Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Webquest Discorvery (Samuel)

Sam and I were making the poster for our global warming that what we do in everyday life puts greenhouse gas into the air (Warch TV playing a vidoe game). The population of the world getting bigger is also a big problem for the enviroment becacuse the more people there are the more green house gas goes into the air. Lack of power is a big problem as well because we need more electrocity we will need to bulid lots of power plants the makes the enviroment dirty. The cars that make green house gas is a big sound problem. There is a good website called electrocity and it is a city that you can be mauer and play and worry about the envoroment and power
My wonderings are these things
How other ways can we make electroctiy such as power from cold thigns like ice and melting it to make enrgy.
What will happen by 7001
and other future things

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