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Carbon Offset - what is it?

Here is an interesting ad from the newspaper which I scanned.
It is from JetStar and is marketing their 'carbon offset' programme.

This might be interesting to many of you. Click here to read more from the JetStar site...

I wonder if this is marketing hype? How would you find out?

If you have comments/ideas relating to this, please post them as comments on to this blog post.

sheldons and alvins notes

the drill has a steel platform and it is 6m long

in side the rock is an inertube

a day shift and a night shift and 5 drilles on each shift.

they have a chef

the drill is over 40-90tons

they spend hours at sea

they willl drilll 6m at a time

there is a run wat called peg

thet thought it was -15 and itt was -24

everyone is wearing gloves

last year cambell live came down and fimed them

By alvin and sheldon


1.It takes a few days to get set up.
2.They have different spots for different rocks.
3.5 people opperating the drill at 1 time.
4.They work from 8am to 8pm and 8pm to 8am.
5.The drill ways about 40 tons.
6.They have 90 tons of equitment.
7.The drill goes down 6 meters at a time.
8.The drill makes lots of noise.
9.Everyone has to have a har hat.
10.Filming has been going on.
11.Most of the people who are drilling are profetional.


it takes a few days to put on to the sea floor and then it takes 8 weeks.
They will drill into colder rocks to see what g.w has happened over the years.
Drill goes up about 8 meters high and the rods 6 meters long.
A night shift takes 12 hours and work from 8am-8pm or 8pm-8am.
The drill whieghs about 40 tons.
Theyʻve got 90 tons of gear.
One shift will cook for about 20 minutes.
The temperature was -24 we thought it was going to be -15, the snow in a storm was blowing 60k an hour.
Itʻs really hard wearing thermal work gear.
They had TV 3 down there
There will be articles and photos in the press.
Some of the people have worked in Australia.
Some people who went down there have never been there before were experienced.
They never shut down the equipment.
They drill 6 meters at a time.

Andrill notes

Andrill notes

- it takes us a few days to get gare ready and thrue ice and water to sea bed once got tot the bottom it takes a few days to get thrue .it depends what kind of rocks to know how long it takes to go thrue the takes 5 people opperate the drills . drill flor drill mast rods are 6 metres. To shifts one at nifht and one at day and scientists with the same shifts + elictricions. Drill ways 40 tons on its on all togetherv every things ways 90 tons. sapported on a metal stand that moves up and down. What happens every day at 8 am the morning shift starts start drilling 6 meters at a time whaile the scientest test the rock. it has been antactica since lact year and stored in big condainersfor this year.the night shifs are 8 am to 8 pm at night 8pm to8am
Tempeture -26 and there has been a big storm everyone were hard hat because lots of things are been moved around people are mouth gards. last year tv 3 came and did a part on thew news down there. people from different plpaces in different countries like brazil.france,italy.every driller has been training for years before they came here. they never stop every running so they dont freeze up. we drill 6 metresat a time. and take out the rockand look at it look at his diary.

Notes and Information for Andrill field trip-Nicky

Notes and information
Andrill Field trip

Takes a few days to set up the drill
The drill is a lot lighter than the wood drill that you would usually use.
Total of 5 people to use the drill 5 people during the day and 5 people during the night.
The day shift goes from 8am-8pm night shift goes from 8pm-8am we have 5 drillers on each team
20 on the day and 10 on the night.
The drill weighs 40 tone all together it weighs 90 tone of equipment.
What would happ
end about quarter to 8 the watching what happend seeing what happend like tecnoicoly problems....
Packed into containers.. near runway could pegigus
it was -24 been like this for the last few days
A week ago had a storm it was actually quit warm 12 to grease
60km per hour it gets in the air you could probably see 20 meters at the most.
Have a lot of pretechtion wear gloves saftey glasses egg muffs..........
had tv 3 and Campbell live down there and see what was happening this year not so many people going on have united people over there italy and not much advertising in N.Z the would be asked by people in the news paper.....
We drill 6 meters at a time.
There a videos on the computer if you would like

Andrill phone call

Andrill call

Is worm
sea lvl
sea ice 80 meter
20 m high mar
drill mar little dimen clact them
between ice
boa ship kgt ship
dro 40m billduillding
up and down every 1h
dafrant hoele
no drink
got people tellin them what is there

Andrill note taking

Who pays for these drilling projects and what do they get out of it?

Does the Antarctic treaty affect the project or the drilling in any way? Are there any things you’d like to do but can’t because of the treaty?

Why do you drill at a particular time of year?

Is the drilling programme harmful to Antarctica in any way?

Antarctica is the place where all oceans meet so there will be a lot of currents. How do the currents affect the path of the drill and what have you done to improve it?

Where are other drilling sites in Antarctica?

Some people seem to love going back to Antarctica. When you return, how do you feel? Do you get bored going back?

Antarctica is the place where all oceans meet so there will be a lot of currents. How do the currents affect the path of the drill and what have you done to improve it?

Andrill notes by Samuel

Some people which are the mangers they help with the getting ready for the day, some are land studiers. They study in the temperature of -24 and the level of 1m above sea level.
The time to get to the seabed takes about 2 couple of days to get to the sea then we dig, we dig for about 8 weeks.
We are interested in different types of rock each year so we drill what we need (The type of rocks)
The people needed to operate the drill 5 people one leader and 4 helper there are 5 at day and 5 at night. The drill is 40 tones there are other stuff so it is about 90 tones in total. (9000kg)
The drill has a plate that holds it and the drill is 6 m long.
The drill has diamond so we can dig it it has a hole in the middle so it can pick up the rock in it.
It is supported by ice which is floating the ice is strong the other holding is a metal pole. Every day the drilling is different if there are problem it will be stopped.
The scientist are looking at the rocks and then put into boxes and send it to a bigger base.
Were was the drill last year it was all put in containers and put on a road.
What was the temperature it was -24 a week storm snow blowing 60km/h.
What sort of stuff do you need to wear you need a boot (Metal) Hard hat air mask and air muff, gloves, safey glass.
When we were drilling last year there were TV3 and Radio NZ but this year we are having reporting people all over the world.


