Thursday, 9 August 2007

Daniel C's Wonderings and Discoveries

Global Warming and Climate change were a minor worry for me but after doing research and working with others and hearing there opinion I have realized that there is something going on and more importantly my relatives and I are part of the reason.

When I first heard about it I was hoping that there was no issue and maybe I was trying to tell myself there was nothing to worry about but it turns out that there is a certain change that links back to human activity.

-I have discovered that even though the outer layer of the earth seems so enormous I can pump bad chemicals right into it.

-Even the small things can make the difference and cross back over that red line where humans once stood.

-Climate crisis wont just effect our way of life but our chances of living life.

-whole species may be wiped out of existence.

-We still have a chance to make a difference but I fear that time is running out.

Here are some of my wonderings and questions about Global Warming and a Climate in Crisis

-Why dont I ever here our government taking action I just here them worrying about it and spending there time hesitating, action needs to be taken.

-Is there something that we can do to slow it down alot because from what I hear if we are causing it and the pictures show big coal plants and cars everywhere how can we stop enough people from using big cars and factories, many need these things to stay alive.

-Why was awareness of this kept to the low down for so many years?

Underlying Question: If all of this is true, am I as an individual at risk?


Phil Taylor - Dad of Bertie said...

Daniel - we can help by planting more trees. Trees grow and take bad greenhouse gases out of teh atmosphere.

Jun 안뇽~*^^* said...


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