Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Cycle safety

Yesterday was our first day of cycle safety we had a helmet and bike check. My bike passed because it was only one day old but my helmet didn't because it had a crack in it. Today we get to actually ride our bikes and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Example of a screenshot

Here is an example of a rubric showing how you might write your evaluations. A copy of the webquest rubric is stored inside the Class Server > 14 > Organisation > Webquest Rubrics for you.

This image shows how well I think I did for my webquest. As you can see, the areas in which I am strong include: permissions, multimedia elements and surface features.

The next steps if I was to do this again include: to make the published copy higher quality by choosing better fonts.

To take a screenshot on a Mac, hold down Apple-Shift and press the number '4'. Then drag around the region of the screen you wish to take a screenshot of. On a Windows computer, press 'Print Screen'.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Different cultures

How do I treat people from different cultures?
I treat them the same as everybody as because they maybe uncomfortable living in a new area and moving to a different contry so I think even if you aren't the same culture still treat people the same way. And don't talk behind there backs only if it's something nice about them.

How are people from different cultures the same?
Because you may look different but in the inside you are the same and you may have different weaknesses but inside you have the same. I think you are all the same but maybe you look different and act different but you are still the same.

How can we make new people feel welcomed?
You could welcome them by inviting them round and meeting them and getting to know them Show them round the school teach them how to do things they can't do and encourage them.

What might I have done that makes people feel different?
I might of taken them out to the movies and had a sleep over. And became very good friends when people maybe had teased them and called them names. And not treated them nicely so then I help her feel happier. And more welcomed


How can we make new people welcome?
1.we could do a welcome to Room14 party.
2.we could play and take him a tour around the school with him/she.
3.we could give him/she a welcome gift for coming to room14

How do I treat from other culters?
I can be kind and mean and kind on him fi his mean or kind to me!


Different Cultures

How do I treat people from different cultures?
I am nice to them but sometimes I treat them a bit differently if they have trouble speaking english.

How are people from different cultures the same?
They have the same feelings and they just look and sound different so we shouldn't treat them badly.

How can we make new people feel welcome?
By treating them exactly how we treat others and not excluding them from our groups or games.

What might I have done that makes people feel different?
I might have treated them differently because they speak a different language.


How do I treat people from other countrys?

I would treat them like they would treat me like if they are mean I be mean back!
Sometimes call them names if they call me names!

How do we make new people welcomed?

Make a party to welcome them to T14
We could learn how to speak some of their language
Give them a tour around the school

Reflection on Differences

How do I treat people from different cultures? I that them the same until they have quite afew different friends then I leave them to play with their other friends.
How are people from different cutures the same? They are people, they speak a type of language, they play with people and they can write and read.
How can we make new people fel wolcome? We can throw a welcome party for the person that is start during the school year not at the start of the year.
What might I have done to make this person feel different? I don't let them play with me when I/we are playing a game that he/she wants to play, called them names, siad mean things to people.

Reflection about different culture

How do I treat people from other cultures?
I treat them will , I have to treeat them will then NZ people will be friends with me the same goes for other culture poeple as well.

How do people from differant countries are same as us?
We all have the same body (Nose Mouth Eyes Legs arms) and we all wanted to be treated the same way.

How can we make people welcome?
We could make a party in that persons cultural way which will make them very well treated and that will be a warm greating.

What might I have done if people had me a aloner.
I would have joined I pack of friend that would look after me.

Nomi's Reflection about differences

How do I treat people from different cultures? I think I treat people the same way I treat others but I sometimes tease them ( in a nice way) if they were my friends or I speak slowly to them if they don't understand what I say.

How are other people from different cultures the same? I think they are just like us but they just speak a different language and they look different but I suppose we all look different from each other.

How can we make new people feel welcome? I think we should just treat them if we knew them for ages and treat them how you wan't to be treated.

What might I have done to make people feel different? mabye when I tease them I go over the line teasing people or mabye I can offend the people I am talking slowly too.

Reflection different

How do i treat people from different cultures?
i think that i treat them pretty good because i include them in games and my groups but i think i may ignored them before.
how are people from different cultures the same?
They all have the same feeling and things that make them upset and that make them happy.
How can we make new people feel welcome?
We can include them in lots of thing like game and getting them to come into your group and take them to your house.
What i mite (have) done/do that makes people feel different ?
Don't include them or ignor them.

Questions about cultures

How do i treat people from different cultures?
I think i treat people from different cultures quite nicely I just never have huge relationships with them. I play with them if they are in my class or if i know them. I don't say things behind there backs unless I am saying something nice. I don't be mean to them i don't bully them. I like to have fun with people.

