Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Sheldon's Reflection

Today I learned that doing a new dance is really hard becasue you might not know the song and the moves and it will take you a long time if you are not a fast learner.

because of this learning I now no how hard it is to learn a dance that your never herd.

what d nont understand is that why the dance is so short......

My next steps in this learning are to learn a much harder dance.

Jason's Reflection

Today I learn: The dance in our school.

Becouse this learning now I can: to dance can go to dance wait on stage.

what i dont understank is... how to be a modal.

my next step is to be dancer or a model.

By Jason

Monday, 20 August 2007

It's me!

Hey guys it's me Yein.
Claire, I meant going to school in America but Mum changed her mind again so it came out that we are NOT going to school in America.

Plus I will be going tomorrow to America I'm soooooooooooo excited! wish me that I won't melt in 42degrese!

I still have the jewelery that you guys gave, to travel with me.

P.S I might be sending e-mails with my other e-mail adress.

Saturday, 18 August 2007


Thinking About You

Really miss you guys,
Hope I don't forget your friends!
Don't forget me please!

miss me?

Hay Guys!
It's sooooooooooo hot over here.

Some people from Japan died because it's too hot!

I found out that I wasn't that lucky at all, because I am going to school at America. Mum changed her mind.

Two good things is that I'm going to make new friends and I'm going to show off about New zealand and how awesome time I had with you guys this year.
Plus school is free till Universerty.

I really miss you guys!


Friday, 17 August 2007


This week in maths I learned to do Algebra and i think it is easy but can be difficult I also think that I stil don't really understand this hole maths week but if I practice I will get it

Monday, 13 August 2007

Joe's Learning Conference

I think my Student Conference went really well because my Granny liked my poems and writing and liked how I presented my work to her. My opinion on how it went was very good because I wasn't as nervous as when I started the conference. The half hour went very quickly as if it was fifteen minutes. I shall try to work harder and achieve the goals I set.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Wearable Arts Teams

In our team for wearable arts we are having a small problem, we can't decide who the model is going to be and every other team has one.
Mr Clarke gave us somthing to think about and he said "There is no I in team"

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Greenhouse gases

For the wonderings and discoveries the things i learnt that greenhouse gasses are really bad for the enviroment and stuff but i still don't cind of understand some of ghg( greenhouse gasses). Some other things i learnt or saw was pictures of what it would be like in the future. I never knew that the sun ray things are traped in the earths atmispheire.

Wonderings & Discoveries by Cassie

I want to know why no one is helping the world by doing heaps of things e.g.fireworks and fires ect.

I found out that trees are addictid to c02 and that they breath in c02 and breath out oxeygyn the oppsite to us(humans)

wondering daniel k

I finish the webquest and i think it was very hard and i don't know name about Green House Gases but i don't know what it is.
And the Animals die that was not very good

Wonderings & Descoveries by Lucy

Why don't people take care of th earth?
How am I making things wores if I am tiring to save the the earth?
Why do we use so much water?

In new zealand we use the most water in the world.
That even the littlest bit canhelp the world
That I can elp the world in lots of different ways and that they all help.

By Lucy

Wonderings of gloabal warming

wanderings of gloabal warming
my wanderings were why Timber is the most enviormentally friendly.
another wandering was why is methane so bad. I wanted know why coal and petrolum is so bad is there a certain thing in petrolum and coal that are bad

Discoverys of gloabal warming

wanderings and discovery about gloabal warming
my discoverys were that timber was the most enviromentally friendly but. another discovery was that The greenhouse effect is actually a natural thing. Housing prouducts that use wood and other materials need less energy than fosil feuls that lets out lots of co2 witch will heat the world because of the green house gases.
But the carbon that trees have absorbed from the atmosphere gets stored in the wood. So long as the wood isn't burnt, or allowed to decompose, the carbon will stay in there for many generations.

Youbin's discoveries

Youbin's discoveries and wondering about Global Warming...

I wondering if this pollution is still in the future prabably we cant go out side because of pollution...
We really need to think about Global Warming seriously.

