Thursday, 11 October 2007

Dear Editor

I think these years dogs are the best pet for a human. I think we can make a good friendship with them because if you can train them they can help you find stuff, catch balls and they could even be a police dog. Then I found out that if you make good friendship to them it can be your friend and if you make a bad friendship that means the dog won't be good or bad and it was the trainers fault.

And the other problem of the dog is good or bad is because of food!!! So if you give the food like bones, dog food… they will be good but if give them like vegetable or chocolate they will even go to garage at night.

Third problem is the place where they live!!! If you gave dog a big and warm place to live they will be happy! If you give dog a small, dark, cold and roof has a hole and water comes in dog will get sick of these!
This is the three big problems about dogs!

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