Monday, 30 April 2007

Ju's reflection

Today I learned how to write a cinquain poem. Because of this learning I can now write a new type of poem. The next step in my learning is to write a good cinquain.

My mum and dad learning about blogger

As I'm writing this my parents are learning about blogger.

Reflection - Charcoal Art

In my picture I put the big tree where we met to get ready for everything. I also drew a picture of the hydroslydes and the Hobo Stoves whitch was one of my favourite actievites on camp.

I used shading in all of the 3 pictures. I like my art because I used lots of detail in the pictures and I did some good shading. Next time I would take more time because I think that I did my art a bit too fast in some places, but over all I think I did a good job of it.
By Kate

charcoal art evaluation-nick

I think that my charcoal art turned out really well, because it has shading, good pictures, and more shading.
But things I could have done better was shading at the start, and not go up to the teacher every 5 seconds.

I think that it shows most activities with an icon like orienteering I drew one of the pipe things that you had to find etc etc

Friday, 27 April 2007

Clare's charcol reflection

I think my charcol art is alright but next time i need to work on my shading and make the pictures more obvious.(-_-)My charcol art is based on orienteering and water games. I think that the big bucket in my picture stands out.

Daniel's Charcoal Art Reflection

I believe that this art was the most quality work I could do in terms of art work. I spent lots of quality time working on it but think that next time I will spend more time on the shading to really bring out the most important parts.

Charcoal Art Reflecton

I think my charcoal artwork is looking great because I really liked the way I put light shadings on my art and the way I made my art light.
Next time I would like to try and make my main pictures a little darker.

charcol art by jun

I finshed my charcol arts I really like my charcol art.I think it would of been beter if I was at hammer camp!

all sheldons art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think my art is very good because it has lots of detail

Piccasso Art Reflecton

I think my Picasso artwork is great because I relly liked the way I blended the colours together.
Next time I would like to make my Picasso art more interesting.

Camp Art Reflecton

I think my camp artwork is outstanding because I really liked the way I used watercolour and made my artwork light to dark. I think my artwork stands out from the black paper.
Next time I would like to make my blending more obvious going light to dark.

today I learned.......

toady I learned that DR doig is leaving

i can do from this learning is i know that she is leaving

my next steps in this learning is to wish her a good time

Elsie's Charcoal Art

I Think My Charcoal
Art is Good I have used a variety of shading and some of its
white with three very different pictures a tree, pillow and bear
and a diamond smuggling box it's not one of the best in the
best in he class but i'm still really happy with it

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Team 14 Brain Profile

Here is a human graph with the four brain profile quadrants overlayed so you can see the preferred ways of thinking that Team 14 have.

What does this tell us about our team and how we think?

What are our strengths and weaknesses as a team?

How can we use this information to improve our learning?

Here is another way of looking at the same information:

I wonder if the team can figure out how this image was created?


To day I learned that if you are doing a job that might take 10 minutes you need to tell the teacher.

Because of the learning I now know that I should tell the teacher and then go do the job.

The next step in my learning is that when a teacher wants you to do a job for them before you do the job go tell your own teacher that is what you are doing.

Cassie's charcoal art reflection


I reacon my charcoal art is O.K because the bike I think I could of done it abit better but it was really hard to do it in charcoal because the charcoal was too think but if we didn't have to do it with charcoal I t probably would have turned out better than it did also I don't think that the belt didn't turn out the best that it could of been, if I had other colours it would have been more affective that it is.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

reflection 24/04/07

Today we learnt how to use adobe photoshop. It was fun because we got to mess around with people's photos and make them look funny and silly. Some of us did Rob and Claire and some did themselves. We hope to put these photos on our web site once we've finished them. This might take a bit of time because we've have just started learning Photoshop.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Daily report 23/4/07

On the first day back of school and the second term we were all excited to come and see Mr Clarke we welcomed some visitors they were wonderful and helpful!! We wrote our smart goals for term two. At the end of the day we welcomed "Daniel" who is new to team 14 and F.O.S. We can't wait to get to know him more. In the afternoon we learn't about the brain. And how we fit into it. There were 4 colours that represented us. Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.
Wrote by Nicky and sporte

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Goodbye Holiadys

Hey guys today
it's the last day of the holidays
and i'm really boared my cousins
sophie and josie came around for
lunch with mine and their friend
cilla and my dad's gone to work and
were getting ready for school
tomorrow c u there.

