Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Andrill notes and Information-Nicky

Well Because its so big and bigger than united states and looks up 90 persent and fresh water is so important we have the drill rig and the anuil sea ice which thinchens up mid october sea ice consintaly cracks what the have to do to live out there is monitor it every day.
The drill site can be called the sms site.
Drilling does not stop it keeps going.
When he first went down there people took the land for grantat
All the rubbish that they use has to be bought back to New Zealand
The temperature in antarctacure varies a lot in Antarctica
Complex system not easy to explain
Get on very well with each other.
big air bags under the ice we send divers down and to see all the lines
down then the blow the bags up it's quite risky but the getexpereinced divers.
the work 24 hours a day seven days a week it's not like lunch brake so
the might have a day off only 1-2 can have a brake then the can reach
there goal and pack up.
main way cut up the ice or what called hot water drill
Drill made of steel cut very hard rock try not to warn it out 45,000 dollars U.S
Miss Wife and Kids and misses trees mountains and smell the planet life and what you don't get in Antartica.
They have a lot of different people working for differnt things.
Everyday helicopter pilots and hardly a women involved at all.
The drill does often get stuck had a couple of brake down gets it up and going as soon as possible.
Last year the drilled the ferverist wich was 100 25 meters
Each year the improve there tecnece.
The coring tube can not touch can not touch the sides.

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