Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Trip to Korea!

Hi team 14!
It's me from Korea, blogging on my Dad's laptop.

It's really nice to see all these wonderings and descoveries on the blog, seens like you guys learnt a lot about Global Warming I learn't a lot too^^

I had a real plane sickness yesterday. It was a 14 hour ride on the plane. But I'm not the worst, because Jiin(my older sis) couldn't eat and she just didn't know what to do. We had more plane sickness because the wind was wobbling the plane.We arrived to our new house it was clean! Seems like Dad has been cleaning the house for us!(for the first time of our life!) It's really, really BOILING, HOT over here; it goes up to 32 degrees! You can't even breathe over here.
~^^See ya next time!^^~

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Jun 안뇽 said...

Hey Yein I was way bad!! Because I couldn't eat food and I even threw up, and I was sick for 3hours after the fight. bye have a good time in korea~~ ^^ :-)

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