Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Matt's Reflections

You bin's Video Reflections

This is my Video Reflections.

Alvins video reflection

Jason vidio refriction

Sams Reflection

My Video Reflection.

This is my video reflection about my year and my time at Fendalton School.
This is my last year at fendalton and I am the last person in my family to leave Fendalton school.
I will miss all of my friends and I wil miss the school and all of the teachers.

Lucy's video reflection

On my time at Fendalton School

Sheldons video Ref

Here is my video Ref.

Here's My Reflection On 2007 Check It Out On You
Tube & The Team 14 Blog As Well Here's The Link

And Here It Is:

Daniel C's Video Reflection

Here is the video reflection that I made about my years at Fendalton and what the hightlights have been, please leave your comments.


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Bertie's Reflection

Here is my reflection on 2007 I hope you like

Video Reflection

This is my video reflection for 2007

This is my video reflection for 2007

Amelia's Video Reflection

This is my Video reflection from 2007 in Team 14 It was filmed by Juliette.

Video Reflection

This is my video reflection on 2007 in team 14. Filmed by Amelia Lay.

Video Reflection-Daniel kang

Nicky's Reflection

Here is my reflection hope you like it

Elise's Reflection on 2007

Joe's Reflection on 2007

Friday, 14 December 2007

Tues Poem


Red is the color of sparkling noisy fire works making us surprise.
Orange is the color of fatty sweet orange.
Yellow is the color of the shiny glowing sun.
Green is the color of the softly playing grass.
Blue is the color of the cold salty sea.
Dark blue is the color of the sky when it's dinner time.
Purple is the last color of the rainbow!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Nicks year 6 reflection 07


  • Becoming a tech wizard
  • Becoming a mediator
  • Wearable arts 07 #
  • making new friends
  • coming to Fendalton school
  • moving to new houses (twice)
  • Swimming
  • Cross country
  • Disco
  • Jigsaw of learning (jol)
  • Camp
  • Athletics (I busted my hand blood everywhere)
  • Mrs Duncan
  • I.C.T use


How to get to Room 14's Sissors
1.Start at the front door
2. Walk foward 1 big step
3. Turn 90degrees anti-clockwise
4. Walk foward 7 big steps
5. Turn 90degrees anti-clockwise
6. Take 1 big step foward

How to get to Room 14's Teacher's Desk
1.Start at the front door
2. Take 6 steps foward
3.Turn 90degrees clockwise

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

My Inquiry Evaluation

I Think Our Team (Elsie, Penny, Anna & Emma) Did Really
Well We Worked Well Together But We Got A Bit Stressed
Out With The Filming We Were Having Teacnical Difficulties
But We Got There And It Was Fun Creating A Movie Together
But We Still Need To Do A Bit More Editing.

Next Steps:
Maybe Next Time We Could Be A Bit More Organised
Because We Went To Go Get Started With Filming And We
Didn't Even Know How To Work The Camera And It Wasn't
Even Charged So We Need To Be More Organised Next Time

Team Work:
Again I Think We Worked Well As A Team But We
Need To Learn To Just Keep It Simple Because
We Got Stressed Out With The Fact That We Had Put
All Our Costumes And We Couldn't End Up Filming!

So That's How Our Inquiry Went!
By Elsie

Sams inquiry evaluation

I think our inquiry went really well because we got lots of our information into the movie and it is really easy to understand. But some of the bad things are that when we first started filming we were been silly and not that serious but then we improved and its now much better.

Yeaer 6 reflection

1. Math because I am good at it and I learn lot of strategies some time I even bit other people up a lot at it.
2. Home work because when I was in Taiwan I've got lot of home work and now here's home work is less so I love it but some time I miss home work.

3. Computer because when I was in Taiwan I doesn't get so much time on computer after Teach wizard Teach me I know lot of thing about sometime even better than Teach Wizard.
4. Friend because when I was at home I got lot of home work from my mum and I doesn't get time to play and now I get my friend I can play with them even go or com to my/his house.
5. English because now I learn some English now I can talk to my friend and in Taiwan I always bad at English now I got my English friend to talk to me and got home work to write English so I got lot and lot of improve in English.

Inquiry Evaluation

Create our create went well because we planed and then we took action on doing it and we recorded everything smoothly.
Organised I think my group could of been more organised because we didn't really plan until we got stuck up to one point.
quality I think our work was very quality becuae I got people to check everything were doing and to get things checked.
your role My role was to write a letter to the Board of Trustys and tell them to not use a cole boiler and I told them the reasons why and also to finish my recordings.

Next steps would be to.
Co-operation better because Emma did most of the work and when it came to the create I thought I did most of the work so next time I think to keep working not matter what and not have lots of fights with Emma.
And Not to get distracted with my friends by skipping or something else like pretend to do other work.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Persuasive Writing Rubric

Honestly,we really need to have hard laws for drunk drivers.
Last year, there was a girl who across the road then the drunk driver hit the girl.
Luckily, that girl was concerned.The worst thing was that drunk driver has to pay just 200 box!!
My opinion is " We need to have hard laws for drunk drivers."
Drunk drivers don't go to the jail and drunk drivers don't pay much money!! I couldn't believe it!
If we let go of drunk drivers,they would drunk and hit someone again.
That someone's family would be so sad.
Why we have laws? for nothing? NO,we have laws for make people happy and make things became fair to every one, however,like this problem people are not happy and things are not fair to every one.
These are reasons of why we should make hard laws for drunk drivers.

