Wednesday, 4 April 2007

I Was Walking Until………

‘Where am I? ahhhh’’ I was lost with only Kate, Bertie and Daniel to help me survive. It’s good I brought my drink bottle and camera to remember the times. “Oh no” I said. I lost my camera!
I think I’m a bit scared.

I have to admit I was over reacting with the whole lost thing. We were just orienteering, but we were lost, I’ll tell you that.

The orienteering things our group had to find looked like drink bottles but with out the lid. They had little codes on them so noone would cheat. Before we started the instructor said “Good luck guys don’t get lost and try to beat the other groups scores”. Everyone was thinking “I’ll try” .The last words she said was “Go”.

Our team started run down a straight path but all the others turned right. Our team got all the easy ones first and then the markers got harder and harder to find. Our brains were about to explode until…. WE WERE LOST for only about 5 minutes. Our team finally found another group. We were saved!

Finally we decided to try find two more markers. On the way we saw Mr Clarke he gave us some clues it was a bit sneaky but anyway it was his choice!

By the end our team found out that we were the first back. I thought our team should get back early because there was a penalty if you were late. We didn’t want that. Another groups came back but Pennys group was 10 minutes late so they got 20 points taken off..

All the scores were added up and our team got 410 Penny’s group got 180 and the other group got 330. Guess what our team won and our group beat the other groups scores. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

I thought orienteering was fun and exiting. Next time I go orienteering I’m going to work with other people I haven’t worked with before. Next time I need to remember always go to the toilet before you go orienteering.

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