My student led conference

my Student led conference
I thought my student led conference was really well because practised quite a lot but I think I over practised a we bt to much becase I went on for about 40 minutes but I still think it was a good S.L.C my feed back was wery interesting to see the things you have been doing in class, great you have been learning about gloabal warming, very funnny story.

Wonderings and discoveries

My woderings about global warming are...

Who was the first person to discover that global warming was a big isue?

When did global warming start?

Who found out that sooner or later we will all die because the whole earth is going to burn up and flood so then we die?

When will the whole earth flood and burn and then we will die?

My discoveries about global warming are...

That sooner or later the whole earth will flood and burn up and then we will alll die.

Daniel C's Wonderings and Discoveries

Global Warming and Climate change were a minor worry for me but after doing research and working with others and hearing there opinion I have realized that there is something going on and more importantly my relatives and I are part of the reason.

When I first heard about it I was hoping that there was no issue and maybe I was trying to tell myself there was nothing to worry about but it turns out that there is a certain change that links back to human activity.

-I have discovered that even though the outer layer of the earth seems so enormous I can pump bad chemicals right into it.

-Even the small things can make the difference and cross back over that red line where humans once stood.

-Climate crisis wont just effect our way of life but our chances of living life.

-whole species may be wiped out of existence.

-We still have a chance to make a difference but I fear that time is running out.

Here are some of my wonderings and questions about Global Warming and a Climate in Crisis

-Why dont I ever here our government taking action I just here them worrying about it and spending there time hesitating, action needs to be taken.

-Is there something that we can do to slow it down alot because from what I hear if we are causing it and the pictures show big coal plants and cars everywhere how can we stop enough people from using big cars and factories, many need these things to stay alive.

-Why was awareness of this kept to the low down for so many years?

Underlying Question: If all of this is true, am I as an individual at risk?

SLC Reflection

I think my Student Led Conference went really well and I am proud of how I shared it. I think my Intro was really good and I shared my speech loud and clear but a bit to fast.

The things I think I need to do better next time are: Make sure everything is ready althought I thought it was. Because when I went to show my Maths, something that I was sharing was not in there so I had to explain it without the sheet being there.

The thingsIi did well was: Sharing things and explaining the proses and the product. I only had to ask the teacher about one thing which is good.

Overall I think it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SLC Reflection Anna

I think that my student led conference went well and my mum thought it was well organized and presented. She said that my oral presentation went well and I spoke loud and clear.
I think next time I need to practice more before I precented it because I only practiced once with Elise and it wasn't a very good practice.
Next time i will print my agenda off faster and think of what i'm going to put it in faster to. I wasn't very organized when everyone was organized. But then I got organized very quicly but still wasn't as oganized as I could of been but my mum still thought I was organized.

Hi guys

Hi did you forget me?
i'm having good days in korea
i'm keep learning english in korea

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Hi and miss you

Hay guys!

I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping in touch so much. I was going around traveling and visiting friends. It was so much fun.
When I was blogging last time, I was in the internet cafe (it's a place with heaps of computers and people pay about one doller to for 15mins.)
The owner saw me blogging in English and thiught that it was really cool.


sheldons refeflection

What are my priorities for my learning dor the rest of the year???

I think that I should work on muy reading and my maths and all of my other learning and not to be silly and behave like a nice kid.

and be a good listener.

Sheldon Aubrey

Reflection - Priorities in learning

What are my priorities for learning for the rest of the year? Listen to others more and listen to instructions and another one would be to write in my books more because I write in my books basicly only maths so that would be my learning priorites.

Kate's Reflection Priorities for Rest of Year

What are my priorities for learning for the rest of the year?

Is to make all my book work neater in most of my books but not my writing because it is one of the book where we do not have to make it a neat this will help me know what i have writien in them and it will even help me to get a pen lince

I think my student led conference was quite fantastic
and my parents thought so to they were asking alot of
useful questions and they seemed very interested .

My S.L.C by Lucy

I think my S.L.C went great. Because I got some great feedback from my mum I taught her some maths stratergies

I didn't get to do everything because my brothers had his S.L.C to. So next time I could shortine my SLC down or even take it home and share it with her.

I really enjoyed my S.L.C because I felt good about doing it and it made me feel really good about what I had learn't.

