Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Yeaer 6 reflection

1. Math because I am good at it and I learn lot of strategies some time I even bit other people up a lot at it.
2. Home work because when I was in Taiwan I've got lot of home work and now here's home work is less so I love it but some time I miss home work.

3. Computer because when I was in Taiwan I doesn't get so much time on computer after Teach wizard Teach me I know lot of thing about sometime even better than Teach Wizard.
4. Friend because when I was at home I got lot of home work from my mum and I doesn't get time to play and now I get my friend I can play with them even go or com to my/his house.
5. English because now I learn some English now I can talk to my friend and in Taiwan I always bad at English now I got my English friend to talk to me and got home work to write English so I got lot and lot of improve in English.

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