Monday, 16 April 2007


Hey guys it's me elsie
i'm going to hanmer tomorrow and it's probably going to be really bad weater and we might go past our camp site and were gonna go swimming and stuff anywayi hope you guys are having good holidays so yeah ill see you at school.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Rainy Day

Hey guys
It's me Elsie and it's really raing in Christchurch today and my cousin Eily is staying with us and my sisters going to Gore Bay today (YUSS) na she's a pretty cool sister anyway I hope you guys are having an awesome holiday to so if you could send a blog to the team 14 one I would love to hear4 how there going especially Anna I hope she's enjoing Malaysia

From your friend Elsie

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Eh camp art

I do not like my camp art because I rushed it and I do not like it.
Next time I am going to do it bigger and take my time.

nicky's reflection on picasso camp art

I like my picasso art because it's colourful and blended well next time I would like to do it myself. And thank you so much to Juliette and Penny for helping me.
I don't really like my camp art because I couldn't do it really well becuase I broke my arm. Next time I want it to be more interesting and capture attention. I would not have done it more interesting if it wasn't for my mum who helped me complete it.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Reflection - Happiness fun laugh

Happiness is when: I smile and feel safe.

My idea of fun is: Being with my friends and playing sport.

I laugh when: I laugh when I bowl someone out in cricket.

christies blog happines fun and laughter


Happiness is when people complement you and talk to you and have a smile on there face!
My idea of fun is playing games and achieving


Happlyness is making you laugh and making you happy.
My idea of fun is enjoyying ourselfs.
I laugh when there is somthing funny going on

happiness fun and laughter

Happiness is like an emotion

My idea of fun is enjoying something your doing

I laugh when I get tickled

carcol art

i finally finish my carcol art i like it!!!

picaso art

I think i like it!!

I love my art


Camp Art

when I finished my camp art on the computer I thought It was really cool but then when the day came to hand it in everyone turned up with paintings real hobo stoves and the whole shooting match so I went back home and worked all night to get my art ready and made 3Dimensional copies of everything on camp, but they were made of paper !!

Charcol art by sheldon

my charco art is cool and good and next time ill put moere detal into it and more detal into is as well.

charcoal art

I thought that my charcol art was really good until I showed the teacher and I realised that I had no shading and I had a lot of white spots so I got sent back a number of times and it was really annoying so I shaded the whole thing and when I brang it back the teacher thought it was great MY NEXT STEP IS TO listen to the teacher feedback given forward too me

piccaso art

I think that my piccaso art was really cool, but next time I could think of my own ideas instead of looking at others.another thing is that I could finish it earlier

I Was Walking Until………

‘Where am I? ahhhh’’ I was lost with only Kate, Bertie and Daniel to help me survive. It’s good I brought my drink bottle and camera to remember the times. “Oh no” I said. I lost my camera!
I think I’m a bit scared.

I have to admit I was over reacting with the whole lost thing. We were just orienteering, but we were lost, I’ll tell you that.

The orienteering things our group had to find looked like drink bottles but with out the lid. They had little codes on them so noone would cheat. Before we started the instructor said “Good luck guys don’t get lost and try to beat the other groups scores”. Everyone was thinking “I’ll try” .The last words she said was “Go”.

Our team started run down a straight path but all the others turned right. Our team got all the easy ones first and then the markers got harder and harder to find. Our brains were about to explode until…. WE WERE LOST for only about 5 minutes. Our team finally found another group. We were saved!

Finally we decided to try find two more markers. On the way we saw Mr Clarke he gave us some clues it was a bit sneaky but anyway it was his choice!