Tim works at the center she does reports.
few days to drill it goes 4 to 5 hundred down sea water then they starts drilling it takes 8 weeks to drill.
They are interested in types of rocks.
the driller is in charge of the drill, 5 people drilling in and 5 at night.
the drill is 6m long and they put then together and they put it into the hole this drill has a pole as well so that gets some rocks while drilling.
They have a day shift ad a night shift the day start working at 8am to 8pm and the night is till 8pm to 8am the day has 20 and night has10
the drill weight about 90 tonnes
they 90 tonnes of equipment the sea ice is floating in the sea but it is really strong
every day is different some people come and talk what happened the past 12 hours what rock they dug up they talk about 20 m then the shift that has been working goes and sleep dinner they get 20m of core every 2 hours
every equipment was in the container
they taught it was -50 but when they check it was -24 the Snow was blowing 60km an hour.
people working around the has to wear stuff every and has to wear a hard mask its rally
people wears safety glasses when the people were drilling last year TV3 name and filming not much people doing stuff to see


Look i have searched this one is over 100pages and you have download and this site of first one is right. %22managing+the+effects+of+pollution%22%2Bhelp&btnG=Google+Search&meta=&safe=active

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good global warming videos

Here is a YouTube video about Global Warming called "Global Warming: Point of No Return?" It is really good because it shows how global warming is getting worse.

good global warming sites on this one scroll down past th picture cuz thats were the words are.

Leadership Reflection

Today the leaders had some great challenges after lunchtime and we had a discussion about this. There were a number of aspects to the challenges they encountered. The discussion we had evolved to 

  1. Who are a couple of great leaders (they could be an historical figure) that you know about and how they lead?
  2. Name a couple of leaders you personally know and explain how they lead. These leaders must be people you know and have met.
  3. What sort of leader are you and how do you lead? Give examples.
Put your ideas as comments to this blog post.

Andrill Photos

These are the images daniel found of the andrill ice



Today I learnt new thing to do on my speech such as I learnt how to get my introduction and my concution good and I learnt how to sprint well
From this learning I can sprint well in sports and athletics day and I learnt how to get my speech good
The next step in my learning is to try sprinting in sport and doing my speech for real life.

Speech Evauation

Samuels Speech Evaulation

My Speech about friends is good I would give it a rating of 4 out of 5 because it has a good time limit of 2.55 the time limit is 3 minutes and I think it has good because I had lots of adjectives in my speech and I think I had a good introduction

Reflection week 3 term 2

Today I have learnt that we are making man made disaters such as making the temperatures rise in the ocean as well as land and we are dieing from the heat that we made such as people in europe and India and even america
From this learning I am going to walk to school if I can so then I can reduce the amount of CO2 and if I stop useing cars the amount of co2 then the world will not be getting hotter
The next step in my learning is to look at more of the DVD.

Global warming

Sam and I were making the poster for our global warming that what we do in everyday life puts greenhouse gas into the air (Warch TV playing a vidoe game). The population of the world getting bigger is also a big problem for the enviroment becacuse the more people there are the more green house gas goes into the air. Lack of power is a big problem as well because we need more electrocity we will need to bulid lots of power plants the makes the enviroment dirty. The cars that make green house gas is a big sound problem. There is a good website called electrocity and it is a city that you can be mauer and play and worry about the envoroment and power
My wonderings are these things
How other ways can we make electroctiy such as power from cold thigns like ice and melting it to make enrgy.
What will happen by 7001
and other future things.

Different cultures.

How do I treat people from other cultures?
I treat them will , I have to treeat them will then NZ people will be friends with me the same goes for other culture poeple as well.

How do people from differant countries are same as us?
We all have the same body (Nose Mouth Eyes Legs arms) and we all wanted to be treated the same way.

How can we make people welcome?
We could make a party in that persons cultural way which will make them very well treated and that will be a warm greating.

What might I have done if people had me a aloner.
I would have joined I pack of friend that would look after me.

andrill project

Its -30
its very hard to describe how cold it is.
Why is is Antarctica important??
Because it is big Continent the states It has 90% of fresh water of the whole world
is a risk of the sea ice cracking up because the sea ice can crack
really easily when its summer the ice gets weaker so it can more easily.
people have been planing this project 7 yrs ago they started ordering the drill 4 yrs ago.
there is a lot preparation in this project in fact it never stop.
went to Antarctica 1947 A lot has changed the past 30yrs the Scott base
has been complete re built. the people respect the environment more in
Antarctica NZ has to take every rubbish back to NZ.
Antarctica never gets warmer the 10c
they use a diamond drill to drill
Most of the scientist speak and write English
they put air
people work 12hrs when people take a break only a few people can take a
break at a time they didn't until they reach their goal
they use
this thing cold a hot water drill that forces hot water and that makes
a they use diamond each diamond drill costs 5 or 6 thousand in us money.
The guy misses his wife and children's he also misses the mountains in NZ.
if the drill isn't straight it goes bad
they have engineers,scientist and a lot more so there is a lot of people in the project
they drilled A LOT!! they are getting better and better at drilling ice so scientist s can study more

Samuel Under Water

Dear Editor

Hey we finally have our own underwater house this is what people will be saying in the year 3000. Can you imagine an advanced underwater house capable staying underwater for more than 30 years without being supported. Kids will be playing with seahorses and fishes in their feature light cloths mums will be cleaning their house supported by robots and dads will be in their waterproof suits going to work in the sea living development. This houses made by the (SLD) Sea Living Development have lots of special features some of them are air pipes for the air to come in and a food chamber for the food to come in and there is a pipe for the people of the house to go above ground and a energy plant to get energy to the house.
Now I will tell you about these features.
The air
The air that keeps the house alive comes from the surface of the earth it gets speeded up by turbines and when it comes down into the house there will be AT’s (air tanks) under ground to store the air to use when there is an emergency and in the house there are more air tanks and they will be showering into the house when there is an emergency and also there is a APC (air pollution cleaner) that cleans the pollution in the air.
The food
The food will come in every 2 weeks and there is a FC (food chamber) to store the food that comes from the mainland they are meat, bread, rice, milk and vegetables.
and the people push a button and say the food they want it will come to them but if there is an emergency there will be AFM (arterial food maker) that makes man made meat, bread , rice and vegetables.
The Water
Water will come through a WCV1 (water cleaner machine the V1 is put in because if it is just WC it looks like toilet) first sea water comes into the machine and then the salt in the water will be gone by being destroyed by turbines and clean water comes into the kitchen and hot water will come in by the cold water being heated by a boiler which is powered by solar energy or they can get a WCV2 which is a better version of the WCV1 because it stores the salt and sends it to the meat and vegetables and also stores it for cooking.
The energy
The energy comes from two ways the tidal/hydro power and the solar power the hydro power will be easy to get because it is water all over the place. The sun power comes from a SPP (Solar Power Pipe) and gets energy from the sun.
These house is super well thought out and well built and this home can give you the chance of a life time but now!!!!!!!

