Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Persuasive Writing Rubric

Honestly,we really need to have hard laws for drunk drivers.
Last year, there was a girl who across the road then the drunk driver hit the girl.
Luckily, that girl was concerned.The worst thing was that drunk driver has to pay just 200 box!!
My opinion is " We need to have hard laws for drunk drivers."
Drunk drivers don't go to the jail and drunk drivers don't pay much money!! I couldn't believe it!
If we let go of drunk drivers,they would drunk and hit someone again.
That someone's family would be so sad.
Why we have laws? for nothing? NO,we have laws for make people happy and make things became fair to every one, however,like this problem people are not happy and things are not fair to every one.
These are reasons of why we should make hard laws for drunk drivers.

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