Thursday, 29 November 2007

Global Warming as a myth - excellent video

This video is extremely thought-provoking.  

What do people think?

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Poppy has gone!!!!!

My pet cat Poppy has gone!!!!!! if you have seen her please call me,she is small, shy, quick, cuddly and likely to be very scared, if you see her try to catch her please

I would love to have her back


How can we be involved?


I'm writing to let you know about a new, nationwide, campaign called Be The Change, which has been set up by Greenpeace, Oxfam and Forest & Bird. It aims to inspire New Zealanders to take action on climate change in their own lives, communities, and of course, schools!

Schools around the country are doing some great things to reduce their carbon footprint, and we're visiting a few during our nationwide "climate rescue tour", as we travel from Bluff to Northland in the Be the Change bus.? You can find out more about Be the Change and the bus tour at our website

I'm writing specifically because we have an exciting event planned for December 8th, which we hope schools across New Zealand will get involved in.

It's called the Global Day of Action (GDA) on climate change, and it's timed to coincide with an important meeting on climate in Bali, Indonesia.

We need to send a message to the global decision makers at the meeting, that we want to see action on climate change now.

We are keen to see as many young people involved as possible.? It is their future that hangs in the balance.

The idea is simple, fun and easy to organise.? We're getting people to spell out what they want to say to our leaders on climate change, to take a digital photo of it, and upload it to the Be The Change website at [ ]

We'd love to see hundreds of photos from schools around the country.?

We're trying to keep the messages positive and focused on what we expect our leaders to deliver.?

Some ideas of things to spell out include:
Save the climate!

Climate action now!

Climate heroes please!

NZ climate leaders

Be The Change. Stop climate change.

Climate friendly future

It could involve making a "human sign" with a group of students (see attached photo from an activity involving some Australian schools earlier this year), it could involve spelling out a message using something iconically Kiwi (e.g. chocolate fish, jandals) or something linked to saving the climate (bicycles, energy efficient lightbulbs).

However you choose to do it, the more messages the better!? Check out [ ] for instructions on uploading photos and more examples of messages people have already spelt out.

Let's make the 8th of December a day to remember!

Kind regards,

Lesa Lomas

Greenpeace NZ on behalf of Be The Change

Environmental Expo - Thank You

Here is a message Sue received from the organiser of this event:

Dear Sue,
Thank you so much for making Ecoexpo New Zealand's inaugural event such a success.  We were  quite overwhelmed to see so many children take part in The Wearable Art show and also the quality of the garments, you really were the stars of the weekend. We are already planning the next event and the creative juices are flowing once again to see how we can make the next one even more spectacular.  I will be in touch with you when those thoughts have been formalised.  I would love the opportunity to come and visit your school and see some of the other initiatives you have under taken with regards to "saving our planet".
We have now calculated that slightly more than 4,000 people attended the Expo over the 2 days. And from the information we gathered through our survey we now know that over 90% of the survey respondents felt the event was either very good or good and that 74% have said they would attend the next Eco Expo.
We will have a series of photo's of the Expo appearing on our website shortly, also we are just getting some copies of The Wearable Art show made - they are not professional, Kim videoed it for our personal record but I will get a copy to you when they are completed.
Thank you once again Sue, you must be very proud of your students.
Kind regards
Anita Ritchie
For the EcoExpo New Zealand Team of Kim, Anita, Glen and Deryn.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Photos of Fendalton School

Here are some of the photos around our school to give you a sense for what it is like.

The first is a photo of one of our 'open-air' classrooms:

The second images are of our playgrounds:

Judging how your CREATE has made a difference

How will you know your CREATE has made a difference?

Think of three or four aspects your group could use to help judge whether or not your create has made a difference.

Record your ideas as comments to this post.

When thinking of 'making a difference', think about these aspects:

  1. A 'create' may just be encouraging others to change their behaviour.
  2. It could involve you making something to be shared.
  3. It could make a difference to your learning, or a larger group's learning (ie. our class, your family, the school, a business, your local community, etc.).

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Filming Tips

Here is an excellent video from youtube to show you a range of various filming tips. If your create involves making a film you should see this movie to help you in your preparation.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

China's pollution crisis

Here's a fascinating article with video and interactive graphics about the issues China is facing in the area of pollution.

This article is about a huge hydro-power project and the effects on the local population. It is well worth a look.

Decline in reading - NYT

Here's an interesting article from the New York Times that may interest parents.