My Question Answer

In the future the size of hurricanes will be getting bigger and bigger because the size of hurricanes have doubled in the last 30 years so I guess it will get 4 times bigger in 60 years and I think it will have more speed and power and they will be more common because they form in hot waters see the next problem more the hot sea water problem. Because global warming is making the world hotter the sun is taking the water from the land and it will get worse because if we keep on polluting we will make the sun suck up more heat ad the floods will be more common because the more water sucked up by the sun will drop on the land making the floods more fatal. The green land ice caps are melting and it is making the sea level higher and higher and if the meting countinues at this rate the Greenland ice caps will melt in 20 years. And there is another big piece of ice melting the west attic ice if this melts the water will get higher 20 feet (It will melt in 10 years) This has probably happened because of World War 2 because the Nazi dropped CO2 bombs on the UK to slow them down. The USA also tested about 8 atomic bombs. CO2 emissions have gone past the limit (It could not go over 30 degrees and now it has gone past it (34.876 degrees).
The Consequences in the Past
Glaciers in the past were normal but now glaciers have all melted like Assize Glacier (Swaziland)
What are the consequences now?
Glaciers in the past were normal but now glaciers have all melted like Assize Glacier.
The atmosphere is getting thicker and the heat gets trap in earth and that makes the icebergs are melting also there is holes in the ozone layer.
The warming will continue if emissions of heat-trapping gases continue to increase and all the ice berg will melt and the Antarctic and Antarctica will be gone because of that there will be more floods many people will lose their home because of global warming.

Exchange one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb. Drive less. Walk, bike, or carpool.
Recycle more. Buy recycled and recyclable products.
Check your tires. Properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage by more than 3%.
Use less hot water. A lot of energy is used to hear water.
Avoid products with a lot of packaging.
Adjust your thermostat.
Plant a tree.
Turn off electronic devices when you aren’t using them

Andrill notes by Anna

Minor 20 digress
90% fresh water
Has been uninhabited for millions of years
It is a massive content
What the weather was doing thousands of millions years ago
How Antarctica was formed
There are 4 nations involved in America, Italy, New Zealand,
Some people are not aware that we put air bags under the sea ice.
We do that by drilling holes in the ice and put the air bags under there and then the divers go down to make sure the air bags are in the right place and then they blow them up when the divers are up.
The people on the job work 12 hours a day from 8am to 8pm and then people work the night shift.

There is a risk of cracking the ice.
In the winter it gets thick.
In the summer it warms up and the ice gets thinner and easier to crack.
The planing began 4 this 7 or 8 years ago and then stared when the order the drill 4 years ago.
Scott base has been replaced.
The places u can go and do have changed.
Temperature is different all over the continent .
Drill though ice and rocks are different technology.
Hot water drills. Each diamond drill costs 45,000 and that’s U.S.A money
Family missing kids and wife.
When u have been in Antarctica for a long time and come home it smells different.
The sea riser needs to be straight.
Manages so the people work.
NZ has been leading this drill.
Were getting better and better at what were doing.

Our first LEARNZ field trip

This morning we went on our first field trip to Antarctica. We started our audioconference listening to Darren (the LEARNZ teacher) talking about what it is like in Antarctica.

One of the things they talked about is that the amount of fresh water there makes it really good for studing climate change. I wonder why this is?

The laboratory of the world...
Another aspect is that it is relatively untouched. Humans have not done anything to this continent. antarctica dictates much of the weather around the world.

I also wonder what relevance we can find to our own inquiries.

Some words to learn: tectonic, paleontology, methodology, core, eccentricity (read the first bullet point on this page)

Adrill Notes by Amelia

It is - 18 -20 Degrees at the moment
At the top of the mountain it is - 26 Degrees
Storms come through it can come and crack the ice.
When they drill there is a certain place they have to do it
They started planning for the trip 8 years ago
Drilling prepration never stops
The bases are much more comfortable then 20 years ago
The Comunaction is better than 30 years ago
They are not alloud 2 leave anything in Antractia
Temprature difference quite drammitic
They can have -10 deggress at the most
There are four nations involved in the progect.
Everyone gets on very well together.
They put big air bags under the sea ice and send divers down to see all the lines down then they blow the bags up, it is quite risky for the divers.
Only two people get to rest at the same time and when they have reached there goal the can pack up and go home.
He misses his wife and kids but they get used to him being away for long periods of time.
There are people against drilling.
Each year that they drill they get better and better at drilling so they get better teknects.

Andrill call notes by Nick

Talks about the temp and the scenery and the life.

Antarctaca is one of the only places in the world tha man has'nt changed.

Sea ice has cracks everywhere and the cracks come and go.

The ice is caused to crack by the wind and the tide.

lots of things they have to take into account for the mission to be a success

They started planning 8 years ago and got the drill 4 years ago.

The warmest temp was not able to be answered.

The drills are made of diamond.

They are trying to find out the weather patterns of antarctaca 10s of billions of years ago.

Science is spread about the world.

They put air bags under the ice and they put holes in the ice in the holes they put the air bags under the ice then they blow them up.

They do not get holidays they have to work 24. 7 .

He misses his family but is family are use to him going away for long periods.

Adrill Notes by Samuel

The antertica is so important becaseue it is 90 percent of the world fresh water and all its stuff inside it and we are leaving it becasue by useing antrtica we can study the climte changing by seeing how much the has melted and how much the rock has changed underwater. Ther
The warmest temprature is this depending on the weature and month you see that in the winter there is a frozen sea so no ships can come in and in summer and spring the frozen sea melts and all this fresh water goes into the sea.
Th e temprsture goes upand down so it is hard to tell.
It takes millions of year for the wind to make the ice crack.
This project will go on for 6 to 7 years and the The getting ready for the experdetion since last last last last month and the team has tooken the food the other sutff into the ice.
There has been lots of getting ready and when they are drilling the ice there are still getting ready the gettng ready won't stop until clmate change has finsihed.
Scott base has improved a lot becasue the telephones have improved so you can go on them when ever you want and other.
When the guy was first there they left the stuff on the frozen ice just went down you are not alowed to do that u need to take your stuff baack.
The temprature is differant becasue it is so big so we need to research that but it will not go over -10.
It is very compilcated becasue you need to drill down about 1000 metres and we use diomond drill because it does not brake well. Why are we drilling it is because of 2 things one is how has the weature changed in antertica and the second reason is to study the histroy of the earth by looking at the rocks one thousand meters below.There are for coutries which is the USA.NZ AST and Germany and there differant way of learning what is happeining in antertica.
Put airbags under the ice so the drill will float. We blow the airbags up so the drill we pull down.
24 hours and 7 days a week group a work 12 hour then they change which group b.
Only a couple of people can take a rest for the day. If the misson is done they can take a couple of day s rest.
We heat the water and dump it onto the ice then the drill goes under then when the reach the rock they have a indurtrancal diomond and tongston and good steel. If you come home you smell plant and stuff becasue there are no plants in antertica.
There are things that hold the drill and they are very good steel.
Get driller, engerner and other and they need to be very good and the scientist are 3 university and one adult and there are some abulance people and managers and they need to have great skills.
Helechoter poilots there are more poeple needed.
Drilleing get stops becaue things get broken. Some stuff blow up becasue the ice is too cold. The drilling has got bad reutation becasue the people think we have been getting rocks out of the group and that is all we are doing.1250 m of ice then 900 metres of water then seabed we are leading the drilling science the 1990's every meter the scientist get the find out 1cm of the core.

