Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Adrill Notes by Samuel

The antertica is so important becaseue it is 90 percent of the world fresh water and all its stuff inside it and we are leaving it becasue by useing antrtica we can study the climte changing by seeing how much the has melted and how much the rock has changed underwater. Ther
The warmest temprature is this depending on the weature and month you see that in the winter there is a frozen sea so no ships can come in and in summer and spring the frozen sea melts and all this fresh water goes into the sea.
Th e temprsture goes upand down so it is hard to tell.
It takes millions of year for the wind to make the ice crack.
This project will go on for 6 to 7 years and the The getting ready for the experdetion since last last last last month and the team has tooken the food the other sutff into the ice.
There has been lots of getting ready and when they are drilling the ice there are still getting ready the gettng ready won't stop until clmate change has finsihed.
Scott base has improved a lot becasue the telephones have improved so you can go on them when ever you want and other.
When the guy was first there they left the stuff on the frozen ice just went down you are not alowed to do that u need to take your stuff baack.
The temprature is differant becasue it is so big so we need to research that but it will not go over -10.
It is very compilcated becasue you need to drill down about 1000 metres and we use diomond drill because it does not brake well. Why are we drilling it is because of 2 things one is how has the weature changed in antertica and the second reason is to study the histroy of the earth by looking at the rocks one thousand meters below.There are for coutries which is the USA.NZ AST and Germany and there differant way of learning what is happeining in antertica.
Put airbags under the ice so the drill will float. We blow the airbags up so the drill we pull down.
24 hours and 7 days a week group a work 12 hour then they change which group b.
Only a couple of people can take a rest for the day. If the misson is done they can take a couple of day s rest.
We heat the water and dump it onto the ice then the drill goes under then when the reach the rock they have a indurtrancal diomond and tongston and good steel. If you come home you smell plant and stuff becasue there are no plants in antertica.
There are things that hold the drill and they are very good steel.
Get driller, engerner and other and they need to be very good and the scientist are 3 university and one adult and there are some abulance people and managers and they need to have great skills.
Helechoter poilots there are more poeple needed.
Drilleing get stops becaue things get broken. Some stuff blow up becasue the ice is too cold. The drilling has got bad reutation becasue the people think we have been getting rocks out of the group and that is all we are doing.1250 m of ice then 900 metres of water then seabed we are leading the drilling science the 1990's every meter the scientist get the find out 1cm of the core.

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