It illustrates the relationship between reading and success in life.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Feedback for Sheldon and Alvin

We think that you have found some good information. Next time you could summarise the main points because it got kinda bouring. They needed to be more descriptive with the google searches that they did. next time you need to sort out who is going to say what. They really consintrated on their question on the subject of pollution.

Elise, Penny And Christie's Maths Game

What you will need:
One whole deci pipe
10 tenths of a deci pipe
10 hundredths of a deci pipe
One bead chain


1. Player 1 gives player 2 some deci pipes including at least 1 tenth, 1 hundredth and 1 thousandth to make a three place decimal

2. Player 2 uses the pipes that player 1 gave them and puts them on the whole pipe and shows player one what the decimal number is on the number fan.Remember to explain why. eg: 0.537 because there is 5 tenths on the deci pipe so you put the 5 straight after the point. There are 3 hundredths on the pipe so I put the 3 in the hundredths column. There are 7 thousandths on the pipe so the 7 goes in the thousandths column.

3. Using the beads player 2 shows the decimal number. Remember the beads will not show the thousandths. Take away the thousandths from the number. Eg. .256 will turn into .25.

Maths Nicky and Emma How to play our game

How to play our maths game.
What you will need:
Red beads (20 of them)
Yellow beads (20 beads of them)
Blue beads (20 beads of them)
Green beads (20 beads of them)
or any other beads that you can find. And make a number with it like... 18..
And yourself brain ready to count

How to set up the game with your 80 beads mix them up randomly and try not putting them in a certain order then when your finished putting them on you are almost ready to start.
Now the numbers
Or any colours you put in make a number that you think would be good

How to start the game:
The leader puts her finger on the beads on just say yellow yellow red green then you would add them up which would because you add it up in total as I said before it has yellow=6 red=1 blue=10 green=20 so that's how I would get it. =33

Then it's first to 3 and then who every wins three times gets to have a go being the leader then when it's someone else's go and when it is there turn you have to pick it and it is really fun when you all have a go.
Hope you enjoy our game!
By Nicky and Emma

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Lucys & Berties inquiry sharing

Lucy: Should practice the words a bit more. Nice and loud. Try not to read the whole page, summarise a bit.

Bertie: Well practice/spoken. Maybe next time use a bit more expression. Nice and loud.

Overall feedback: It was good how they had interesting facts that still was about their question. Easy to follow with columns that are well spread out. Try to change the words into your own. Quality info. You presented it well.

How they organised their work:
It was easy to follow with the columns. It was good use of google docs.

Feedback for Lucy and Bertie's Inquiry presentation

Is Global Warming really happening or is it just a myth?

I think that you have presented your information very well. And you have recorded where you got the information from. Your question is a very tough question and I think you have got most of the information you will need. You have also made links to the words so we can find out more information on that idea. I also think it is good how you put in some weird and interesting facts in there to. Maybe next time I think you could  you could say the most important points and not say the things that we already know. You could also put some of the facts that you got into your own words to make sure you understand what you are reading.  You could also summarise the long parts into different words that we understand. You should contact some different experts or scientists for some more information because you have lots of websites. I think that you have put a lot of work and effort into this and you have found some very good information. You have used your time very effectively.  

Feedback from the audience. 
Christie- I liked the question and it was a challenging question. You could put some of the text in  your own words.
Amelia- You presented your information very well.
Penny- I think your question is hard and I also think you could put the websites ideas into your own words.
Clare- It was easy to follow
Daniel you had lots of info and backup your ideas with fact. And you should 

By Elise and Nicky

Senior Leavers Event 20 December - 90 kids

  • Paint ball.(its fun, Helps you get fit, lots of people can play at once, you play on teams)(You get hurt, Costs lots of money)
  • Obstacle course ''the Beast''(lots of people can do it)
  • Camp at Spencer park (not practical)
  • Go bowling
  • Disco (not happening)
  • The rocks(You can get lots of people)(you don't get to long)
  • Go karting (lots of people can go)cost:$15.00 Time:30 min of 15 min
  • Qe2 hydroslides(no limit to time or people )(won't get many turns because of so many people)
  • Movies(You can book the whole theatre )(you just sit in front of a screen, not enough seats,)
  • adrenalen forest (fun, four hours)
  • Orientaring and stuff like that
  • Bbq
  • Own fear factor
  • mountian biking(Everybody can do it) (Accidents)
  • Antarctic centre (not practical)
  • Ice scating(at least 2 hours)(It is cold some people don't like ice scating, accidents)
  • Beach party

Monday, 19 November 2007


Feed back On emma and Nicky's power point

Interesting pictures

Good information they can understand some of the hard words need to change some of the words so they understand it better and know what there talking about.