andrill prodject notes by joe and chris

1.A huge contenent bigger then the other contonent's.

2.It has been uninhabbetid for tens of thousands of years.

3.The wind causes the ice to crack.

4.Planed for this project for 7-8 years.

5.They worked in tempretures of -40c degrease.

6.Scott base hase been compleatly changed and improved.

7.They bulldosed the rubbish into the sea along time ago but now the have to bring there rubbish home with them.

8.South pole never gets warmer than 10c

9.The drill goes 1,000 meters down into the ice.

10.There are four nations on the project New Zealand, USA, Germany and Italy.

11.They put air bags under the ice.

12.They sent divers down to check the air bags are in place.

13.They never stop drilling until it's done.

14.They get 12 hour shifts.

15.There are twelve different technolegy.

16.They use a hot water drill to get through the ice easeir.

17.Smells like a garden if your there for a long time.

18.They have a half of the crew down there working.

19.They have already had a couple of brakedowns.

20.Drilled down 1285 metres.

Andrill Notes

It's Minor 20 Degrees Inside 18-20 Cave =30
Unlike other contanents antarctica it's unhabited and it has been for
tens of thousands of years .
the camp is setting up round about 40 people at the moment.
the ice is constantly cracking and what causes it to crack it's the wind
when that comes in it causes the ice to crack so it's the wind storms.
They started to plan the andrill trip about 8 years ago
it's taking so long because ir's hard to find the perfect place to drill.
the preperation won't ever really stop!
When he first went down there a lot of people were
taking the environment for granted and now hey are never aloud
to leave anything in antartica like rubbish and little things like that.
they can heve temperatures from -10 to 3-4 degrees
even sometimes it gets to minor 20 degrees !!!!!!!!!
they are for nation involved in the progress.
sientisit these days are mostly english.
when they start drilling they barley stop so they basicly work 24-7
so when they start a job they don't stop untill it's finished some people
do 12 hour shifts from 8 in the morning to 8 at night.
when people take breaks it can only be about 2-3 pworkers because they
need to get the job done as i said when they start they don't finish untill t's done.
they try not to weatr the diamonds out because they diamonds are about
4-5 thousand dollars in U.S money.
hey employ lots of people like enginers plumbers drillers so they need
a lot of different skill down there and it helps get the job done because
they need to have lots of people helping ona job like this as you can imagine
it would be extremely hard!!!


Its -30 it is very hard to describe
Antarticic is a good place to go because it is very big and 90% of all the fresh water comes from also it is unhabitied. is there a risk of breaking the ice yes we have the drill set up and 40 people the sea ic alaways cracks yes it 7m thick and we have to keep watch evry minute so we make sure it dosent crack.
we have been planning for 7 years we plan all the time.

he went down to antartica in 1994 when he wass a school teacher He alaways stays at scott base has been complety rebuilt it looks a whole lot different.

how dos the drill reach down 1000 the rod gets longer and thinner with diamond drills

do you get along even if you come from different countries, yes we do all the scientests laungage is mostly english
how do you get the air bags under the ice,drilling big holes in the ice and put the air in the bags and the divers dive under and secure it to every thing

12 hour shifts every day untill we finish every day

do you use different drill bits, we use mechanical drills or hot water drill

what do you miss the most, my family and mountains and smell

do you need special skills to work down there yes drillers paramedics electrians managers chefs scientist helicopter pilot

Andrill Notes from Lucy

the temp is-26

Its so big, bigger than usa and aus, and its been around for so long and there is a lot of history behind it
wat is the warm temp in antarca?
there is a real risk, the wind and stroms crak the ice, glasers

planning 7 or 8 years ago,
sns began aug.
4 hous of daylight, safty, frostbites, lots pereratan

I first went down in 1974, scot base has change so much over 30 years, the got 1 phone call a week if they were lucky, large rubbis things have titend up, you cant leave rubbish,

I cant answer southpole -10 scot base +3 or 4

its qutie a consept core with coring logs,

The most important part.
weather thousand of years ago,
rock strate

the are4 naitions itly and germany and usa and nz
sintes get on very well,

air bags
the drill wighs up 1000
the wight

bg holse in the see ice
divers lines and ropes are in place, they blow the air bags up after the divers come

24/7 they work
12 hours 8am to 8pm and then 8pm to 8am, only one or two people can have a break at the time,

drilling through ice and rock is different, hot water drill, cut or burns the ice,

family miss, miss is trees and grass, smells

the sea riser is stell that they sink into the sea flor if it not strigh the pipe and things start to rub and become tigt

