Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Inquiry Evaluation

Create our create went well because we planed and then we took action on doing it and we recorded everything smoothly.
Organised I think my group could of been more organised because we didn't really plan until we got stuck up to one point.
quality I think our work was very quality becuae I got people to check everything were doing and to get things checked.
your role My role was to write a letter to the Board of Trustys and tell them to not use a cole boiler and I told them the reasons why and also to finish my recordings.

Next steps would be to.
Co-operation better because Emma did most of the work and when it came to the create I thought I did most of the work so next time I think to keep working not matter what and not have lots of fights with Emma.
And Not to get distracted with my friends by skipping or something else like pretend to do other work.

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