiries can be directed to:
The Competition Secretary, PO Box 5283,
Lambton Quay, Wellington, NZ
[ ]

Laurice Gilbert
NZPS Competition Secretary

Joe and Samuels Reflection

Today I learnt that we were pretty good at soccer. That we were the only ones in the A,B,C team from our class.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Daily report

Today team 14 was running the senior assembly. Kate, Christie and Elsie were the speakers it went great. We all sung a song and everyone loved it. After morning tea it was choir time and everyone sung their hearts out with some deap breaths and high notes and now we just had reading time with Mr Clarke he's reading us Bridge to Terabithia - it's a great book. And now
here we are getting ready for sport and todays the last trial day and I'm really excited!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Hi from Georgina

Hi Rob, Claire and all of Team 14, I hope term 2 is going well for you all. On Monday I start my next teaching practice at Sumner School with year 7/8. I hope they are as awesome as you guys. Take care of yourselves.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Yein's Reflection

Today I was in Google trying to find pictures for Home learning Visual Imagery.
I tryed to find sunset pictures but it came out with all these weird links
like `Michal Jackson's poem.'
It was so,so,so hard and I ended up with nothing!!!
I think I need help from Mr Clarke to do this!!!

Monday, 7 May 2007

Daily Report - Poetry, Learning Preferences

Today Team 14 wrote some poems about anything we want and then we went into the Fendalton Schools native area and had a leaf fight with Mr Clarke and the team and after lunch we were by ourselves because Mr Clarke was in a meeting, don't worry we had another teacher come in and in the afternoon we did some learning preferences and that's Team 14's day today.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Ways to cut carbon gas emissions

Here is an article from NPR reporting on a recent UN report to help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

You can listen to the report by clicking the link that looks like this on the page.

Another interesting page which has articles about climate change can be accessed here...

Friday, 4 May 2007

Team 14 News March

Here is a link to download our news for March.

Public Service Over Personal Gain?

Here is an interested audio article from NPR (National Public Radio) in the US which features an essay from Albert Einstein- check it out by clicking this link (you will need speakers to listen in).

Thursday, 3 May 2007

my mum learning about blogger

Hi, Emma is teaching me about blogger. It looks like it is a lot of fun and I am looking forward to learning lots more about it.

Blogger teaching

While i'm writing this my parents are learning about blogger dad wants to make one.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Blogger learning

My Mother is learning Blogger

from Sheldon

My Caregiver is learning

My Caregiver is learning how to use blogger while I'm writing this.

Well done parents!

Hey team, it's great to see that the parents are starting to learn how to use Blogger. I wonder what ideas they will have for how they could use it themselves?

Perhaps you could create a family blog and share it with family members in other cities/countries?

Perhaps it could be a story place for you? Who knows?

Claire and I are looking forward to sharing the ideas you all have about how to use this tool to help our learning.

Here's a shot from the other day when we were learning about our thinking preferences.

Teaching parents

I am teaching mum how to use blogger.

teaching my parent how to blog

Hi it's Christie, I'm just teaching my Mum how to blog.

I show my sister the team 14 blog

she already know how to do and she has the blog. Also, she made computer programs.
she is learning how to program.

Dad is learning

Hi,My name is John and I am Lucy's dad.I am trying to cook dinner right now as it is Kristin's day to work.I'm making nachos-What are other people having for dinner?

teaching dad

i am teaching my dad about blogger right now!!

Word Power Tools

Following are some tools which everyone can use to help them build word power. Each of these web sites will open in a new window. Click the hyperlink below to go straight to the tool you want to use:

The Visual Thesaurus - this tool helps find different parts of speech (e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) as well as synonyms and antonyms. Team 14 have a class account. Email Rob/Claire if you have forgotten how to log in to this handy and fun tool. - this tool is a free online service which is good for quickly finding spellings and meanings of words. - this is the thesaurus edition of This tool is good for quickly finding meanings as well as synonums and antonyms of words.

Tools 4 Kids inside the Team 14 intranet. Check out the Spelling Tools area. We've made this conference available via the web so anyone reading this can download and print spelling strategies and ideas.

Learn to use a thesaurus and a dictionary properly - they are essential tools to helping you develop better word choices in your writing. Nothing replaces a good old dictionary or thesaurus when they are right at your finger tips!

I don't want to leave this school today

Don't make me leave school today,
please! Anything but that.
I'll tidy up my great big desk,
I'll smile everyday ......

I'll do my extra homework,
(I'll sweep the leaves up too!)
But please don't make me leave this school-
They really love me too.

The kids are really nice to me,
And they are really humorous.

And when they see me feeling blue,
They always make me smile again.

I feel like I'm a part of them
Like a loving family.

So please don't make me leave this school,
I'll scream and cry then sob...
It's me Dr Doig from Fendalton School
It's the best school in New Zealand.


jun's cinquain

shark teeth
like bits of hell
munch and crunch as it kills
painful and dreadful as death camp

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Reflection - giving quality feedback

Today I learned that many of our team are improving how they give feedback to one another. I learnt this when reading the comments people are posting to each other's blog posts. It's really interesting reading comments that are being made on our blog posts.

Because of this learning I now know that Claire and I need to highlight the use of feedback with Team 14, so that they can help each other in their learning.

The next step in my learning is to help the team see this as part of their job, on an ongoing basis. I wonder if parents would be interested in helping us with this?

Teaching my sister how blog

Today I am teaching my sister how to blog she already understands most technical componants but has never done a blog yet, she was reall exited to learn how to blog.

Video Reflections