Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Tim works at the center she does reports.
few days to drill it goes 4 to 5 hundred down sea water then they starts drilling it takes 8 weeks to drill.
They are interested in types of rocks.
the driller is in charge of the drill, 5 people drilling in and 5 at night.
the drill is 6m long and they put then together and they put it into the hole this drill has a pole as well so that gets some rocks while drilling.
They have a day shift ad a night shift the day start working at 8am to 8pm and the night is till 8pm to 8am the day has 20 and night has10
the drill weight about 90 tonnes
they 90 tonnes of equipment the sea ice is floating in the sea but it is really strong
every day is different some people come and talk what happened the past 12 hours what rock they dug up they talk about 20 m then the shift that has been working goes and sleep dinner they get 20m of core every 2 hours
every equipment was in the container
they taught it was -50 but when they check it was -24 the Snow was blowing 60km an hour.
people working around the has to wear stuff every and has to wear a hard mask its rally
people wears safety glasses when the people were drilling last year TV3 name and filming not much people doing stuff to see

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