Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Its -30 it is very hard to describe
Antarticic is a good place to go because it is very big and 90% of all the fresh water comes from also it is unhabitied. is there a risk of breaking the ice yes we have the drill set up and 40 people the sea ic alaways cracks yes it 7m thick and we have to keep watch evry minute so we make sure it dosent crack.
we have been planning for 7 years we plan all the time.

he went down to antartica in 1994 when he wass a school teacher He alaways stays at scott base has been complety rebuilt it looks a whole lot different.

how dos the drill reach down 1000 the rod gets longer and thinner with diamond drills

do you get along even if you come from different countries, yes we do all the scientests laungage is mostly english
how do you get the air bags under the ice,drilling big holes in the ice and put the air in the bags and the divers dive under and secure it to every thing

12 hour shifts every day untill we finish every day

do you use different drill bits, we use mechanical drills or hot water drill

what do you miss the most, my family and mountains and smell

do you need special skills to work down there yes drillers paramedics electrians managers chefs scientist helicopter pilot

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