Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Notes. sheldon and Alvin ma

-21 degrees very hard to describe how cold it is in the north pole it is a big country and it has 90 persent of the worlds freash water it is very cold the ice is a

sea ice constinly cracks because the wind causes it to break the ice caps.

the drilles only had 4 hours of day light.

people took put all the trash in the sea. so they have to bring the trash to new zealand.

south pole dos not get ant colder than 9 degrees.

there are four nations in this project.

the chinese dont speak very good.

they put ice bags under the sea ice.

they sent divers under the sea ice it is very risky.
when they start drilling they dont stop.

drilling though rock and ice use diferent tec.

one dimmond costs 5000us dollers

he misses his wife and two kids.

drilling things break alot.

at the end of the day they dont sleep..

evey meter that the drilled the give to the people.

by Alvin and Sheldon

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