Wednesday, 12 December 2007

My Inquiry Evaluation

I Think Our Team (Elsie, Penny, Anna & Emma) Did Really
Well We Worked Well Together But We Got A Bit Stressed
Out With The Filming We Were Having Teacnical Difficulties
But We Got There And It Was Fun Creating A Movie Together
But We Still Need To Do A Bit More Editing.

Next Steps:
Maybe Next Time We Could Be A Bit More Organised
Because We Went To Go Get Started With Filming And We
Didn't Even Know How To Work The Camera And It Wasn't
Even Charged So We Need To Be More Organised Next Time

Team Work:
Again I Think We Worked Well As A Team But We
Need To Learn To Just Keep It Simple Because
We Got Stressed Out With The Fact That We Had Put
All Our Costumes And We Couldn't End Up Filming!

So That's How Our Inquiry Went!
By Elsie

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