Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Dad is learning

Hi,My name is John and I am Lucy's dad.I am trying to cook dinner right now as it is Kristin's day to work.I'm making nachos-What are other people having for dinner?


JuJu said...

Hi John
Its Ju, Mum is cooking us pasta bake

christie said...

Hi john we had spag bol,jack cooked tonight, it was gooooooooood

jay said...

yum nachos I ate the spicy fried rice it was really spicy but it was yum!!!

Rob Clarke said...

Hey John,

You must be getting heaps of brownie points! I am helping Angela make yummy baked veges and chicken kebabs!!

Enjoy your evening.

sam said...

Hi John - it's Howard (Sam's Dad) - hope the nachos went well! WE had spag b(l)og!!

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