Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Andrill call notes by Nick

Talks about the temp and the scenery and the life.

Antarctaca is one of the only places in the world tha man has'nt changed.

Sea ice has cracks everywhere and the cracks come and go.

The ice is caused to crack by the wind and the tide.

lots of things they have to take into account for the mission to be a success

They started planning 8 years ago and got the drill 4 years ago.

The warmest temp was not able to be answered.

The drills are made of diamond.

They are trying to find out the weather patterns of antarctaca 10s of billions of years ago.

Science is spread about the world.

They put air bags under the ice and they put holes in the ice in the holes they put the air bags under the ice then they blow them up.

They do not get holidays they have to work 24. 7 .

He misses his family but is family are use to him going away for long periods.

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