Angles- Group 4

A. 100 degrees
C. 100 degrees
D. 80degrees
Total 360 degrees

Maths Today

My group found out what an angle it was hard to start but then Adam and Emma M found out that we were meant to use prodrogram and in the middle there is a line and it is really easy and you line it up and then you see by adding and then we can see.
It is really easy and I think you should have ago. I think you should have ago its hard to work it out but you wll find it easy

Angles- How to mesure them

Angles- How to mesure them
Place the Protractor on in the middle of the line and and follow the line you want to mesure from the outside and follow the angle you are mesuring to the protractor. The number that lines up with the protractor is the angle.
To check that they are right add up the angles and they should equal 360



Triangles must have 180 degrees in it
squares have 360

An angle is the measurement between to joining lines
It is also something that is on an angle (E.G a line on a 90 degree angle)

Monday, 10 December 2007

10 December Reflection

Today we had Mrs R and It was a full on day e had WiFlS (What ever i feel like saying) And then we had Swimming but most of Team 14 forgot there togs because it was raining and we were expecting it to be off But I Did a crossword that Mrs R let me do and It was quite easy for me it would be a very very easy.
Jump rope for heart and it was quite fun we had ago on one that was called "The Egg Beater" which is a interesting name. And It was real fun trying to get in and out.
The rest of the day was fun in the afternoon Evaluation on Inquiry and Reflection and Pack up.

Today I learn't how to do are maths 80 decresse which I didn't understand but in the end i got a bit more confident.
Next steps:
Practice every couple of days

Nick & Jasons inquiry reflection.

We think that our inquiry went well but nobody knows about it so we need to get it out into the open that is our goal at the moment.

We think that our inquiry went well because it has lots of gadgets on it that have to do with global warming and how it is a threat to us it has info on G.W too.
We had a few problems as well but they were solved in a matter of time !

We did a blog

Nick & Jason.

Boys Group Reflection

n this evaluation I will be talking about the good facts and about the bad facts. In the inqury group there were seven people they were.
Matt, Sam, Jun, Samuel, Joe, Chris and Daniel K.

Now I will talk about the good facts.

One of of the good things was that all seven of us wanted to make a movie and we all wanted to do the same stuff such as making a news about global warming and we will have some interviews.

We decided things really fast. The things are who will be who and where we will do all the filming.

Most of the filming was done very well and was done really fast so it only took one week.

The start of the movie and all the music was good.

Some bits were so funny!

There are bloppers.

This is some of the bad parts!!!

Sometimes we were mumbleing.

Sometimes we had to do lots of things over and over again.

There was lots of backgroud noise.

Some bits were very boring.

The music could have beeen better.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Key Competency Reflection-Jason

Dream maker idea because you have to have dream maker to do stuff. on create you have to make dream to make stuff. building stuff because you have to think of some thing to do on building.
team player PE because on PE like t-ball soccer... all of them need to work as a team. game like the rich list team tag.... all need team player.
Thinker idea because you have to think to make idea. even talking you have to think about what are you going to talk. every thing because you have to think to do every thing.
communicator language because I know lot of language like Taiwan, English...... and lot of stuff. to know some thing because on defiant language you have to communicator them.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Knowing your programmes feedback/comments

Below on the comments zone you can put your comments there and we will see them !!!!

Today Daily Report

First off today we had Team time and guess how many children we had at the start of the day we had 10 people because centrals people were away all day competing for Fendalton School and Extention writing people went for half and hour
Then we were planning on what we were going to say for this recording for the end of the year.
swimming lots of people went but I stayed behind because I forgot my togs and I wasn't really finished what I was going to say for my recording.
Then some people started recording for what they were going to say
Then there was my recording and lots of people kept it going.
reading/N.N was next but as I said before we kept going with that
perswausive writing rubric was after lunch and I was in a group with Bertie and Elsie and then we were doing my recording
pack up was next and then
girls group showing movie for inquiry
End of day/wearables arts Dvd handed out

Buying Jun's Under Water House

Dear Editor

Hi, my name is Jun and I’m going to convince you why people can live underwater.

Imagine living under water in a very advanced under water house because there is no room to live on land. People can swim around the ocean whenever you want. Robots will do the chores so you can sit back and relax.

Now I’ll tell you everything about how you’ll live under water. You’ll have an under water house that is waterproof forever with out any support. When you what to move to another place you don’t have to look for another under water house because the house can move. When the house gets damaged, the robots will fix it.

I’ll tell you how the house gets air, the house has an special machine called an AT (Air Turbine) that gets air from the surface, but if the machine sucks up polluted air there is a machine called an APC (Air Pollution Cleaner) which will make polluted air into clean air.