drill stops because thing break, the pipes break and pipes brust in cold,

Andrill Project Note Taking by Ju

It is really cold(-20 degrees)
Why is it important to know how Antarctica has changed when other frozen places in the world are easier to get?
Because it is so big and its a massive contenent and has 90% of the fresh water in the world and it gives you a start to something that hasn't been discovered.
Is there a risk of cracking the ice?
Yes definitley. In the winter it ghets really thck but by febury its almost gone, sea ice gets very thick, there is a big risk of it cracking but also the risk of it moving, what causes it to crack is the wind and storms, there can be other stresses on the the ice and also when the ice gets warm it gets colder.
What preparations have been made for drilling to get underway?
The real planning began when we orderd our drills, the scientist have been doing there work by making sure we drill in the right place.
How much time have you spent in Antarctica and has working there changed a lot since you first went there?
I first went to antarctica when I was young and I have been down to antarctica many times in the past few years, it has changed because when we first went it was really cold and the base wasn't very strong but now the base is really comfy. It has definitly changed a lot with the communtication.
What has been the warmest temperature in Antarctica?
Maybe you could do some more research but normally it is about -10 degrees but in summer it can get up to 3degrees, but the size of antarctica makes it longer.
How does the drill reach 1000m?
If you thing of a telescope it gets thinner and thinner as it goes deepe, it complex and its not easily explained.
What information are you hoping to find out and do you expect this to be different to previous drill core information?
The project has two main things, we are studying paleontology and the other is what we call tetonic plates. We can find out how everything forms and scientists like to know how everything forms.
How many different nationalities of scientists are there? Do you all get along and do you all use the same methods even though you are from different countries?
There are 4 nations involved america, italy,newzealand and ourselves, it doesn't matter aboutwhat language we speak because most of the german and italian scientists can read english and most scientists get along and they all use the same methods.
How do you get the air bags under the sea ice to support the drill rig?
Some people may not even be aware that we put them uder the ice and we mention ed before about the drilling and we try and nuetralasie the weight by putting big air bags under. We put the airbags down when they are not blown up and the divers go down and blow it up it is very risky for the divers but they are trained.
What are your hours of work, weekends, breaks and holidays etc for this type of work?
We give the breaks by having turns, when people take a break only about two people can break at a time untill it is finished.
Do you use the same drill bits to drill through ice and rock and how often do you have to change them? What are the drill bits made of?
Drilling through ice and drilling through rock use quote different technology, we can sometimes use hot water drills and we force the hot water through and it burns, we also use diamond drills, they are not actually diamonds they are made of what is called grey diamonds and each one costs 45 thousand dollars.
What do you miss most when working in Antarctica?
Probably my wife and children and also trees and grass, and when you come home you suddenly realise the smell of the grass that isn't in anarctica.
Why does the sea riser need to be straight?
We think into the seadrill and if thats not straight the coreing tubes will rub in the inside and the whole thing starts to slow down.
Do you need any special skills to work at the drilling place, if so what skills? Renee.
A lot of the jobs need skills like mountaniers and nurses and scientists and managers and helicopter pilots and about a year ago there was almost no woman but now almost two thrds of staff are woman.
Has drilling ever had to be halted for any reason and are there people who are against drilling in such a pristine environment?
Drills sometimes break, hydrloic hoses burst.

Notes. sheldon and Alvin ma

-21 degrees very hard to describe how cold it is in the north pole it is a big country and it has 90 persent of the worlds freash water it is very cold the ice is a

sea ice constinly cracks because the wind causes it to break the ice caps.

the drilles only had 4 hours of day light.

people took put all the trash in the sea. so they have to bring the trash to new zealand.

south pole dos not get ant colder than 9 degrees.

there are four nations in this project.

the chinese dont speak very good.

they put ice bags under the sea ice.

they sent divers under the sea ice it is very risky.
when they start drilling they dont stop.

drilling though rock and ice use diferent tec.

one dimmond costs 5000us dollers

he misses his wife and two kids.

drilling things break alot.

at the end of the day they dont sleep..

evey meter that the drilled the give to the people.

by Alvin and Sheldon

Andrill Ice Notes by Elise

The temprature is -26 and the windchill is -60.
Is there a risk in breaking the ice? Yes Defintley. In the winter it gets really thick but when it gets closer to Febuary it gets thinner.

How does the drill reach 1000m? By spinning logs into the ice.
There are 4 nations
Usa germany nz italy

How do you get the air bags under the sea ice to support the drill rig?
The drill system or rig weighs up 2 1

Air Bags are used under the ice, divers are also under to keep the bags and other boyaunts in place. Divers are specialised in ice diving.

The work is constant, workers are on 12 hours each and also they can negtiate stopping times, they even have to work through the night. A roster is used to keep the operation going until it is completely finished.

The drill is very high quality high tech and can break through very hard ice, diamond drills(very strong long lasting drills) cost up to 40,000 us Dollars.

Explorers miss homes, families, green grass and they do not get as many oppurtunities to smell as scents are not of many in Anartica

Skills and specialists are needed for every task and experience is vital, they need drillers, electricians and managers as well as special medics. There are also chefs and of coaurse scientists and at last helicopter pilots to thansfer the ice.

Drilling is often stopped for breakages and extreme temparatures. There have already had a couple of break downs but luckily ther are technicians to help. Drilling has a bad reputation for enviroment reasons. Some drillers have poor respect for the enviroment but they are now improving and taking more care.

In the past they have done a 90m drill and through water. Drilling started here in the late 1970s and the drilling is improving with better results each time. In last years poll they recovered for every metre they drilled the got 90 cms core for the scientists.

Check out the great things at the website!

Andrill notes and Information-Nicky

Well Because its so big and bigger than united states and looks up 90 persent and fresh water is so important we have the drill rig and the anuil sea ice which thinchens up mid october sea ice consintaly cracks what the have to do to live out there is monitor it every day.
The drill site can be called the sms site.
Drilling does not stop it keeps going.
When he first went down there people took the land for grantat
All the rubbish that they use has to be bought back to New Zealand
The temperature in antarctacure varies a lot in Antarctica
Complex system not easy to explain
Get on very well with each other.
big air bags under the ice we send divers down and to see all the lines
down then the blow the bags up it's quite risky but the getexpereinced divers.
the work 24 hours a day seven days a week it's not like lunch brake so
the might have a day off only 1-2 can have a brake then the can reach
there goal and pack up.
main way cut up the ice or what called hot water drill
Drill made of steel cut very hard rock try not to warn it out 45,000 dollars U.S
Miss Wife and Kids and misses trees mountains and smell the planet life and what you don't get in Antartica.
They have a lot of different people working for differnt things.
Everyday helicopter pilots and hardly a women involved at all.
The drill does often get stuck had a couple of brake down gets it up and going as soon as possible.
Last year the drilled the ferverist wich was 100 25 meters
Each year the improve there tecnece.
The coring tube can not touch can not touch the sides.