My favourite part of my S.L.C was when I showed her my maths stratiges.

When I showed her something and she asked me a qustion I could always tell her the anwser.

By Lucy.

Reading for Seriously Twisted

Seriously Twisted Reading Term 3 Week 4-5

Your challenge is to read and interpret the following web page http://heliusproject.bravehost.com/ which has been posted by a creature from another planet.

Follow these steps:

Read the web site with a friend from your group. What is your response to this site?

Is this possible? Why or why not?

How and when could it be used?

What do you think about the existence of life on other planets?

How could you find out more? How could you prove your theories?

Make comments off this blog post with your initial responses to it.

You may choose to record your ideas in the blog as a separate post, make sure you use the label of Reading, or in your language journal. Justify your responses fully!

Clare's discoveries

I discovered from my infestagation that you should:

Car pool with friends more
Cut down your use of gases
Use clean air pumps for a healthy home environment
Walk to and from school

and more

Clare's Wonderings

My wonderings about global warming is when did it start? what country will it effect the most? Are we a danger at the moment? How can we make people think about it more? W and what will the world become?

Wonderings & Descoveries

Because of this inquiry I now know how CO2 is made and what palutes the world like when you watch TV,microwave,wash your clothes,clean dishes. My wonderings are to know how long it might take for it start to achally start flooding if happened soon.

My wonderings and my find outs

Plalm trees are good for the air becsuse they are a tree that has lots of air in them.

Nuclure power plants are the best for the environment and they make alot more power than a hidro plant.
and sitxy persent of the worlds power is used by the Nuclure power.

did you know that air is a good gas??
and if you thinki worms are discuseing the are but the are good for the Environment in a good way.

Wind farms and trees are also very good for the Environment becuse they make our air and put away the green house gases

Green house gasses can come when you use a hair dryer.

By Sheldona Aubrey

Wonderings and Discoveries.

My wonderings about global warming are......

How long it will tke for the earth to heat up and for us to die? =(
When did global warmng start?
I don't know what aerasol concentrations are.
I did not understand everything about greenhouse gases.

My Discoveries about global warming are......

I found out that green house gasses get traped in the atmosphere and doesn't get out so soon the whole earth will heat up and we will all die. (That won't be good but it wont happen not time soon. I think.)
I also found out how II can help global warming and what global warming is.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Marvel Bulldogs Term 3 Week 4-5

Your challenge is to read and interpret the following web site about the incredible Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie ! This is an effective low-cost solution to combating mind-control. It could be useful for all sorts of purposes!

Follow these steps:

  1. Read the web site with a friend from your group. Make sure you read every page on this site fully and carefully.

  2. Have you heard of this animal?

  3. How can you find out more?

  4. Record your responses as comments on this blog post.

If you choose to record your ideas in the blog as a separate post, make sure you use the label of Reading, or in your language journal. Justify your responses fully!

Cheeky Chimps Term 3 Week 4-5

Your challenge is to read and interpret the following web site about the amazing Pacific Northwest Tree Dwelling Octopus! Follow these steps:

  1. Read the web site with a friend from your group. Make sure you read every page on this site fully and carefully.

  2. Have you heard of this animal?

  3. How can you find out more?

  4. Record your responses to this site as comments on this blog post.

You may choose to record your ideas in the blog as a separate post, make sure you use the label of Reading, or in your language journal. Justify your responses fully!

Monday, 6 August 2007

Reflection Wearable Arts

Today I found out some more ideas for our wearable arts I thought of a car that lets out lots of green house gases and also just a plain black clothes and has lots of fluro springs just poping out. because of this learning I now have pleanty of optoins for my costume. something I do not understand why cannot can not be spelt like didn't . next steps are to practise my goals.

