Thursday, 9 August 2007

Discoverys of gloabal warming

wanderings and discovery about gloabal warming
my discoverys were that timber was the most enviromentally friendly but. another discovery was that The greenhouse effect is actually a natural thing. Housing prouducts that use wood and other materials need less energy than fosil feuls that lets out lots of co2 witch will heat the world because of the green house gases.
But the carbon that trees have absorbed from the atmosphere gets stored in the wood. So long as the wood isn't burnt, or allowed to decompose, the carbon will stay in there for many generations.


sporte said...

I think your wonderings have lots of detail in them.

angels said...

I think gloabal warming is serouise
They talk about using this that to help gloabal warming such as light bubls and stuff but many people cant afford to use them they cost to much so i think they need to lower prices on many thing's that they say can help like car's and if people would stop being lazy and recycle it would help if we care about are kids futures and others we would try hard to stop gloabalwarming

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