Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Reflection-Daniel k


Surface features on your blog should be correct.
ture or false?

I think it is false everyone can have got a little bit of wrong everyone can't be perpect why? Because everyone don't know all of English if someone want say something and say "The musine is anywhere in the world." The spelling is uncorrect or people forgot a Grama so have wrong or tipe it wrong so i think all of blog is not correct at all.


Miss Campbell said...

Hi Daniel,

I enjoyed reading your comment about surface features.

I agree, depending on your audience, your deeper features (thoughts) should be expressed, and not held back because you don't get the surface features correct! BUT be aware, meaning may be lost if people can't read it correctly! Good reflecting!

Desna said...

Hi Daniel
I love your sense of individualism and originality. However, I also think that it is important to try to have the correct grammar and spelling so that there is less confusion and readers can understand what you are saying. PS It looks better too.

Rob Clarke said...

You should be very proud of both your use of English and your thinking Daniel. Keep up the great reflecting.


Anonymous said...

You're in good company Daniel, since William Shakespeare himself signed his name with different spellings each time. Of course, in Shakespeare's time in the early 1600s the English language only contained 10% of the words it does now, and there were probably only a few thousand people who could read and write. Times have really changed! Mrs. Green

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