Reflection - Wearable Arts

Today I found out some more ideas for our wearable arts I thought of a car that lets out lots of green house gases and also just a plain black clothes and has lots of fluro springs just poping out. because of this learning I now have pleanty of optoins for my costume. something I do not understand why cannot can not be spelt like didn't . next steps are to practise my goals.


today I learnt what a ratio is
because of this I can now understand what a ratio is and so im better at maths
next step is to do more with ratio and understand more about it


Today we had maths and we were trying out new things are Walt was Understand different kinds of patterns and I didn't really understand this I think I need to practice what it is and when it is handy to use. And i tihnk I need to use it and learn more about it.
I didn't really learn anything else but this is what I'm going to try learn

Youbin's Reflection

Today I learned about Wearable arts.It's about clothes make out of amazing it was fantastic!!
I think we will make clothes for Wearable arts.
I can't wait,because it looks great for me!
I really want to be a model of wearable arts, but I don't know I can be a model because everyone want to be a model.
I wish we can make clothes very well..

nick reflection

Today I learnt how to connect the sound system to a ipod or computer and how to set it up completly!!!!!!!!
Because of this learning I can now set up the sound system and become a better tech wizard !!!!!!!!!
the next step in my learning is to do it myself without help
something I don't understand is that I did'nt not understand anything !!!

my reflection

today i learned what i should do for my wearable arts I am going to make a costume about funky junk and make it out of milk bottes and paper what i can do from this learning is I now what to make. What I dont understand is how do you dance with your costume
my next steps are to make 2 costumes.


Today i learned about wearable arts but i can't really understand just look peoples doing but i can't understand i know about do mind map that was very hard

Daily reflection

Today in maths I learnt how to find out what number comes next in a pattern without going through and writing every number down. Because of this learning I can now understand how to get the answer quickly because I wont have to write it all down.
Something I don't understand is how to find out the next 100 or 1,000 numbers in a pattern.
The next step in my learning is to find out how to list all the numbers upo to 1,000 without writing every number down.


What I have learned today I have learnt an idea about the wearabal arts and we can make it into something cool.

From this learning I am going to work hard to make a good work so my mum and dad will be proud.

Something that I don't understsand is er.........nothing

The next step in my learning is to work even mopre harder and set a goal for the wearbal arts.


Today I learn: The wearble art( Movie...).
Because this learning now I can: Know lot of thing from wearble art.
what I dont understand is:kiwiana.
My next step is: Know how to writing fast.

My S.l.C Ref

I think my student conference went really well because I was really orgnised and I had everything ready for my mum to come.

I also had it on good time frame wich was really good because My mum really diden't what to leave!!!!!!
and all the feedback was good and she said "that I am really improveing alot im my learning"

Daniel C's SLC Reflection

I was proud of my SLC because I kept my parents entertained and at the same time stuck to my agenda. I had to try quite hard to keep to my agenda as my parents were eager to walk round the classroom and look at some things in more depth.

My next steps are to remember that it is important to stay on task when there is only 30 minutes to show my parents everything I have done and learned over each and every subject so far this year.

My parents were proud and interested in knowing what I had achieved and got up to. They both had questions that helped me as much as them. After covering everything I was only 5 minutes over time but had nothing at all left to share so I believe I did a good job.

SLC evaulation matt

I think that my SLC went quite well but I ran out of time and rushed through some of my stuff and took alot longer on other things

My next steps are to take my time don't rush and designate times for everything

SLC Reflection Sam

I think my student led conference went quite well because my parents enjoyed my introduction.But I thought my drumming did not go very well because I could not play with the kind of drum sticks I used.Mum and Dad liked my art and blogger firstclass and i did not get to show .my delicious acount. I did not get to share everything because mum and dad ad to go to toms student led conference but i still need to show them the rest of my SLC one day.

Hippy Hippos Reading Term 3 Week 4-5

Your challenge is to read and interpret the following web page which allows you to buy an ancestor online! Follow these steps:

  1. Read the web site with a friend from your group. What is your response to this site?

  2. Is this possible? Why or why not?

  3. How and when could it be used?

  4. Make comments off this blog post with your initial responses to it.

You may choose to record your ideas in the blog as a separate post, make sure you use the label of Reading, or in your language journal. Justify your responses fully!

SLC -Alvin

I was nervous and I didnt konw what to say so I red more poems and storys and maths because I know my dad would be interested in my maths because hes good at it.

