Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Matt's Reflections

You bin's Video Reflections

This is my Video Reflections.

Alvins video reflection

Jason vidio refriction

Sams Reflection

My Video Reflection.

This is my video reflection about my year and my time at Fendalton School.
This is my last year at fendalton and I am the last person in my family to leave Fendalton school.
I will miss all of my friends and I wil miss the school and all of the teachers.

Lucy's video reflection

On my time at Fendalton School

Sheldons video Ref

Here is my video Ref.

Here's My Reflection On 2007 Check It Out On You
Tube & The Team 14 Blog As Well Here's The Link

And Here It Is:

Daniel C's Video Reflection

Here is the video reflection that I made about my years at Fendalton and what the hightlights have been, please leave your comments.


Video Reflections