Liked your presentation
Easy to understand

Didn’t explain why it is bad

Needed to search what temperatures they were talking about.

Nicky and Emma's Powerpoint

Once they had already read it out because people were talking they did a really good summary of what they had already talked about.
they talked really clearly.
they explained what things were just incase we didn't understand what it was so they explained what it was in a good way that we could understand what it was.

My opinions:
I think it was really good because the PowerPoint that they made they had done in their spare time.


You need:
At least two Number fans
100 Beads
At least 3 people

How to play:
1. You need to choose a leader and at least two people with the Number Fans.
2. The leader turns there back around so noone can see and makes a decimal number, then quickly shows them the number and people with fans have to make the number with Number Fans and tell them the number quickly.
3. The people with the fans have to try and get as many right as they can, then the first person who has got 3 right gets to be the leader.

Inquiry Sharing Feedabck

Sheldon & Alvin

Question: What Causes Global Warming

Was Their Info Useful My Opinion: I Think
They Did Well But 1 Of Them Was Being Silly
But They Werent Owning Up to it but they did
well apart from that but yes they should read
their information before sharing it.
Their Opinion:
They think that some of their info was useful
but not most of it because they didn't read
over it so they are still going to find out some
more info so they did quite well.

When You Put An information source
instead of copying the website copy
the exact URL of the page
I think that they were mucking around
a lot and they were being silly with wording
but they also had some good information
but maybe next time they should
read over what they have done before
they share in front of an audience

Friday, 16 November 2007

TED Talk - Solving Climate Change

Here is a really interesting podcast from TED. Environmental scientist David Keith talks about a cheap, effective, shocking solution to climate change.

This scientist would be worth contacting. I wonder if any of you are interested in dong this and setting up a video conference with him?

Some of you may be very interested in this - both the idea but also in how it is communicated.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Key competency Reflection 2007

Dream maker: When I had Gymnastic, I couldn't do anytings in the Gymnastic but I practiced and I practiced now I could do most things and I became healthy.

Team Player: When we share our inquiry works we needed to listen to each other.

Communicator: I learnt diffrent languages and using diffrent languages so I could do two diffrent languages!!!

Thinker:I think that I created many things and I searched things for inquiry information with Clare.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Video - bullying

Here is a interesting video about bullying

For those of you thinking about creating a movie or podcast, what can you take from this movie?

Is it quality? How would you know?

Lates notes about G.W

It is - 18 -20 Degrees at the moment
At the top of the mountain it is - 26 Degrees
Storms come through it can come and crack the ice.
When they drill there is a certain place they have to do it
They started planning for the trip 8 years ago
Drilling prepration never stops
The bases are much more comfortable then 20 years ago
The Comunaction is better than 30 years ago
They are not alloud 2 leave anything in Antractia
Temprature difference quite drammitic
They can have -10 deggress at the most
There are four nations involved in the progect.
Everyone gets on very well together.
They put big air bags under the sea ice and send divers down to see all the lines down then they blow the bags up, it is quite risky for the divers.
Only two people get to rest at the same time and when they have reached there goal the can pack up and go home.
He misses his wife and kids but they get used to him being away for long periods of time.
There are people against drilling.
Each year that they drill they get better and better at drilling so they get better teknects

Clare's reflection

Today I learned how to add 2 negetive numbers together today in maths.
From this learning I can now help others about negetive problems if they dont know how to do it.
The next step in my learning is to help others when they have problems.


does anyone know where everybodys Global warming feedback went because i would like to see Youbins and I's? And are we making a website?

Making a Label Cloud

This is a technical tip and requires you go into the Template > Edit HTML area of your blog. It allows you to put a label cloud on your blog. Here is the link with detailed instructions for how to do this (be warned, this is technical!!!!!):

A label cloud is really cool because you can make it so that the more posts are shown, the larger the label becomes!

Be warned, export and BACKUP your template BEFORE following these instructions!!!

If you want to change the colour of the labels, use this RGB reference as a guide.


I'm wondering if anyone of the T14 parents would sponsor me for MOvember??

Every year in New Zealand 2,656 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 600 die of the disease, making prostate cancer the second largest cause of male deaths, after lung cancer. The average life expectancy of a man in New Zealand is 4 years less than a woman.