Andrill Notes

Notes: -26 degrese inside 18-20 in cave -30
Bigger than the united states and it is un touch by human.
the camp is setting up around andout 40 people t the monent
the ice is constenly craking so you need to keek watching
wind and storms will crack the ice
Started planing for the trip about 8 years ago
they have to find the right place to drill
the perperation will never really stop
the base is very like home now
people took the land for granted when they first wet but now it is very clean
the tempture will vary in different places
the prodget has to main objetives
the are 4 natshion involedin th progece
sientest these days are english
whey they star to drill they never stop untill the job is done
when people need to take a brake only a few people can take a brake
dirlling through and drilling through rock is very different
each dimond drill 45,000 US dollars
the coring tube can not touch the sides because the drill will stop
they have a lot of different people that have different jobs like chef, plumer, docter and more
the drill will somtimes break and the will have to stop to fixs it
there is some people that think they should not be drilling
evey year they drill they will get a better resolt

Andrill project Notes By Cassie

I would hate to be in Antarctica because it is -20.6 but at least they
have a room and it is 18 degrees. Is there a risk of cracking the ice?
the ice constantly cracks they have to make sure that it doesn't move
and they have special equipment, as the ice warms up it cracks.

preparations have been made for drilling to get underway?
They started
planing for this trip for 8 years, they have to drill in a certain
place, the site that are working on there is a team of 10 and they
started working on moving the equipment and they were moving equipment
in-40 degrees they

How much time have you spent in Antarctica
and has working there changed a lot since you first went there?
The guy
that they are talking to he has been working there for 20 years. Whats
changed? Scott base has been completely
rebuilt and communication has bee fix heaps and they only got a couple
of minutes a week if they were lucky, people were taking Advent of the
Continent, hey are not allowed to leave any rubbish they have to take
it all back to new Zealand

has been the warmest temperature in Antarctica?
He can't answer that
very well and some places it only get to -10 as the high the thing that
he is saying is the

How does the drill reach 1000m? it is quite a complex job. To do it they have to core it by using a diamond drill

information are you hoping to find out and do you expect this to be
different to previous drill core information?
the project has two main jobs the first one is poliotoligy the other job is to see how the way Antarctica is formed so far they have had great work

many different nationalities of scientists are there?
Do you all get
along and do you all use the same methods even though you are from
different countries? there are four nations us Italy
and the Germans the language of science is mostly English science
methodology scientists get n really well because they all do it the
same way.

How do you get the air bags under the sea ice to
support the drill rig?
the rig ways up to 200 tones what they attempt
to do is to put air bags to keep the rig up the drill holes and then
put the air bags udder the water.

are your hours of work, weekends, breaks and holidays etc for this type
of work?
when they start drilling they work 24/7 and they work 12 hours
a day they get breaks when they spell out people only one or two people
can have a break at a time.

Do you use the same drill bits to
drill through ice and rock and how often do you have to change them?

What are the drill bits made of?the main way hat they drill the ice is
heat up some water is to put it on the water and put pressure on it and
it cuts a hole in the ice.each diamond drill bite that is made of

What do you miss most when working in Antarctica? children and wife the most they have got used to him going to Antarctica for a long time.

Why does the sea riser need to be straight? if it is not strait they will keep going down until the engine won't take anymore.

you need any special skills to work at the drilling place, if so what
they have 4 tension who some of team are still ate uni.

drilling ever had to be halted for any reason and are there people who
are against drilling in such a pristine environment?
yes it constantly gets stoped,
they often get the drill bits breaking. they have already Had couple of
breakdowns. yes there are people that are against drilling in

the drilling process been as successful as you wanted it to be?
year they drilled a hole of over 1000 meters under water each year they
have improved there drilling it is not about the ice it is about the core.

Andrill project by Christie

Note taking

Why is it important to know how Antarctica has changed when other frozen places in the world are easier to get?
because its so big and its a massive Continent and has 90% of the fresh water. another thing about Antarctica is it been un habitant and it gives you a start to something that hasn't been discovered

s there a risk of cracking the ice?
yes definitely. in the winter it get really thick but by February its almost gone sea ice gets very thick there is a big risk of it cracking but also the risk of it moving what causes the wind and storm

What preparations have been made for drilling to get underway?
they started p[planning 4 this 7 years ago and they started by ordering the drills 4 years ago, a lot of preparation when drilling never stops.

How much time have you spent in Antarctica and has working there changed a lot since you first went there?
started in 1974 as a mountain air Scott base has changed a lot since they first time thy went and the communication has got a lot better, people took the environment for granted, none of those thing have happened b4 they aren’t allowed to leave any rubbish at Antarctica has changed dramatically as well!

What has been the warmest temperature in Antarctica?
Antarctica is a huge place and the temperature keeps changing it never gets higher then 3 o 4 degrees it does vary quite a lot

How does the drill reach 1000m? Ethan A.
get down through the target bend.

What information are you hoping to find out and do you expect this to be different to previous drill core information?
there are two main objectives paleontology which means the way that Antarctica has changed.

How many different nationalities of scientists are there? Do you all get along and do you all use the same methods even though you are from different countries?

there are 4 nations there r the united states NZ, Germany, Italy. they get on well because they understand each other and they all use the same methods,

How do you get the air bags under the sea ice to support the drill rig?
some people may not even be a ware the we use air bags under the drill rig. they send divers down and reach the buoyancy to keeps all the bags in place the diver that they use are very experienced.

What are your hours of work, weekends, breaks and holidays etc for this type of work?
they work 24/7 people on the job use 12 hour shits they get there breaks by spelling people out. when people take a day off only 2 people can do that until they finally reach there target

Do you use the same drill bits to drill through ice and rock and how often do you have to change them? What are the drill bits made of?
the drilling through ice and drilling thought water are quite different. they use a mechanical drill or a hot water drill that’s the most effect way to drill through the ice. They are very small and are made of very strong steel the drill bits can cost $4-5000

What do you miss most when working in Antarctica?
miss his wife and two children but he also misses smell the smell of plants you dont get into Antarctica

Why does the sea riser need to be straight?
we sink into the sea drill and if that’s not straight the coring tubes will rub in the inside and the hole thing starts to slow down

do you need any special skills to work at the drilling place, if so what skills? Renee
we have four students studying geology, a mountaineer, chef, helicopter flyer,______

Has drilling ever had to be halted for any reason and are there people who are against drilling in such a pristine environment?
drills sometime break. hydraulic hoses burst.

Has the drilling process been as successful as you wanted it to be?
each year they have drilled there getting more successful every meter that they drilled it gets more successful.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Team BBQ & Abseiling November 9th

Claire and Rob have booked us in for a Team BBQ and abseiling/rock climbing session at Blue Skies in Kaiapoi on Friday November 9 (week 6).

We are booked with the abseiling/rock climbing instructors from 6pm, but we'd like to meet from 5.45 onwards.

Please come and bring your family along to relax, or climb, or abseil - or all!

