Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Andrill Notes from Lucy

the temp is-26

Its so big, bigger than usa and aus, and its been around for so long and there is a lot of history behind it
wat is the warm temp in antarca?
there is a real risk, the wind and stroms crak the ice, glasers

planning 7 or 8 years ago,
sns began aug.
4 hous of daylight, safty, frostbites, lots pereratan

I first went down in 1974, scot base has change so much over 30 years, the got 1 phone call a week if they were lucky, large rubbis things have titend up, you cant leave rubbish,

I cant answer southpole -10 scot base +3 or 4

its qutie a consept core with coring logs,

The most important part.
weather thousand of years ago,
rock strate

the are4 naitions itly and germany and usa and nz
sintes get on very well,

air bags
the drill wighs up 1000
the wight

bg holse in the see ice
divers lines and ropes are in place, they blow the air bags up after the divers come

24/7 they work
12 hours 8am to 8pm and then 8pm to 8am, only one or two people can have a break at the time,

drilling through ice and rock is different, hot water drill, cut or burns the ice,

family miss, miss is trees and grass, smells

the sea riser is stell that they sink into the sea flor if it not strigh the pipe and things start to rub and become tigt

drill stops because thing break, the pipes break and pipes brust in cold,

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