Dad's feedback:

My dad said to try and think faster and write faster in maths

Emma's Student Led Conference reflection

I thought my student led conference went well because my parents thought that my oral presentaion was loud and clear. They really liked my letter and wanted a copy for when I am older. They really liked the way I shared how I was improving on my maths.

I thought I did really well but the bad thing was that I did not get to finish my SLC because Ben had his. My mum and dad told me some feedback and here it is.

My next steps in SLC is to go quicker so I can finish on time.

Amelia's Discoveries

My Discoveries were:
Amelia's Discoveries
1. Cows fart Methane which is bad for the envoiment.
2. If we dont take part to help stop global warming bad things are going to happen.
3. There are lots of different ways to produce electricity.

Reflection of S.L.C

my Student led conference
I thought my student led conference was really well because practised quite a lot but I think I over practised a we bt to much becase I went on for about 40 minutes but I still think it was a good S.L.C feed back was
.Very interested to see things you have been doing in class.
.Great you have been learning about gloabal warming.
.Very good retell.

Ju's S.L.C reflection

On Tuesday I had my student led conference (S.L.C). My mum was the only one that came so it was just me and her. I think it went really well. It went well because my mum really enjoyed it and she thought I had put a lot of work into it and most of the feedback she gave me was positive. Next time I would want a bit more time because she said it was a bit rushed and that I was talking to fat so I would try and improve that.

Clare's SLC reflection

I think my SLC was great. I had perfect timing because it finished right at 6:30 and that was when it was supposed to finish. My god mother came insted of my mum because my mum is looking after my grandad who is very sick. My god mother gave me some feedback here is some.

1. I saw some wonderful work that Clare has done this year. I loved her retell.
2. I am very impressed with Clare's Maori greeting. It was beautifully spoken.
3. Clare explained her work very clearly. She gave me an excellent idea about her year in room 14. I loved my visit.

Friday, 3 August 2007

North Korea, Mountain and Beach

Hay guys!
Today my friends and family and I went to the 삼팔선; that's the 3 8 line which is the line that separates North Korea and South Korea. Boy, was there a lot of solders garding the line between the country!
We went to a mountain were our firt president lived it sounded BORING! BUT it was quite fascenating.
We also went to the fish musium. we saw lots of types of things like fith vand seals and shell and so on. We also saw a 3d silent movie about all the things under the sea which came out in 3d.
On the way back we had lunch and close our resort was a beach and I had a swim there with Dad and one of our freiends. It wasn't cold, it was warm! We had a fun time there! We had a shower the first thing when we got to our room. We watched a little part of Mr and Mrs Smith and we had to go out for dinner and we are also having chilly winds but it's still boilling up here!

P.S Sorry but I can't send e-mails on Firstclass because It won't let me send because there's no send butten to click!

Youbin's SLC evaluation.

I think my SLC was really good. I was kind of nervous,because I'm not sure mum likes my SLC, but my mum said "I proud of you". I was really happy to heard that. I did speak English very well. So I really proud of myself,but if I will do this SLC one more I want to show to my mum more works.
I got my mum's feed back.It was really nice.....
I loved my Student Led Conference!

Penny's SLC reflection.

I think My Student Led Conference went really well because I didn't run out of time or not have enough work to fill in the time.
I knew why I chose them, what the purpose was and how I was going to share them.

The things I think I did best at were my spelling, writing and maths the things I think I needed more work on were my mihi and the celebrating diversity.

The feedback from my parents was all positive.

Kate's S.L.C Evaluation

I think that my S.L.C went very well because i shared all the things that i was ment to and i even got time to share some extra things in as well. I think that i shared with a clear voice and got some great feed back. A next step for me is to not to over plan because they were ment to go for 30 minutes but mine went for an hour

SLC Reflection

Comments and Improvments
Nick's Comments: Great computer skills.
Nick's Improvements. Be more descriptive about what you have read.
Polly's Comments. I have enjoyed seeing your stuff.
Polly's Improvements. Proof read!

My Reflection
My SLC was on Thursday and my mum and my step dad came they really enjoyed seeing what I have done so far this year. It was really fun showing them what I like to do and what I have done so far this year.


