Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Buying Jun's Under Water House

Dear Editor

Hi, my name is Jun and I’m going to convince you why people can live underwater.

Imagine living under water in a very advanced under water house because there is no room to live on land. People can swim around the ocean whenever you want. Robots will do the chores so you can sit back and relax.

Now I’ll tell you everything about how you’ll live under water. You’ll have an under water house that is waterproof forever with out any support. When you what to move to another place you don’t have to look for another under water house because the house can move. When the house gets damaged, the robots will fix it.

I’ll tell you how the house gets air, the house has an special machine called an AT (Air Turbine) that gets air from the surface, but if the machine sucks up polluted air there is a machine called an APC (Air Pollution Cleaner) which will make polluted air into clean air.

Now I’ll tell you how the house gets one of the most important things, water. First the sea water goes into the WC (water cleaner) and the WC gets salt from the water and puts it into the salt storage and puts the water into the water storage.

The house has a machine that sucks energy from the sun for electricity and heat. The house has a fishing machine that has a fishing rod, a net and gun. When it catches a fish it puts the fish into a small tunnel and the fish goes into the food storage, also the robots go shopping to the surface and get cheese and vegetables and all sorts of stuff.

You may be wondering how the house gets fire. Well the house is waterproof also the house makes fire by using the machine that sucks energy from the sun.

In conclusion the house is great to live in it and this is why people can live under water. ~<(^^)>

BY JUN (안준혁)

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