To sponsor my MO please go to, enter my registration number which is 88616 and your credit card details. 

Or you can sponsor me by cheque made payable to the "Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand" clearly marking the donation as being for my Registration Number: 88616 . Please mail cheques to: Movember, PO Box 87 150, Meadowbank 1742, Auckland. All donations over $5 are tax deductible.

All donations are made directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand who will use the funds to create awareness, increase support networks for those men who suffer from prostate cancer, fund research and scholarship programs.

All classes are invited to a Mo Day assembly and a performance by the Boys' Choir on Thursday 29 Movember at 10.00am in the Hall. There will be a shave off auction and the Boys' Choir will perform

Elise & Daniel's Inquiry Creation Plan Link

This is the link for Daniel and my Inquiry Creation Plan. it is stored on a Google Doc.

Hi guys did you miss me?

Hay guys!
I missed you soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you up to?
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Mum said that I'm going to study here!!!!!
Not only that, I have to study till collage so I probabally won't ever see you guys again or we can keep in touch.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Create Plan - Chris and Joe

A.Our audiance will be people in varios countries.

B.We will make a movie to warn people about the future if we don't act now.

C.We will put it on youtube and sent it to friends in different countries and put it on at the school assembly.

Title of Inquiry:
Date: November 2007
Invention Tool Used:
Things to think about before I start:
Is it something that will make a difference? yes/no
How will it make a difference?
Who is my audience?
How will I share this learning with others?
Other things to think about:
Costs: $
Time needed:
Environment Friendly:

Jason and Nick feedback for Global warming

It was very good because of:

  • how they have they have good info to use when they answer the qestion.
  • how they showed the websites that they found.
  • how they had the links set up beside the info that they found from that websites 
Next steps would probably to let Jason have a go at talking a saying what they are up to, and spread your information out more so it is easier to read and sort out. Plus start by sharing your question to show what you were looking for.

Alvin and Sheldons Create

Things I should do before we start………
Get the right stuff to use.


We are going to try and tell them the causes of globel warming and how they can make a difference to globel warming. And if globel warming true or not.

How will I share this learning with others.

Youtube because most people will look at youtube


Maybe some cash for props and plants.

Time: 3 weeks

Music fresh

Inquiry CREATE Guidance

Click here to view everyone else's create plans...

Click here to view our ideas (click the comments) about how we will know our creates have made a difference...

Here are the questions to help guide inquiry create planning. Please make sure you give it a label of create so it can be found again.

Inquiry Creation Plan

Title of Inquiry:
Date: November 2007


Invention Tool Used:

Things to think about before I start:

Is it something that will make a difference? yes/no

How will it make a difference?

Who is my audience?

How will I share this learning with others?

Other things to think about:

  1. Costs: $

  2. Time needed:

  3. Environment Friendly:

Understanding Decimal Numbers

Answer these questions:

  1. What is a decimal number?
  2. Where are they used and how are they useful? Give at least 5 examples of decimal numbers in everyday use.
  1. Collect some maths equipment and invent a game which challenges people how to do one of the following: put decimal numbers into order, add/subtract, multiply or divide decimal numbers.
  2. Write instructions for your game, making sure you explain how the game develops your mathematical understanding.
  3. Include in your instructions how to make the game more challenging or interesting, as well as how to simplify the game to make it easier.
  4. Post it to the Team 14 blog with a label of Maths. If you are not from Team 14, get one of these people to log you in so you can publish.
These games will be used again for the benefit of others.

Team Meeting Minutes - 9 MOvember

Class Meeting Minutes 9/11/07
Leaders- Amelia and Clare

Class Meeting Starts at (11:47)

The password by nick (Postponed)

Someone used Christie's hat in the morning and then someone put it back.
Just if you did then don’t do it because it is very annoying and it can move lice.

Labeling when you are putting stuff on the blog always label it.

Blue take is gone so don’t take it home Anna had lots so she could give us some. And other people.

Reminder You have lot to look after peoples things if have token them because they most of the time come back broken or they don’t return it at all.

Friday, 9 November 2007


By Elise and Chris

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Feedback for the sharing of inquiry information - Elise and Daniel C

Elise: she did not say all of one of the sub question she just went blah blah blah instead of saying it all out.

Both: they wrote out all of there information really well and they talked really clearly. For each sub question they have made a separate chart for it so that you know that it is a new sub question, they have a box for the changes form the past and another one for now.

