Monday, 3 December 2007

Elise's Persuasive Writing

Why the England Referee was unfair

By Elise
Team 14, Fendalton School
November 2007

When the All Blacks lost to France in the Rugby World Cup quarterfinal the New Zealand supporters were watching in shock as the French celebrated. The players, supporters and coaches were all gutted and disappointed with our loss. No other country would have been as disappointed as we were. This is the earliest the All Blacks have ever been out of the Rugby World Cup.

I think the England referee was unfair because he was on the side of the French team so that the English team would get to play an easier team in the semi-final.
In the first half Luke Macalister got sent off for 10 minutes for what looked like a high tackle but wasn't. The referee was definitely on the French side because a fair referee wouldn't pull up one side for nothing.

During the second half the referee didn't see a forward pass from the French that scored a try, which was also converted. If the referee had seen this forward pass, then the All Blacks would have won and had a chance of getting through to the finals.

Everybody is blaming the loss all on the All blacks and the coaches but it was partly the All blacks bad team work but most of it was unfair refereeing. The final score was 18-20 to France. The All Blacks now have to wait another 4 years to have another try at getting the title of the Rugby World Cup. All we can do now is hope that the refereeing is fair unlike this year’s quarterfinal.

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ftrezise said...

This is a nice piece of writing Elise. I was disappointed that the 'Aussies' failed to progress. I don't think the referee was to blame in our game, the 'Aussies' just weren't good enough!

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