Monday, 15 October 2007

Feedback for team 14 maths

Christie Kate- I think you got lots of responses and it looks like how the got the information went round kate and Christie think the teachers didn’t mind but if the did it in a bigger group they would of done it in a different way to get there feedback what would i do differently i would make the bar grapgh prettier.

Alex and Krstina-What was the best part in the perfomrance? found out most people like the finaly didn't do the data what they found out least populast was the music total 225 get it done on time and get the total.
Did well with what was the total of each thing like the music was offeous.

Nicky thinks are presentasion went very well i think we could improve on not leaving it on a loose piece of paper

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Cass said...

Hi Nikki when you do a post on the blog make sure you get someone to check it before you pubish your post

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