  • Adults and children can do the abseiling. Cost: $7 per child, $10 per adult.
  • This is not a school event, it is purely a team building/social event. Please bring your child along or arrange for them to join us with another family if you are unable to make it.
  • Siblings of Team 14 students who are more than one year younger can only watch sorry!
  • Please bring BBQ food/drink to share with others.
  • We require a couple of families to volunteer and arrange to bring their portable BBQ as the ones at Blue Skies are too far away from the climbing tower.
  • We need a couple of families to bring more food for the instructors, who come straight from their workplaces to teach us and keep us safe!
  • This facility is completely safe with experienced instructors and full risk management/safety procedures in place.
  • Rob and Angela have done it and it's GREAT.
  • Where is Blue Skies - go down Marshlands Road on the way to Kaiapoi. For a map click here...
  • Any questions please ask!

Please RSVP to Rob by Friday 2nd of November (week 4) letting him know how many children and adults will join in, so he can let the organisers know how many instructors we require.

Team 14 News October

Here is a link to download our newsletter for October.

CO2 emissions graph

Here is a really good graph on fossil fuels.

We found out that USA pruduces one quater of the worlds fossil fuels.


CO2 Levels - Great web site!!!!

This is a great website for finding out the levels of co2!!!

From Jason and Nick

global warming in the future research

today I found this website about the ranking of the Co2 countries makes its called
its really cool.

CO2 level web search

Here is the search we did today where we found out some good results about CO2 production for different countries. The third link in this list gives graphs from 1997 of the different CO2 production levels for different countries.

We think this information is useful because...

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Eco-bridge GREAT SITE

This link takes you to an amazing website. check out the future threats page, I think this website could could answer your inquiry question. OR AT LEAST HALF OF IT

from Nick and Jason

Hi Room 14

I have just become a blogger, so will enjoy keping up to date with what you guys are doing.
Dont forget to come and share things with me personally though- I still think i enjoy that the most.
Mrs B

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


today in the after noon I went to the back field and did skipping I went in the finals for going in to the eliminations and I didn't get in the top 3 so I was sort of sad but it was still okay I hope i go to the eliminations next time


One of my funniest monents would have to be with me and my best friends Bertie and Cyan decided to make a movie because we were having a sleep over we put make uup on (badly) and started to film it was so funny because we keptm making mastakes and Berties brothes kept walking in on up and we also made add brakes the best add brake we made was this we got Berties mums weights and it went like this if you want mussles and rock hard abds like these don't use these it was so fun and we did so many bloppers.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Andrill Antarctica Field Trip

During week 4 of Term 4 we are off to the Antarctic for a field trip aboard the Andrill ice rig! Check this page for details of the field trip, preparation you need to do, plus related background reading/viewing materials. Here are some initial details:

  1. Website:
  2. Username: 3338 and Password: fendalton168
  3. Complete all background reading, switching between easy and standard versions.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Key Competency Reflection

Here is a diagram of the FOS Key Competencies.

We will be using this over the next couple of weeks to help us reflect on our learning journeys this year.

This information may be helpful in writing your end of year reports.

  1. Get this image into your portfolio by copying this link:

  2. Start thinking about a minimum of ten key competency attributes you: 1.) have shown heaps of progress in, 2.) are still working on, and 3.) need to get better at.... plus examples of how you show these.

  3. Record your thoughts about these attributes as complete sentences.

The next stage is to invite your family to contribute to this blog post by writing in a comment onto the blog post.

This will help Claire and Rob to craft the best report we can!

Team meeting Friday 19th

This Is Team 14's Meetings
Class Meeting
Opened @ 11:42
Closed @ 12:02
Leaders Christie and Matt
Excluding people- Cassie- The problem is that some people are excluding and other people are ignoring people.
Head phones- Cassie- Put Head phones away after you have finished using them do not leave them on the floor
Leaders-Christie- Respect the leaders. And leaders don’t be silly when you're meant to be leading the class.
Labeling-Rob- When your labeling make sure you spell it correct and label it correctly.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Mr Sibson's blog

Dear Team 14, 

Did you know that Mr Sibson has his own blog? You should check it out some time, it is located here:

Why not put a comment on it for him? I've also put a link to it in our links list to the left.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Today I learned how to figure out which side you jump on for high jump. Because of this learning if I forget which side I go on I can figure it out so that I can do my jump properly. The next step in my learning is to see if it works for me.

Refection- Surface Features on Blogs

Surface feature on your on your blog should be correct
true or false
I think false because when you make a post and you get your spelling wrong you can know how you did on your spelling when you grow up. Thats why spelling isn't important on blog

Surface Features

Surface Features on your blog should be correct agree or dissagree.
I think that you should have to make all your spelling on the blog correct because the whole world can see it and they will think that person isn't a very good speller.


I think that we should try to get our surface feaures correct because if we don't try we won't be able to read our OWN writing which would be really bad.

Reflection- On Surface Features

Surface features on your blog should be correct. True or False?
Depends. I think that if it is in your portfolio it should be correct but if it is any other blog it dosen't matter because then you can have some spelling words to find and put in your book. The other blogs are more like your book than a blog so it dosen't really matter.

Reflection Nicky - Surface Features

Surface features on your blog should be correct.
True or False

I think surface features on your blog should be spelt correctly.
Because if it's in your Portfolio it should be spelt correctly, But I'm not really sure if it should be but if it is Just the team 14 blog I'm not sure but on that appinuin it really depends what your posting on the blog if it is really important then yes it should be spelt correctly but I'm sort of sitting on the fence.

Reflection alvin and sheldon

Surface features on blog should be correct. true or false?

because if u edit ur words then people wont reconise how u spell like.
It dosent matter anyway because you are the only one who sees the blog.

Sheldon and Alvins Ref

Reflection-Daniel k


Surface features on your blog should be correct.
ture or false?

I think it is false everyone can have got a little bit of wrong everyone can't be perpect why? Because everyone don't know all of English if someone want say something and say "The musine is anywhere in the world." The spelling is uncorrect or people forgot a Grama so have wrong or tipe it wrong so i think all of blog is not correct at all.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Reflection - Daniel k

Today I learned a draw a picture that name called Graham Braddock it was really hard but I think I can do it very well and he draw really amazing really nice and I want to go his website I want go to and maybe he put in how to draw thing his website his website address is I think it’s really nice.

Reflection - Shane Bond bowler

Today I learned that Shane Bond is such a fast bowler that he has broken a wicket, a bat, a helmet and some bones. I now no not to face Shane Bond in a game of cricket.


Today I meet Shane Bond and Graham Braddock I got an autograph from Shane in the middle block I went to the hall and did a sketch of a house and thats what I did today.

Reflection - Sketching

Today I learned how to use pen and make it look like it is darker and lighter with out using a different material(pens, pencil ect.)Because of this learning I now can do line pictures with out changing materials. The next steps in my learning are to make sure that when I do a line picture that I remember to do what I got taught today.

