Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Andrill notes by Samuel

Some people which are the mangers they help with the getting ready for the day, some are land studiers. They study in the temperature of -24 and the level of 1m above sea level.
The time to get to the seabed takes about 2 couple of days to get to the sea then we dig, we dig for about 8 weeks.
We are interested in different types of rock each year so we drill what we need (The type of rocks)
The people needed to operate the drill 5 people one leader and 4 helper there are 5 at day and 5 at night. The drill is 40 tones there are other stuff so it is about 90 tones in total. (9000kg)
The drill has a plate that holds it and the drill is 6 m long.
The drill has diamond so we can dig it it has a hole in the middle so it can pick up the rock in it.
It is supported by ice which is floating the ice is strong the other holding is a metal pole. Every day the drilling is different if there are problem it will be stopped.
The scientist are looking at the rocks and then put into boxes and send it to a bigger base.
Were was the drill last year it was all put in containers and put on a road.
What was the temperature it was -24 a week storm snow blowing 60km/h.
What sort of stuff do you need to wear you need a boot (Metal) Hard hat air mask and air muff, gloves, safey glass.
When we were drilling last year there were TV3 and Radio NZ but this year we are having reporting people all over the world.

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