Monday, 3 December 2007

Nicky's Persuasive Writing-Evauluation

I think my Persuasive writing about "Why the all blacks why not France instead" I think It went really well because I hooked in a couple of people in and the were interested and I got some information about what happened the reasons why... and My opinion and what I thought I thought that having 3oo words max was quite hard because I had to keep counting and I got distracted by counting which then put me off.
Next time I would Improve on:
I would improve on get some more descriptive words

Dear New Zealand Rugby Union.

Hello my name is Nicky Bowler and I think the ALL BLACKS should of won the world cup. Here is some information you might want to know 55% think it was the refferee's fault 7% think it was the coach 17% was the all blacks players.

First of all the ref kept giving out penalties to the All Blacks Then there was the send off thing when they send you off for no reason THEN there’s the ford pass from the French and they score when they should of called it up for a ford pass but of course they let it go.

Most people were getting ready to leave on the plane to go and watch the finals because the knew we would get in of course the ref spoils everything and loads of people canceled there trip to Paris France to watch our champions many people were angry and disappointed that the refs were cheating but of course French won.

I think the All blacks should of won because Graham Henry may no longer be your hero but to me he always is. When the All Blacks arrived back everyone was still happy with them for getting this far well it least I am So many people turned out to Christchurch Airport for congrautulating them and getting there signatures. I think the are still my number 1 fans even if the loose a game.

So in conclusion I think the ref should pay next time the ref will suffer no So now we will be ready to win in 4 years time and we will ring the cup home were it belongs in New Zealand so I’m ready my friends are ready everybody’s ready so the ref will pay new Zealand meet the cup in 4 years.

Sincerely Nicky

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