Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Andrill Ice Notes by Elise

The temprature is -26 and the windchill is -60.
Is there a risk in breaking the ice? Yes Defintley. In the winter it gets really thick but when it gets closer to Febuary it gets thinner.

How does the drill reach 1000m? By spinning logs into the ice.
There are 4 nations
Usa germany nz italy

How do you get the air bags under the sea ice to support the drill rig?
The drill system or rig weighs up 2 1

Air Bags are used under the ice, divers are also under to keep the bags and other boyaunts in place. Divers are specialised in ice diving.

The work is constant, workers are on 12 hours each and also they can negtiate stopping times, they even have to work through the night. A roster is used to keep the operation going until it is completely finished.

The drill is very high quality high tech and can break through very hard ice, diamond drills(very strong long lasting drills) cost up to 40,000 us Dollars.

Explorers miss homes, families, green grass and they do not get as many oppurtunities to smell as scents are not of many in Anartica

Skills and specialists are needed for every task and experience is vital, they need drillers, electricians and managers as well as special medics. There are also chefs and of coaurse scientists and at last helicopter pilots to thansfer the ice.

Drilling is often stopped for breakages and extreme temparatures. There have already had a couple of break downs but luckily ther are technicians to help. Drilling has a bad reputation for enviroment reasons. Some drillers have poor respect for the enviroment but they are now improving and taking more care.

In the past they have done a 90m drill and through water. Drilling started here in the late 1970s and the drilling is improving with better results each time. In last years poll they recovered for every metre they drilled the got 90 cms core for the scientists.

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