Tuesday, 30 October 2007

andrill project

Its -30
its very hard to describe how cold it is.
Why is is Antarctica important??
Because it is big Continent the states It has 90% of fresh water of the whole world
is a risk of the sea ice cracking up because the sea ice can crack
really easily when its summer the ice gets weaker so it can more easily.
people have been planing this project 7 yrs ago they started ordering the drill 4 yrs ago.
there is a lot preparation in this project in fact it never stop.
went to Antarctica 1947 A lot has changed the past 30yrs the Scott base
has been complete re built. the people respect the environment more in
Antarctica NZ has to take every rubbish back to NZ.
Antarctica never gets warmer the 10c
they use a diamond drill to drill
Most of the scientist speak and write English
they put air
people work 12hrs when people take a break only a few people can take a
break at a time they didn't until they reach their goal
they use
this thing cold a hot water drill that forces hot water and that makes
a they use diamond each diamond drill costs 5 or 6 thousand in us money.
The guy misses his wife and children's he also misses the mountains in NZ.
if the drill isn't straight it goes bad
they have engineers,scientist and a lot more so there is a lot of people in the project
they drilled A LOT!! they are getting better and better at drilling ice so scientist s can study more

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