How are people from different cultures the same?
We really are the same apart from sometimes it is hard to understand people. We have the same feeling. Some people just look different like have black hair or have darker skin, do things differently. Apart from that we are basically the same.

How can we make new people feel welcome?
Don't ignore them when they first arrive. Make them feel welcome talk to them even have a conversation. Don't let them feel unwelcome.

What might I (have) done that makes people feel different? I may of said like that is really weird what you are eating. That made them feel uncomfortable.

Poem - friends

Friends forever talking laughing enjoying every moment meeting new friends splitting up and going to new schools still remembering each other


Talking quickly drawing differently
Giving the hardest work to help us to learn
Encouraging us to become good learners.

Poems, Computers

Loading fiercly quickly scanning
Downloading slowly
Thinking harder than usual
Asking questions

Portfolio Tips - Setting the order of posts

Imagine you want to put some blog posts above others. This is called changing the order of blog posts and is really easy to do. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Posting > Edit Posts.

  2. Edit the post you wish to change.

  3. Click on the link at the bottom left called Post Options. This shows the date which you posted it.

  4. Change the date so it appears earlier in your blog.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Naomi's Reflection

Today I learnt how to write an HTML code for links this is how you do it=something ( you type in the title)and you end the tag with and I am going to try hard to remember this.
Because of this learning I can now make my blogs look better and do more things to it!
The next step in my learning is to follow my goals and keep my desk tidy.

Reflection - Mediators

Today I had mediation traing. It was good that Room14 had mediation training inside and not in the villege. I also had maths in the staff room for maths I did things like 56.6-49.7=? because of this I got better at maths my next step is to get more better at maths.

Nicky's reflection.

Today I learn't to think on the spot because we were ment to have done our goals and I was getting behind in it. I think you should always keep up with your work and try not getting far behind. I also learn't how to do a URL and trying to remember and I think it will be fun practicing and learning it off by heart doing URL's.
My next steps are....
Keep up with my work.
Learn a bit more about URLS.

Because of this learning I can now Do URLS often.
And think about doing thinks before they are over due.

Monday, 16 July 2007


There is this web site called electrocity and its a site where you can build your own town(your the mayor of the town the you make) and you could very BIG prizes like a computer. go on to: www.electrocity.co.nz.

Daily Reflection

Today I learned that when you are supposed to be quiet you need to stay quiet because if you don't you have to do what ever you are doing after school even if you have to ring your parents or you have something on after school.
Because of this learning I now know that when you get told to be quiet you need to zip your mouth so you don't have to do your work after school.
Something I don't understand is why you have to do because what if you have something that you have to go to and you are not aloud because you were being noisy.
The next step in my learning is to make sure that when I get told to be quite that I am quiet.

Lc's Reflection

Today The 16 of July was the
First day of term 3 and it was a good day.
Thier was alot of non negotiobles and web quest
But it's always good to have abit of finishing off
Time I especially like it
And i can't wait untill wednesday to see
Clare again

Naomi's reflection

Today I learnt how to put a kid pix picture in to a power point.
Because of this learning I know understand that it it like trying to stuff a pumpkin through a hose pipe if you don't put the kid pix picture into a JPEG.
The next step in my learning is to type faster.

Reflection - web quest

Today was the first day of term 3.
In non-nagostbale time I did global warming web quest I printed the information that Penny got and I made a poster out of it. I got some images for the poster. I had maths and I had to write down 2 strategies to answer a question. It was bad that Room 14 didn't do fitness


Today I learned that I need to put a bit more detall in all of my school writing.

What I can do now is???? now i know that i should try a bit harder in more of my writing.

My next steps for this learning are to use a lot more detail, and every piece of witing I has to be a min three phorograghs.

Sunday, 15 July 2007


Following are links to some of the rubrics we are using to help improve our learning:

  1. Webquest Rubric - designed to help you lift the quality of your webquest presentations.

  2. Senior School Speeches - this rubric will help your practise and preparation for your speech in term three.

There is another rubric from Claire which is being put together now [3 Sept, Rob]

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Google Earth & Christchurch

Matt's Dad Neil emailed me this article about a Christchurch company who is sketching up buildings in Christchurch to place onto Google Earth.

This was also a video article on Campbell Live recently which you may be interested in.

Friday, 6 July 2007


My name is Jenny. I looked at the things about blogger and I would like to join. My email address is yun.j@rangiruru.school.nz

Video Reflections