Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Adrill Notes by Amelia

It is - 18 -20 Degrees at the moment
At the top of the mountain it is - 26 Degrees
Storms come through it can come and crack the ice.
When they drill there is a certain place they have to do it
They started planning for the trip 8 years ago
Drilling prepration never stops
The bases are much more comfortable then 20 years ago
The Comunaction is better than 30 years ago
They are not alloud 2 leave anything in Antractia
Temprature difference quite drammitic
They can have -10 deggress at the most
There are four nations involved in the progect.
Everyone gets on very well together.
They put big air bags under the sea ice and send divers down to see all the lines down then they blow the bags up, it is quite risky for the divers.
Only two people get to rest at the same time and when they have reached there goal the can pack up and go home.
He misses his wife and kids but they get used to him being away for long periods of time.
There are people against drilling.
Each year that they drill they get better and better at drilling so they get better teknects.

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