Tuesday, 30 October 2007

andrill prodject notes by joe and chris

1.A huge contenent bigger then the other contonent's.

2.It has been uninhabbetid for tens of thousands of years.

3.The wind causes the ice to crack.

4.Planed for this project for 7-8 years.

5.They worked in tempretures of -40c degrease.

6.Scott base hase been compleatly changed and improved.

7.They bulldosed the rubbish into the sea along time ago but now the have to bring there rubbish home with them.

8.South pole never gets warmer than 10c

9.The drill goes 1,000 meters down into the ice.

10.There are four nations on the project New Zealand, USA, Germany and Italy.

11.They put air bags under the ice.

12.They sent divers down to check the air bags are in place.

13.They never stop drilling until it's done.

14.They get 12 hour shifts.

15.There are twelve different technolegy.

16.They use a hot water drill to get through the ice easeir.

17.Smells like a garden if your there for a long time.

18.They have a half of the crew down there working.

19.They have already had a couple of brakedowns.

20.Drilled down 1285 metres.

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