Daily reflection

Today Shane Bond, Amadan Singh and Andrew Reid came to school to make kids better at cricket and we got their autographs it was cool! Another cool thing about the day was that Graham Braddock a famous artist came! It was sooo cool he bump are confidence up a heap! Alot of people say they can't draw and if any of those poeple would to of listen to him he would of changed thier mind.

Monday, 15 October 2007

My Relection By Lucy

Today I learnt how to do hold the shot-put right.
Because of this learning I can now get the shot-put higher and better.
The next step in my learning is to try and get in for one of the athletics
By Lucy

S.N Reflection

Today I learnt that I got into the eliminations day for discus.
Because of this learning I can now improve from the other good people in these groups.
I now understand that I am ok in one of the sports in athelitics.

Sheldon's alvins adn chris ref

Sheldon-Today I learnt the I am a good long jumper and a good sprinter and I made it it first in my race but i cheated.

Alvin-Today I found out that im a good sprinter and im good at discus.

Chris-Today I found out that im good at long jump, shot put and discus.

Daniel.C's and Jun's Reflections

Jun's Rflection:
Today Rm 14 went to the back feld to do the athletics eliminations we did sprints, diskits, long jump and scockput throwing
I got in for nothing I tried really hard but unfortunately I did not make it I hope I make it next time.

Daniel.C's reflection :
Today I learned that the real challenge to break down the effects of Global Warming after Awareness is to have a system with no chance of failure. One day I hope that everyone can see what the real message is.

Because of this learning I can develop a system and test it on people I know.


Today I learned how to do long jump properly. Because of this learning I can do long jump really well because of the tactic that I got taught. The next steps in my learning are to remember the tecnique and make sure that I remember to add it to my jump.

Daily Reflection-Elsie

Today I Learned:
That I am better at discuss than I thought
Because Of This Learnig I Can Now:
Maybe Get Into Discuss Next year
The Next Step In My Learning Is:
To get into the finals next year if I just do
my best nd try my hardest!

Feedback for team 14 maths

Christie Kate- I think you got lots of responses and it looks like how the got the information went round kate and Christie think the teachers didn’t mind but if the did it in a bigger group they would of done it in a different way to get there feedback what would i do differently i would make the bar grapgh prettier.

Alex and Krstina-What was the best part in the perfomrance? found out most people like the finaly didn't do the data what they found out least populast was the music total 225 get it done on time and get the total.
Did well with what was the total of each thing like the music was offeous.

Nicky thinks are presentasion went very well i think we could improve on not leaving it on a loose piece of paper

Friday, 12 October 2007

You tube fake al gore video

check out this video don't do it at school though!


-with permission from your teacher it is OK (Rob)

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Silence Is Golden True or False

Silence Is Golden True or False
True, Because you can think better and you can get your thoughts down easier

Reflection-Silence Is Golden

Q. Is Silence Golden True Or False:
A. I think silence is BAD because it declines
freedom of speech and sometimes we need to express
communication by talking


Reflection On Silence

'Silence is golden' True. I think silence is golden because then when there is silence you can get more work done in a smaller amount of time. If you have silence it means that hopefully everyone has more work finished in a smaller time period.

11.10.07 Daniel Reflection

Silence is Golden True or False?
True, because you can focus and think without interuption and get what needs to be done with out a lot of time taken. Silence makes you happy and keeps you without trouble.

By Daniel C


Yes! Becouse some times you are working or doing something other people are playing around and talk loudly.


Silence is golden true or false?

i think silence is bad because if you cant talk and that would make things boring and if you werent allowed to talk it would be hard to comunacate and then things would get really boring

Dear Editor

I think these years dogs are the best pet for a human. I think we can make a good friendship with them because if you can train them they can help you find stuff, catch balls and they could even be a police dog. Then I found out that if you make good friendship to them it can be your friend and if you make a bad friendship that means the dog won't be good or bad and it was the trainers fault.

And the other problem of the dog is good or bad is because of food!!! So if you give the food like bones, dog food… they will be good but if give them like vegetable or chocolate they will even go to garage at night.

Third problem is the place where they live!!! If you gave dog a big and warm place to live they will be happy! If you give dog a small, dark, cold and roof has a hole and water comes in dog will get sick of these!
This is the three big problems about dogs!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

A Widget for the Team 14 Blog

Here is something you could install on your portfolio blog by clicking the link below called get widget. A widget is a little programme which allows you to do things, in this case it gives you a summary of the Team 14 main blog, right inside your own blog!

Reflection 15/10/07

Today I recaped on square numbers
Because of this learning I can now understand the maths we are doing in class
The next step in my learning is to keep practising and work on some harder ones.

Reflection 15/10/07 Athletics

Today I learn't that how impressed I can get because I didn't think I would get in for Discus but I did and I thought that I wouldn't get in. Because of this learning I can now start being an expert.
But I did I think because I was doing high but good throughs.
From now on I'm going to practice discus. With my mum.

Al gore fake !

Did you know that Al Gores 'incoveniant truth' has NINE ERRORS in it look at this ! BBC tells more


Reflection on silence

Silence is Golden agree or dissigree

I Dissagree because say if you were trying to talk to a friend about school work but you had to be silent you would be stuck on that question or something and also if you had to be silent say for half an hour HOW BORING !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Inquiry Question

Real question:

What will the consequences be if we don't take care of the environment in the future? key word-Past, Present and Future,consequences

Sub question:

1)What are we going to do if we don't take care our environment and in the future and some thing goes wrong??

Questions For Global Warming

Compare the past present future of if there was Global Warming and if there wasn't Global Warming.

Made bye Amelia and Naomi

Global Warming Final Question, Ju and Christie

Compare the adaptions the animals will have to make through the past present and future.

Inquiry Question

Real question:
What will the consequences be if we don't take care of the environment in the future? key word-Past, Present and Future,consequences

Sub question:
What are we going to do if we don't take care our environment and in the future some thing

Monday, 8 October 2007

Photo from first day back

Here is shot of the game the leaders decided to play this afternoon.

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global warming qustions

Compare the characteristics and the causes of global warming.


What are the conseqeunces in global warming if you don't take action now.

Preparation for Term 4 Goals

Please record your thoughts about these questions as comments to this post. Your ideas could be used to help you set your term four goals.

1. What can I do to make my learning as wonderful as possible this term?

2. What can Claire/Rob do to help me?

3. What can other people in the team do to help me?

Video Reflections