Monday, 30 April 2007

Reflection - Charcoal Art

In my picture I put the big tree where we met to get ready for everything. I also drew a picture of the hydroslydes and the Hobo Stoves whitch was one of my favourite actievites on camp.

I used shading in all of the 3 pictures. I like my art because I used lots of detail in the pictures and I did some good shading. Next time I would take more time because I think that I did my art a bit too fast in some places, but over all I think I did a good job of it.
By Kate


Rob Clarke said...

Your artwork is great. Can you please make sure you continue checking the accuracy of your writing before posting it to the blog? Remember we decided that posts on the blog should be accurate.

Daniel said...

It sounds like you put a lot of effort in and used good shading.

Claire said...

Cool K8 I wonder if it was in colour it would look different? It sounds like you did some hard work on your art.

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