Monday, 10 December 2007

Boys Group Reflection

n this evaluation I will be talking about the good facts and about the bad facts. In the inqury group there were seven people they were.
Matt, Sam, Jun, Samuel, Joe, Chris and Daniel K.

Now I will talk about the good facts.

One of of the good things was that all seven of us wanted to make a movie and we all wanted to do the same stuff such as making a news about global warming and we will have some interviews.

We decided things really fast. The things are who will be who and where we will do all the filming.

Most of the filming was done very well and was done really fast so it only took one week.

The start of the movie and all the music was good.

Some bits were so funny!

There are bloppers.

This is some of the bad parts!!!

Sometimes we were mumbleing.

Sometimes we had to do lots of things over and over again.

There was lots of backgroud noise.

Some bits were very boring.

The music could have beeen better.

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