Things that they need to do better=
Elise: next time I think Elise should make sure that she says all of the sub question so that we don’t have to read it ourselves because that wasn’t what the sharing was for.

Feedback for the sharing of inquiry information - Matt, Daniel K & Sam

Sam: he read and spoke really clearly. He made sure that the whole class was listening before he talked.

Matt: He fixed the mistakes that he made, he read and spoke really clearly

Daniel K: he needs to tell the other people in his group that he needs to have a time to talk.

All: they made sure that they showed us all of the websites. It was good that they organized it in a google doc. They showed us what we might lose by caring on how we are. They made it sound like a good thing that the world is going to warm up.

Things that they need to do better=
All: they need to make sure that they make sure that everyone gets the same amount of time to talk in the group because Daniel K didn’t get to talk that much at all.

Feedback for the sharing of inquiry information - Clare

Both: They got a lot of information in their information organizer. They made sure that they .

Things that they need to do better=
Both: they didn’t change some of the words we could tell that they hadn’t changed it because they couldn’t pronounce them very well.

Clare: you need to make sure that you know how to pronounce the words so that we all know what she is talking about. I know that you-bin didn’t want to talk you need to make sure that she talks to get her English better.

Global Warming

Daniel and Elise are very organised with there feedback to the class and I think they have found out alot of information nd looks like they are very wanting to get out there and go for it looks like they searched up/found out alot of this Well Done Elise and Daniel.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Blue Skies Abseiling - Nov 9

Here is a link to download the notice for Blue Skies abseiling night!

CO2 clock

sam is find called CO2 clock it really cool.

web video

look i find vedeo somewhere go to click this site

Key Competency Reflection

I think I am flexible because I take in everyones ideas to make a bigger idea.
I think I am a creator because I love to create new things and create stories an example of this is when Bertie and I created a story about a boy who was taken to an island an held captive..
I think I am a Responsible risk taker because I like to take risks and try new things but I make sure they are safe and responsible first, an example of this is when I decided to do the highest abseiling wall because I new it was safe and I was trying something new.
I think I am passionate because if I get into something I like I keep practising or trying new ways to do it.
I think I am positive because I always try to look on the bright side even if something bad happens like when I have to go to swimming lessons (which I don't like) I just think that it will be another whole week before I have to go again.
I think I am self responsible because because I don't do anything without checking that I am allowed and I don't let anyone do anything that they are not allowed to do.
Transfer ideas because I can get two ideas and transfer them to make a better idea.
Respects because I respect others and there ideas and i try and use everyones ideas.
Relates to others because I understand what other people are thinking and I relate to their ideas.
Considers because I consider everyones ideas.

Key Competency Reflection - Christie

Key Comps Reflection.
because i have become more perservering to stuff that I have been very nervous and frightened but i still did it, and I felt great after it.

using language, symbols and text.
I think I have become more neater in my school books.

Because I share, im freiendly, i never give up, respects other peoples property.

The arts language,
Im really proud of myself because i was the alian in our wearable arts.

ive been doing inquiry and I have found some useful info.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

team 14 maths

1. What do you do when the first numbers can't be subtracted from one another?

2. When it doesn't work how do you get the negative number?

team 14 writing

1. Process

analyse every paragraph
- summarise it
-rate strength of each argument (1-5)

2. Change order according to the "Art of Persuasion" sheet. 

Sunday, 4 November 2007

BUFFY has gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

My pet bird buffy has gone!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday he flew away and we could not catch him, if he turns up in your backyard - can you try to cattch him. If you do, please call me (Sam), use our contacts list to find the number, he is yellow and has red cheaks and is still pretty small.

I'd love to have him back!


Saturday, 3 November 2007

Energy saving tips video

Here is another movie from youtube with tips for saving energy and therefore reducing global warming. 

It has a political bent to it which is also quite interesting. 

How could you influence others?

I wonder if you could find anything else out about the presenter?

Global Warming Video

Here is a video from youtube I just found which may interest some of you.

I don't think the quality of it is very high, but do wonder if you could make a better job of something like this?

The Cat Burglar

Here is a shot of Zypheryzoodle trying (in vain) to break into my car.

...a good distraction from writing reports on a Saturday afternoon!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Website with info for all areas

This is a good website for inquiry because it has stuff for most areas.

Click on the sentance "Website with info for all areas" and it will take you to it.

health and energy Great site!!!

From Jason and Nick

Video Reflections