On Thursday I had my S.L.C. It was really fun I was really scared that I wouldn't do well. My mum enjoyed ICT the most because she was Very interested in GoogleEarth. She also enjoyed playing on GoogleEarth. My mum got some math qustions for me to do. I had a really good time.My next step is to have more fun.

SLC Reflection-Elise

I thought my SLC went well because I got through everything in detail. Mum and Dad asked me some questions and I thought I answered them well. When I chose them I knew why, what the purpose was and how I was going to share them. I thought I spoke clear and loud. I think next time I could practice more.

student led conference evaluation-Nick

I think my student led confrence went pretty well but I did'nt get to finish it!!!because they had to go to my brothers one which was really annoying!!!

I think it could have gone better because I forgot to bring my music book !!!!

My next step would be to check that everything is ready the day before !!!!!!!

slc reflection

I think my student led conference went relly well and I am really proud of my work. I wasn't sure if I was really talking sense or just talking nonsense I was nervous at first but I gained my confidence I was worried whenthe feedback came out but it was nice to be in charge and I think I shared my celebration of diversty really well i was a bit dissapointed when the time came up because I was no way near finishing . My teacher said that she was worried we wouldn't fill the whole 30minutes but she said that we could have talked the whole night!

Daniel K's Student Led Conference Evaluation

7월 3일 화요일 나는 student led confrence를 했다.
어머니 아버지 께서 오셔서 내가 일년동안 한걸 보여주었다.
너무 하기 가 싫었지만 말하고 나니
그리고 내가 Feed back을 두고 왔다.
내가 다른 사람 한테 보여주고 하는것이 난 정말 싫었다.
엄마는 형을 태워주고 아빠도 같이와서 늦어 clare 선생님 이 "나한테 해볼레?' 라고 하셨지만 그때 엄마가 오셨다.
또 내가 4:05 에 시작했는데 다른애들보다 빨리 끝났다.
정말 힘들 었다.

Third july tuesday i do student led confrence.
My parents came and seen what i do in this year.
I realy didn't want do that but i finish i'm very happy.
And i drop my Feed back.
And l don't like who saw mine but my mum is took my brother and my dad so my mum is late.
Soclare say "can you do it to me?"but my mum is came.
And i start it at 4:05 but i finish first my friend.
It was very tired

Nicky's Student Led Conference

I think my Student Led Conferene went really well because mum looked really interested and I think I encouraged her enough Some thing that surprised me was that my mum only asked a couple of questions and I thought that next time I should try showing it a harder way so I get to explan more and put her on the spot I also think timing went really well because I had 5 minutes left so I just showed mum round the room and that still made mum happy and she told me that she thought my Student Led Conference was really well organised. I also think my mum was expecting some artwork because I didn't show any and that might of hocked her in more because I know that mum Love's artwork

Thursday, 2 August 2007


Hey guys! I had more car sickness to my Grandma's house. I had to stay awake for Dad who's driving. Mum and Jiin wouldn't wake up so I had to try and stay awake by sining and talking. That was a big sick ride. We stayed the night at Grandma's and rode to a Resort with our friend's family and had a nice sauna then we had dinner.
It was sick but a fun day.


Hi guys it's me Yein. Could you guyus please leave some coments in my blog? I really want to keep in touch with you guys!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Trip to Korea!

Hi team 14!
It's me from Korea, blogging on my Dad's laptop.

It's really nice to see all these wonderings and descoveries on the blog, seens like you guys learnt a lot about Global Warming I learn't a lot too^^

I had a real plane sickness yesterday. It was a 14 hour ride on the plane. But I'm not the worst, because Jiin(my older sis) couldn't eat and she just didn't know what to do. We had more plane sickness because the wind was wobbling the plane.We arrived to our new house it was clean! Seems like Dad has been cleaning the house for us!(for the first time of our life!) It's really, really BOILING, HOT over here; it goes up to 32 degrees! You can't even breathe over here.
~^^See ya next time!^^~

wonderings and discoverys of global warming

I wonder how long until we find out if and when we are going to be crushed into the sun.
Global warming is really starting to take effect!!!!!!!!
I wonder if we are going to crash into the sun

Wonderings and discoveries on Global Warming

Well I know a bit about global warming but I think I need to learn new things because I don't really get global warming but I know we need to act now or it will be to late!!!!!

