Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Notes and Information for Andrill field trip-Nicky

Notes and information
Andrill Field trip

Takes a few days to set up the drill
The drill is a lot lighter than the wood drill that you would usually use.
Total of 5 people to use the drill 5 people during the day and 5 people during the night.
The day shift goes from 8am-8pm night shift goes from 8pm-8am we have 5 drillers on each team
20 on the day and 10 on the night.
The drill weighs 40 tone all together it weighs 90 tone of equipment.
What would happ
end about quarter to 8 the watching what happend seeing what happend like tecnoicoly problems....
Packed into containers.. near runway could pegigus
it was -24 been like this for the last few days
A week ago had a storm it was actually quit warm 12 to grease
60km per hour it gets in the air you could probably see 20 meters at the most.
Have a lot of pretechtion wear gloves saftey glasses egg muffs..........
had tv 3 and Campbell live down there and see what was happening this year not so many people going on have united people over there italy and not much advertising in N.Z the would be asked by people in the news paper.....
We drill 6 meters at a time.
There a videos on the computer if you would like

Video Reflections