By the end our team found out that we were the first back. I thought our team should get back early because there was a penalty if you were late. We didn’t want that. Another groups came back but Pennys group was 10 minutes late so they got 20 points taken off..

All the scores were added up and our team got 410 Penny’s group got 180 and the other group got 330. Guess what our team won and our group beat the other groups scores. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

I thought orienteering was fun and exiting. Next time I go orienteering I’m going to work with other people I haven’t worked with before. Next time I need to remember always go to the toilet before you go orienteering.

charcol art and camp art

(note; my camp art is the same as my carcol art)

my art is realy7 cool becausev the montan bike track looks the same than the one at hammner camp.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Camp ART

I drew a picture of the cnical canter becacasue it wa one of my best achtiveitys I drew a picture becasue I could not think of a symbol.

Charcol Art of Samuel

My one contained the bivvy and the Hamner Waterslides and the conical canter and I like my shading I will put more effort in next time

Pigasso Art

I like my Pigasso art is really cool but I don't like the shading so I will work on my shading nex t time I do it.
My Face is like a vase my face has a square neck and 2 necks.

Reflection - charcoal art

I like my charcoal art because it has lots of things in it like a drink bottle and a map.
Next time I want to shade it more and make things look more real. I did it all in one lunch time and I think I did it really well apart from that.

Sporte's Picasso Art

I am proud of my Picasso art because... I have blended the hair. I have also used lots of bright colours.
Next time I would not make it so detailed so I can blend more.

Elise's Charcol Art Reflection

My charcol art was on mountion biking

I think my charcol art looks effective because I have used different shades.
One thing I could work on next time is to make it a bit more detailed.

Elise's Camp Reflection

I think my camp art is good because it showed everything that we did at camp and if someone looked at it they could see all of the diffirent things we did and had at camp.
Something I could work on next time would me to make it bigger.

Camp Art

Out of all the art I hav done this year camp art is definitely the best
I love it so much and I hope other people do aswell again i thik it
is awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penny's Camp art

I think my camp art was good and I put lots of effort into it.. Next time I think I need to improve on making my background better and put more colour into it.

Penny's Camp art

I think my camp art was good and I put lots of effort into it.. Next time I think I need to improve on making my background better and put more colour into it.

Ju's camp art reflection

I like my camp art because it is a birds eye view of my bunkroom. Even though i put quite a lot of effort into it I think I rushed it a bit, so next time I would take my time.

Picasso Art

I am so proud of my piocasso art I have bright and dark colours and it looks awesome i love
it it's in the shape of a pinaple and his hair is green like the leaves on top of
pinaples and again I absoloutly love it

Ju's picasso art reflection

I am very proud of my picasso art, I like the way I blended my colours together. I love using pastels and I hope we do more art. Next time I would move around the facial features a bit more


This art is so cool beause you can put teh body parts in different places.

Charcoal Art

I have finished my charcoal art and I think it's great and i'm very proud of it I
have featured on it the big tree that we used everyday my diamond
smuggling box and my pillow with a teddy bear I havn't coulered all of
it in but as I said i'm still proud of it

Penny's Picasso and Charcoal art

Picasso art
I think my picasso art was ok but next time I need to work on putting the eyes and mouth and nose in different places because most of mine were in the right places. I also need to work on blending the colours into eachother so that you can't tell when one colour changes to another colour.

Charcoal art
I think my charcoal art was quite good but next time I need to work on making the lines different widths and sizes and mixing them together so that they look different and also making my pictures bigger and more detailed.

Monday, 2 April 2007

Ju's Charcoal art Reflection

I like my charcoal art because it has lots of shading and different textures.
My favourite part of my charcoal art is the tree with a path behind it, that pictres shows the fun we had running around the forest orienteering. Next time I would Spend more time on it and colour the backround in better.


Today I learned: who the student council members are.

I can do from the learning is now know who is the members of the studdent council.

the next steps i this learning is next year try out for the council next year.

Video Reflections