What is the most dangerous thing to happen in global warming?
What coursed global warming to start re-acting?

Berties Discoveries!

I discovered that there are lots of different ways to produce electricity like
Wind turbines
Hydro power
Solar Panels
and lots more.


I would like to know how long the earth is going to stay alive for.

Global Warming Discoveries

1.I discovered that if we don't
take our part we could actually
be caused a lot of trouble
because you could pass away
or get seriously ill.

2.Not only my group taught me
things but other groups taught me
about their subjects because
all of the things you here
like come on recycle that or if you
continue that then you could get
seriously ill all of that is true.

Wonderings and Discoveries


My Discoveries are what sends greenhouse gasses into the air and not to use coal and fires too much because they send smoke into the air and pollute the air more nad people are using cars too much so we can't live in the world that much more

Wonderings and discoveries on Global Warming

I wonder what had the first impact on global warming and who invented whatever it was. I have discovered that global warming could affect the earth badly in the next 70 years if we don't react.

Global Warming Questions

1.I don't yet know how many years
it will take untill the sun gets to hot
for human beans on earth to live.

2.I reallly want to find out a bit more
about the green house gasses.

3.Next time I would like to go
on the enternet and gather
information because along the way
if I did that I would lso learn alot
more because useing information
I already knew I wouldn't learn
anything else.

Wonderings and Discoverys


My wonderings why global warming is happening and what made it happen and when it started. What places Global Warming will affect the most and how long until we can feel it happening.I wonder if we will have to go to another planet and if the world will get really smoggy and what the changes will be


Webquest discoveries

One of the things our group founf was what the greenhouse effect was and how it effected the enviroment,
what Methane was,
what the perspective of global warming was,
we found out when Global warming usually happens,
what makes the sea levels rise,
What nitrous oxide is and how it effects the enviroment.

Amelia's Wonderings

What can I do to help stop global warming?
Why do cows fart methane??
Why do some people just throw recyclebule things out.

Webquest Wonderings

When our group was finding information about why global warming is measured on extinctions not degrees we found this really good website and it had lots of information about it but we didn't know what aerosol concentrations were so we typed it up on dictionary.com but it didn't know what it was either. We still put it on our poster but when Mr Clarke asked what it was no one knew.

We also weren't sure what methane did to the enviroment that wasn't good for global warming.


why do cow farts make methane?
why dont we make electricte cars?
why do green hosue gasses kill heat waves?


Why does cow fart slash methane??
why does people keep making coal mines??
why does people throw out rubbish??


play video games make gasses which pollute
the ozone thing is being destroyed because cow farts, pollution, spray cans
water levels are rising because ice is melting

Webquest Discorvery (Samuel)

Sam and I were making the poster for our global warming that what we do in everyday life puts greenhouse gas into the air (Warch TV playing a vidoe game). The population of the world getting bigger is also a big problem for the enviroment becacuse the more people there are the more green house gas goes into the air. Lack of power is a big problem as well because we need more electrocity we will need to bulid lots of power plants the makes the enviroment dirty. The cars that make green house gas is a big sound problem. There is a good website called electrocity and it is a city that you can be mauer and play and worry about the envoroment and power
My wonderings are these things
How other ways can we make electroctiy such as power from cold thigns like ice and melting it to make enrgy.
What will happen by 7001
and other future things


It always happens before an ice age begins.
How household rubbish is recycled:

BY Sporte Frogger

Kate's Disoverys

1. That in Chch on a bad day from the sky you can not see anything
2. In Australia posems were vegry terins
3. Gorse is a plant that like to be burnt.


because global warming web quest I learned the thing that cows fart can damage the ozone I think :-( =
Today higher percentage of people have ASTHMA than ever before. Some scientists think air pollution
green house gass is killing the ozone.


What is the purpose of big companies using so much packaging?
What can I do to help stop Global warming?

Sporte Frogger

Kate's Wonderings

1. How to recycil milk cartons into crapet and learn the prosece of it.
2. Why most people just chuck recyclibuls out.
3. How could paking companys reducse the use of plactic and other materils

Video Reflections