Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Today Daily Report

First off today we had Team time and guess how many children we had at the start of the day we had 10 people because centrals people were away all day competing for Fendalton School and Extention writing people went for half and hour
Then we were planning on what we were going to say for this recording for the end of the year.
swimming lots of people went but I stayed behind because I forgot my togs and I wasn't really finished what I was going to say for my recording.
Then some people started recording for what they were going to say
Then there was my recording and lots of people kept it going.
reading/N.N was next but as I said before we kept going with that
perswausive writing rubric was after lunch and I was in a group with Bertie and Elsie and then we were doing my recording
pack up was next and then
girls group showing movie for inquiry
End of day/wearables arts Dvd handed out

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