Monday, 10 December 2007

10 December Reflection

Today we had Mrs R and It was a full on day e had WiFlS (What ever i feel like saying) And then we had Swimming but most of Team 14 forgot there togs because it was raining and we were expecting it to be off But I Did a crossword that Mrs R let me do and It was quite easy for me it would be a very very easy.
Jump rope for heart and it was quite fun we had ago on one that was called "The Egg Beater" which is a interesting name. And It was real fun trying to get in and out.
The rest of the day was fun in the afternoon Evaluation on Inquiry and Reflection and Pack up.

Today I learn't how to do are maths 80 decresse which I didn't understand but in the end i got a bit more confident.
Next steps:
Practice every couple of days

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