Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Samuel Under Water

Dear Editor

Hey we finally have our own underwater house this is what people will be saying in the year 3000. Can you imagine an advanced underwater house capable staying underwater for more than 30 years without being supported. Kids will be playing with seahorses and fishes in their feature light cloths mums will be cleaning their house supported by robots and dads will be in their waterproof suits going to work in the sea living development. This houses made by the (SLD) Sea Living Development have lots of special features some of them are air pipes for the air to come in and a food chamber for the food to come in and there is a pipe for the people of the house to go above ground and a energy plant to get energy to the house.
Now I will tell you about these features.
The air
The air that keeps the house alive comes from the surface of the earth it gets speeded up by turbines and when it comes down into the house there will be AT’s (air tanks) under ground to store the air to use when there is an emergency and in the house there are more air tanks and they will be showering into the house when there is an emergency and also there is a APC (air pollution cleaner) that cleans the pollution in the air.
The food
The food will come in every 2 weeks and there is a FC (food chamber) to store the food that comes from the mainland they are meat, bread, rice, milk and vegetables.
and the people push a button and say the food they want it will come to them but if there is an emergency there will be AFM (arterial food maker) that makes man made meat, bread , rice and vegetables.
The Water
Water will come through a WCV1 (water cleaner machine the V1 is put in because if it is just WC it looks like toilet) first sea water comes into the machine and then the salt in the water will be gone by being destroyed by turbines and clean water comes into the kitchen and hot water will come in by the cold water being heated by a boiler which is powered by solar energy or they can get a WCV2 which is a better version of the WCV1 because it stores the salt and sends it to the meat and vegetables and also stores it for cooking.
The energy
The energy comes from two ways the tidal/hydro power and the solar power the hydro power will be easy to get because it is water all over the place. The sun power comes from a SPP (Solar Power Pipe) and gets energy from the sun.
These house is super well thought out and well built and this home can give you the chance of a life time but now!!!!!!!

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