Now I’ll tell you how the house gets one of the most important things, water. First the sea water goes into the WC (water cleaner) and the WC gets salt from the water and puts it into the salt storage and puts the water into the water storage.

The house has a machine that sucks energy from the sun for electricity and heat. The house has a fishing machine that has a fishing rod, a net and gun. When it catches a fish it puts the fish into a small tunnel and the fish goes into the food storage, also the robots go shopping to the surface and get cheese and vegetables and all sorts of stuff.

You may be wondering how the house gets fire. Well the house is waterproof also the house makes fire by using the machine that sucks energy from the sun.

In conclusion the house is great to live in it and this is why people can live under water. ~<(^^)>

BY JUN (안준혁)

Sam N- Essay

Living On The Ocean
By Sam Nossiter
Team 14 October 2007

I think that in the year 3000 we should live in and on top of the sea. Most things we do will not pollute and we would be helping with the demand for land usage.

There are lots of fun things you can do just out your door like when you live on top of the water you can just walk out your door and go for a swim and there could be something to stop the sea creatures like sharks and lots more.

How would we get our electricity we would be able to get electricity from the seawater with a hydro plant. We would need more hydroelectricity for under water we could just make more hydro plants on top of the water for it to travel to this people underwater.

They would get there air from oxygen tanks and plant trees all over the town for oxygen.

Back on top of the water there are going to have helicopters and boats will take loads of stuff like food and mail and more to and from land.

We would get gas from land and it could travel ****through tubes under water. There could be different towns and cities and different kind of foods and sources.

We would get oil from under the ground just like everyone dose.

Years after the people start to live in and on top of the water there would start to have to build on it it and onto it so more people can live there. But if there is no more room. Still leaving space for the animals in the sea lots of space. We could start to build somewhere else like space, clouds and underground. The city on top of the water and under the towns will be like normal towns like chch with universities, parks, zoos, supermarkets, libraries, hotels, markets, banks, newspaper companies, movies, bike tracks, paintball, go-carts, cars and ships, cruises, farms, forests, lakes, rivers, skate parks, gyms, sports areas, stadiums, studios, pet shops, music lessens, restaurants, neighbourhoods, churches, camping sights.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Nicky's Persuasive Writing-Evauluation

I think my Persuasive writing about "Why the all blacks why not France instead" I think It went really well because I hooked in a couple of people in and the were interested and I got some information about what happened the reasons why... and My opinion and what I thought I thought that having 3oo words max was quite hard because I had to keep counting and I got distracted by counting which then put me off.
Next time I would Improve on:
I would improve on get some more descriptive words

Dear New Zealand Rugby Union.

Hello my name is Nicky Bowler and I think the ALL BLACKS should of won the world cup. Here is some information you might want to know 55% think it was the refferee's fault 7% think it was the coach 17% was the all blacks players.

First of all the ref kept giving out penalties to the All Blacks Then there was the send off thing when they send you off for no reason THEN there’s the ford pass from the French and they score when they should of called it up for a ford pass but of course they let it go.

Most people were getting ready to leave on the plane to go and watch the finals because the knew we would get in of course the ref spoils everything and loads of people canceled there trip to Paris France to watch our champions many people were angry and disappointed that the refs were cheating but of course French won.

I think the All blacks should of won because Graham Henry may no longer be your hero but to me he always is. When the All Blacks arrived back everyone was still happy with them for getting this far well it least I am So many people turned out to Christchurch Airport for congrautulating them and getting there signatures. I think the are still my number 1 fans even if the loose a game.

So in conclusion I think the ref should pay next time the ref will suffer no So now we will be ready to win in 4 years time and we will ring the cup home were it belongs in New Zealand so I’m ready my friends are ready everybody’s ready so the ref will pay new Zealand meet the cup in 4 years.

Sincerely Nicky

Elise's Persuasive Writing

Why the England Referee was unfair

By Elise
Team 14, Fendalton School
November 2007

When the All Blacks lost to France in the Rugby World Cup quarterfinal the New Zealand supporters were watching in shock as the French celebrated. The players, supporters and coaches were all gutted and disappointed with our loss. No other country would have been as disappointed as we were. This is the earliest the All Blacks have ever been out of the Rugby World Cup.

I think the England referee was unfair because he was on the side of the French team so that the English team would get to play an easier team in the semi-final.
In the first half Luke Macalister got sent off for 10 minutes for what looked like a high tackle but wasn't. The referee was definitely on the French side because a fair referee wouldn't pull up one side for nothing.

During the second half the referee didn't see a forward pass from the French that scored a try, which was also converted. If the referee had seen this forward pass, then the All Blacks would have won and had a chance of getting through to the finals.

Everybody is blaming the loss all on the All blacks and the coaches but it was partly the All blacks bad team work but most of it was unfair refereeing. The final score was 18-20 to France. The All Blacks now have to wait another 4 years to have another try at getting the title of the Rugby World Cup. All we can do now is hope that the refereeing is fair unlike this year’s quarterfinal.

Video Reflections