Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Andrill Notes

It's Minor 20 Degrees Inside 18-20 Cave =30
Unlike other contanents antarctica it's unhabited and it has been for
tens of thousands of years .
the camp is setting up round about 40 people at the moment.
the ice is constantly cracking and what causes it to crack it's the wind
when that comes in it causes the ice to crack so it's the wind storms.
They started to plan the andrill trip about 8 years ago
it's taking so long because ir's hard to find the perfect place to drill.
the preperation won't ever really stop!
When he first went down there a lot of people were
taking the environment for granted and now hey are never aloud
to leave anything in antartica like rubbish and little things like that.
they can heve temperatures from -10 to 3-4 degrees
even sometimes it gets to minor 20 degrees !!!!!!!!!
they are for nation involved in the progress.
sientisit these days are mostly english.
when they start drilling they barley stop so they basicly work 24-7
so when they start a job they don't stop untill it's finished some people
do 12 hour shifts from 8 in the morning to 8 at night.
when people take breaks it can only be about 2-3 pworkers because they
need to get the job done as i said when they start they don't finish untill t's done.
they try not to weatr the diamonds out because they diamonds are about
4-5 thousand dollars in U.S money.
hey employ lots of people like enginers plumbers drillers so they need
a lot of different skill down there and it helps get the job done because
they need to have lots of people helping ona job like this as you can imagine
it would be extremely hard!!!

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